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> My Little Pony: Pony From Another World (Pg-13ish), Demitri is from earth, but a magic spell turns his world upside down&#
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Okay, I know I haven't been on the site much, but I've been super busy. I was killing some stress off today and decided to write a quick fanfiction. I wasn't going to tell you what story this was a fanfic to, but if I didn't a lot of you probably wouldn't make it to the end of the first chapter...
Anyway, the story is about a human named Demitri. He's a pretty mean human because he never learned to connect with anyone. But due to some odd events, he gets transported to Ponyville where he turns into a pony runs into the MLP crew.
Now, I'm going to warn you. This chapter is pretty dark and doesn't paint a pretty picture of the main character. This story is about acceptance and growth. If anyone likes it let me know and I'll keep writing it. In typical fanfic fashion I'll probably pair him up with one of the MLP cast members for fun... bot probably not one Anyone would expect.

On a side note: I still have huge plans for dreamer, and I'm still writing it. I just did this real quick to kill some stress.
Also, I have yet to go over this chapter... It's a draft, so any errors I make, feel free to point them out. I'll fix 'em.
Again, if you like the story LET ME KNOW. You don't have to gush or anything, just say "Yeah, I'd like to see another chapter." If just one or two people say that I'll keep writing. I kind of have an idea where I want this story to go... So, Without further ado, here's the first chapter.

Chapter 1: Demitri

Demitri was a hard working young man. To be quite honest, hard working is a bit of an understatement. He attended college as a law major and worked full time to pay his way. He came from a poor family and was determined to do everything on his own and not burden his relatives. Since he worked a small office job as an intern, he usually wore suits everywhere he went. Well, he wore one suit and took extremely good care of it. He only had the one. Anyone that saw him would most likely assume that he was the perfect model in which all young men should strive to become. He had excellent grades, decent looks, and he was hard working after all. On the other hand, he was completely antisocial and many would call his personality twisted and corrupt.

"Come on guys, do you really want to make this bet?" Demitri asked in the most confident and arrogant tone the he could muster. He casually ran his fingers through his brown, shortcut, business professional hair.

"Of course," a young man of similar age scoffed as he adjusted his glasses and sat down in front of Demitri in a rather cushiony chair surrounded by a large, but less than athletic looking crowd. The only object that rested between them was a rather expensive looking chess set. "Are you sure that 'you' want to make this bet? Having never played this game before you'll be at quite the disadvantage."

"I know the rules," Demitri grinned. "The horse is called a knight and it moves in an 'L' shape, the castle is a rook; blah blah blah."

"But so much money is on the line, and I'm captain of the chess club..."

"You go first," Demitri said in a hurry to cut him off. "Seriously, I don't mind. If you take any longer I'll be late for my next class."

"Fine," the chess captain smiled. "Demitri, it's about time someone knocked you down a few pegs."

Demitri smiled in return and gestured with his left hand towards the board to get the game going. Demitri's opponent took hold of the pawn in front of the knight closest to the king and moved it up two spaces. In retaliation, Demitri immediately took hold of the pawn in front of his king and moved it up one space.

"You aren't taking time to think," the young man said with a furrowed brow.

"I did think," Demitri explained. "I decided where to move when you were thinking about making your move."

"Ha! With hasty judgments like that, this game will be over in less than a minute!"

"You tell him, Steve!" another young man to the left of the chess club captain yelled. Loud cheers erupted from within the room.

"Silence, let me think!" Steve yelled.

"Seriously? Just make your move," Demitri chuckled. "I've already won!"

"Shut up," Steve stuttered. "You may like to make your moves based on hasty judgments, but I do not!"

After what seemed like centuries to Demitri, Steve finally grabbed hold of the pawn in front of the bishop closest to his king and moved it up two spaces next to the previously moved pawn. With a haughty grin he glared at Demitri and mouthed the words 'your move.'

"That's your move?" Demitri asked.

"Uh-huh, yeah. Wat'cha gonna do 'bout it," Steve taunted as he waved his hands in what Demitri assumed was supposed to be a threatening manner, in front of him.

