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BabyAlly's Storybook
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entry Mar 15 2012, 5:14 PM
Abigal or Abi is a sixteen year old werewolf with fiery red hair and emerald green eyes unlike her parents and brother who have blond hair and blue eyes. She is the only werewolf in her family and wants to keep it that way.

Abi's POV:

I was walking around the woods behind my new home when something caught my attention. Looking over my shoulder I sighed and shifted to my wolf form. Sniffing the ground I whimpered there was another pack here and I knew what happened when you stepped on another packs ground uninvited. My mind wandered back to the night a cop took me home blooded and in pain. Shaking my head I took a step back and shifted back to my human form and ran for the house.
"Watch it!"
My brother Austen called as I tripped over a box.
"Austen why do you have a box in the middle of the doorway?"
I asked a little nervous. Austen shrugged before picking it up and looking at his sister.
"You alright Abi?"
Nodding I stood up and smiled.
"Want to go into town?"
I asked. Austen smiled back.
"Yeah let me go put this away."

Bo's POV:

Bo!I heard Niko's panic before anything else.
What's wrong?I'm on my way.
Jumping off the rock I was sitting on and ran to the youngest member of the pack.
New wolf...I don't think it's Nightshadow or Starcast.
Bo growled a little bit causing the other wolves to jump at his sudden out burst. He found the scent and then looked to the house and saw Abi. I looked at the other wolves around me.
"We need to get to her before the other packs."

I had barely finished my sentence before the others had spoke. Shifting to my human form I was glad that there were clothes already on me. Alissa whimpered at the thought of a new girl in the pack. Niko shifted along with Mocha,Cinnamon and Tommy. Looking over my shoulder I sighed.
"Alissa please shift."
I said as she shifted. The pack walked out of the woods and made their way to town stepping on a twig it snapped but not loud enough for the humans to hear it.

Abi's POV:

Abi sighed.
"Let's go Austen!"
She called inside as he came running down the steps. Abi smiled and started to walk towards the drive way when she heard a twig snap she glanced towards the woods. Austen looked at his sister.
"Abi you alright?"
Abi laughed.
"Yeah fine...thought I heard something that's all."
Austen laughed to.
"My sister hearing things that aren't there."
Austen teased Abi as they made their way to town. Austen looked at the shops and pulled Abi over to one.
"Lazar tag!"
Abi was trying not to laugh.
"Alright but count me out."
Austen looked at Abi over his shoulder.
"One game?"
Abi shook her head as she caught the front of a book store.
"How about in a hour we meet up at the restaurant acrossed the street?"
Austen nodded and Abi left to go find something to read. Abi walked towards the store.

Bo's POV:
Bo said as she passed them with a worried look was she able to tell who they were. Abi turned to face them.
Mocha smiled even for a wolf this girl had some nerve for moving onto their turf.
"Join us?"
Bo asked as he motioned to the empty seat. Abi nodded and then sat down. Alissa glared at Abi.
"Bo can I take Mocha to get something to drink?"
She asked egar to be away from Abi. Bo nodded and then watched as Alissa pulled Mocha along with her.
"Now that she's gone we can talk....we have a small problem."
Abi listened and then stayed quiet for a second.
"Oh?What's the problem?"
She asked in a bored tone.
"You just moved onto our ground,loner."
Abi stiffened this was the pack that was in the woods behind her new house.
"Look I had no clue that a pack had already claimed that land."
Bo nodded as Niko looked between them.
"Niko what's wrong?"
Tommy asked as Cinnamon took a section of her hair and braided it.
"She reminds me of the girl from the prophecy."
Alissa was standing behind them and dropped her cup.

entry Mar 15 2012, 1:07 PM
Well I guess I'll start this by telling you a little about myself. I love music and anime well mainly anything that's from another country's culture is cool to me and I'll take intrest in it. This blog will be all of my stories I have written over the last year and a half. Please feel free to tell me what you think of them.