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> Winx Club Season 8 Episode 2 A Kingdom of Lumens, Spoilers
post Mar 8 2020, 8:32 AM
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Cosmix Fairy
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Please discuss the second episode of the new season. Warning spoilers process at your own risk

My thoughts on the episode


seems like trying to be modern to be relevant, cannot see it aging as well as old seasons, I know old tech was used but not as dominantly as this
that suitcase must be a tardis to fit all Stella's stuff in
I did think Baltor would not show himself this early but I would hope they would address his reappearance early on as no one understand why
This Riven thing is going to be a drag. Just leave it be

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Fortress Guy
post Mar 10 2020, 1:24 PM
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Harmonix Fairy

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Interesting thought Marty on how well this season will age as compared to others. I suppose once you attach yourself to a specific tech, it ages more than outright fantasy.

The girls are real... self-absorbed, short and ill-tempered, and completely unappealing in their interactions with the guys this episode. Yuck. When Layla does her little air-quotes and says, "You've done enough today with your little surprise..." Well, the kinds of thoughts she brought to the surface are... while fitting, perhaps politically incorrect... Needless to say, they were quite negative.

Putting aside that poor launch, flying through space was fun. And I like that they use the butterflix for more than one episode. The music was a little lackluster until the specialists showed up. It was nice to see them kick butt. This was a situation made for them. I miss their classic weapons, like Brandon's magic blocking sword, but I am glad to see them remember some themes. Like Helia using a whip, which was close to his original string style.

The queen of stars is a good mechanism to give the girls a new type of power. I like the idea of specialized powers more than higher levels. Otherwise we go all dragon ball z with planet crushing intensity. Rather, the girls get space powers for space missions like they got water powers for water missions, etc.

Musa has a lot of growing to do. It looks like Riven finally did his already. Like Marty says, it looks like they are going to drag it out. It was not the finest episode for the girls likeability or maturity.

The cosmix outfits are more different than some previous incarnations IMO. I think that is good. The theme is catchy too.

Finally the Valtor symbol was a great way to introduce the concept of his return. What a fine tease!

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post Apr 9 2020, 1:10 PM
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Cosmix Fairy
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@Marty: Tardis luggage. icon_razz.gif

Okay, definitely agreeing with you both on how awkward and unnappealing the girl and guy interaction was in this episode. I know it's a kid's show and Straffi is making the tension extremely obvious for the sake of the younger audience... but it's absolutely no fun to watch the constant push and pull between Musa and Riven, and at times with the other couples. And yeah, we all know they are setting this up early to drag it out for the season. Yay...

I know this is a reboot, so the writers are retro-aging the girls somewhat. But I think the same is being done to their maturity levels. It's like they are 16 years old again. Which is funny, because the writers still reference events from the past 7 seasons, so we know the girls are much older in reality. It's all done for the convenience of drama I suppose. The writers need some kind of arc for this season, but they don't have to be so lazy or uncreative about it, ha.

The new tech vs old tech was very jarring for me. I was shocked when I saw the Specialists all wielding "light saber"-type weapons. I like them a lot, but I also miss the low tech of the older seasons. Like Fort said, I really loved Brandon's behemoth blade! Though I find Timmy's new bow and arrow much more fitting than his tiny blaster gun from the previous seasons. *pew pew* At least the guys received a cool introduction with the new suits and abilities.

The music: definitely getting better and better so far.

As for Valtor's (or Baltor's) reveal, it did seem early. I think just showing Valtor's mark would have been enough. And the mark was done very well! Just like in Fort's picture above. That was an awesome scene.
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