"Okay..." Demitri sighed as he moved his queen, made mobile by his previous move, out from hiding and down as far diagonal as the board would allow. That move put his opponent's king in - "Checkmate."

"Wait... what?!" Steve yelled in confusion. "How? You've never played this game before! You were lying!"

"No. I didn't lie to anyone. I never had any friends that would play the game with me. I used to watch people play it a lot though, so I kind of picked it up," Demitri explained. After waiting a few moments to let what he had said to sink in, Demitri held out his hand to receive the winnings for the match. "Now, if you don't mind..."

"I'm not paying it," Steve said, quietly, in almost a whisper.

"What? I didn't hear you."

"I'm not paying it," Steve yelled.

"Well, I'm disappointed in you Steve! We had a deal. A deal that I took the liberty of recording," Demitri taunted as he pulled a tape recorder from his pocket. "So, yeah, I don't mind if you go back on your wager, it would just be a shame if your reputation took a huuuuuuge nose dive after this."

"Gambling on school grounds is prohibited and is a punishable offense," Steve stammered. "You'll be punished too if you show that to anybody."

"I don't care," Demitri sneered. "I'm just some poor kid that nobody's ever heard of. You, on the other hand, wasn't your father trying to run for senator or governor, or some other ridiculously important position like that?"

"That's blackmail!" Steve cried.

"No it isn't, I'm just saying that you have a bit more to think about. I'm turning this thing in and I'll face my punishment too," Demitri said as he stood up from the table. "You won't go down alone."

"NO!" Steve yelled. "I-I'm sorry. C'mon guys, lets pay him."

"Are you sure, I think if we just thought about this for a second..." One of Steve's underlings tried to reason.

"No! Pay him!"

"Dude, are you crying?" The underling asked in shock.

"Just... just pay him."

The club treasurer sighed as he handed Demitri a wad of bills. "I hope your happy," he moaned. "That's all the money we had left in the club treasury."

"Then you shouldn't have bet it so easily," Demitri chided. "Especially when you were betting against me! HA!"

Demitri laughed as he made his exit from the room and left the chess club members behind him. A loud, collective, exhale echoed throughout the room and the air seemed to warm up a bit after Demitri had left the building. Steve stared at the chess table with a blank gaze as he realized that if he had taken his opponent seriously he would be the one gloating and Demitri would be the one out five hundred dollars. He was trying to raise more money for his club so that they could all enter an out of state tournament together. But that was impossible now.

"I really hate that guy!" a young woman in the back of the room yelled.

"Yeah, we all do." Steve sighed. "He's a jerk, he's arrogant, he thinks he's better than everyone else, he's intelligent, has style, is good looking..."

"I think you're getting off track Steve!" his friend from earlier interrupted. "And though I agree his much better looking than you, I'd say he's average at best!"

"You two are weird," the girl from the corner said with no attempt to hide her cutting words. "Why don't you do something about him? Just pay someone to beat him up or something! Those nerdy guys always have glass jaws!"

"Judo club already tried that," Steve said in a deadpan voice. "It was another bet. Demitri said that he could take on three of their best by himself."

"There's no way he could take on three guys by himself!" The girl yelled while flailing her arms.

"Nah, Naomi, it happened," Steve's friend said. "I was totally there. Demitri barely even threw a punch! It turns out those judo guys are used to fighting one on one. Demitri got them to trip all over each other, they didn't stand a chance!"

"Then get one BIG guy to do the job," Naomi suggested.

"After their loss, they paid some bouncer from that bar across the street to rough him up." Steve sighed. Sighing was a bad habit of Steve's.

"And what happened?"

"Demitri isn't above fighting dirty... apparently he poked the guy's eyes out and then knocked him out with a nearby rock. That's what I heard. The bouncer's story was that Demitri had five guys jump out of an alley and beat him up, but..."

"Yeah, I get the point..." Naomi waved off the rest of Steve's explanation. "He's untouchable. He really is as good as he says he is. Wait..."

"What? If you have any idea's I'm open to anything," Steve moaned.

"Even... magic?"


"No, seriously, those occult club guys are always looking for people to curse and try their bizarre stuff on. I heard they sacrificed chickens and stuff."

"And you want to talk to these guys... why?" Steve's friend asked.

"John, what do we have to lose?"

"Our pride!" John exclaimed.

"You live in your mother's basement, are you for real right now?" Naomi teased.

"Occult guys it is then," Steve sighed, once more.

"Are you serious, dude?" John asked. "Those occult guys give me the creeps!"

"I don't see why not. What's the worst that could happen?"
Demitri walked home as he did every day. He didn't really have any more classes left that day. That was just a little white lie he told to get the chess club geeks to hurry up. They took forever to do anything, and Demitri figured that if he got them agitated enough that Steve would slip up and begin to make stupid mistakes. He never in a million years expected the game to be over in two moves though, "Man I'm good!" Demitri shouted in victory. He laughed a bit but his face quickly went from joy to a blank, emotionless expression.

Demitri was about five feet ten inches tall, had short brown hair, and a somewhat muscular build. Demitri believed in challenging himself and worked out often to keep his body in shape. He was a bit of a nerd, and he valued his intellect and strategic mind more than anything else in the world. He had no friends. Some part due to his family issues and father's military background that kept him moving, but mostly because of his personality. His parents never praised him much as a kid, so he started to gloat to build his own self-esteem. No one likes a gloater.

In truth, Demitri did try to make friends, but he really was quite talented in many fields, and people tend to resent people with gifts far greater than their own. Due to constant bullying Demitri learned how to fight and due to his competitive nature he threw himself into everything; sports, academics, origami. Even if an event wasn't supposed to have a winner, he would try to find a way to win and be better than everyone else. He wasn't evil or anything, but he was definitely hated.

Demitri searched his pockets, retrieved a single key without a key chain, and placed it into the door. With a simple turn of the key Demitri swung open the door to his apartment and wasted no time in entering. He undid his necktie and took off his suit jacket. He hung them both up nicely and sat down heavily in a recliner in the corner of the living room. He had a nice television set, but he didn't use it much.

"Well, that almost covers next month's rent," he said to himself as he tossed the wad of bills to the table beside him and drifted off to sleep.
In Demitri's dream, he hovered in a black void. He was alone, but he always had company. In front of him floated two balls of light; one of which was so bright it was almost blinding, and the other gave off a purple glow similar to a black light.

"You shouldn't have done that Demitri," The white ball chided him. "That was wrong."

"I don't know what your problem is. Demitri didn't qualify for any loans, he's paying for his tuition out of pocket! If a few idiots can't beat him at a game of chess then that's their fault," the black light responded.

"You know the cartoon with the guy, and when he's faced with a moral dilemma he has an angel and a devil pop up on his shoulder?" Demitri asked the balls of light in front of him.

"Yes," they answered in unison.

"You guys are totally like that."

"... Yeah, we figured as much, but hey, we're figments of your imagination buddy," Whitey, the black ball, commented.

"... and what's with our names, they're confusing," Blackey, the white ball, complained.

"I'm the only one that sees you guys, so I can name you whatever I want," Demitri said with feigned annoyance.

"You need to make real friends," Blackey chided Demitri.

"I don't need friends. They just betray me in the end. Either they leave me or they were just using me from the beginning. You guys'll probably do the same eventually," Demitri nodded to himself.

"That would be really funny," Whitey laughed. "I mean, we only show up in your dreams. Anyway, I agree with you. You don't need friends. They weigh you down, and you can get so much more accomplished on your own. Here's what you have to do. Bide your time, become President of the United States of America, and then prove your power to the other countries by nuking Canada!"

"But America is on the same continent as Canada, you idiot," Blackey yelled.

"Okay, enslave Canada then."

"What is with your strange infatuation with Canada?" Demitri asked.

"I was bit by a Canadian once."

"You're an idiot," Blackey groaned.

"Well, that makes Demitri an idiot too."

"Guys," Demitri tried to break the two spheres of disembodied light up for a bit. " Can we stay on topic here?"

"Yes, I'll begin... Demitri, you need to be nicer," Blackey said with a cough of his nonexistent throat. "You have nothing but enemies right now. You need to make friends."
"And I still say that Demitri is better off without them," Whitey argued. "They weigh him down, and they always complain about their problems. No one wants to hear that! If their grandma is dying, they need to keep that to themselves. That's just depressing."

"Do you really think that way Demitri?" Blackey asked.

"He said it not me!"

"But he's the ball of light in this dream that represents your evil dark side!"

"Wait... what?" Demitri asked, a bit startled, "I don't have an evil dark side!"

"Ha! That's what they all say!" Whitey exclaimed.


"Will you please shut up! I'm trying to steer Demitri down the path of righteousness!" The white ball of good bellowed.


"And I'm trying to steer him down the path of awesome!"


"Will you two shut up, I can't even hear myself dream anymore!" Demitri yelled.

"THEN ANSWER THE FREAKING PHONE!!!" The two balls of light yelled in unison. They always seemed to have the same pet peeves.
Demitri snapped awake and quickly answered his phone. No one ever called him so it must be something important. "H-*cough* hello?"

"Demitri? Did I wake you up?" A familiar voice came from the other side of the phone.

"Vanessa?" Demitri asked. She was someone that he found tolerable at work. They shared quite a few classes too.

"The one and only!"

"How'd you get this number?"

"Work , silly!" Vanessa laughed in a cutesy voice. "Hey, Demitri, can you do me a huge favor?"

"That depends on the favor," Demitri replied. He would never do anything that wouldn't benefit him. "What is it?"

"Could you cover my shift tonight? My grandmother just died and I just can't imagine working right now. Please! Pretty pretty please?"

'Funny, she doesn't sound like her grandmother just passed away... and I'm pretty sure people close to their grandparents don't say they DIED so casually... and my dream lights were just talking about dead grand parents... this smells fishy...' Demitri thought to himself, but of course he answered, "Sure, I could use the money."

"Great! Thank a bunch! I owe you one!"

"When does your shift start?" Demitri asked.

"Just be there around seven-ish...No! Seven Thirty... on the dot!"

"Uh, sure," Demitri grimaced. That was a loud 'no' she threw in there. "I'll be there."

*Click* went the phone on the other end. Demitri sighed a bit as he regrettably left his chair, retied his necktie, and donned his suit jacket. "If I start walking now, I should make it on time."
Demitri was on his way to work when he saw Vanessa waving him down the road. He raised an eyebrow at this odd turn of events. He never expected the girl who was too distraught over her grandmother's passing to go to work, to meet him on his way to cover her own shift.

"Hey, Demitri!" Vanessa called him.

"Hey, you don't seem to be too horribly distraught over your grandmother's death..." Demitri said with a calm scrutiny.

"Oh, what a horrible thing to say!" Vanessa said with mock hurt feelings. "No seriously, I just made that up to get you out of the house."


"Well, um, why don't you follow me into this alley and I'll tell you," Vanessa said as she gestured, oh so elegantly, to the dark foreboding alleyway that Demitri had probably passed over a thousand times on his way to work and never noticed.

"Yeah, how about no."

"No, I'm seriously serious right now!" Vanessa cried.

"So am I," Demitri said quite calmly. "I have a strict 'no following girls into dark alleyways' policy."

"No, it's not for anything weird! I, um... just, uhhhhhh, wanna make out!"


"What?! Why not?!"

"Because I don't exactly trust you, and well, I'm not all that attracted to you either," Demitri answered honestly.

"How rude! I'm hot!" Vanessa nearly cried.

"I'm sure many guys think so, but my opinions hold."

"This is why nobody likes you!" Vanessa lashed out. "You're such a jerk!"

"Yeah, I get that a lo-OW!" Demitri was cut off by a loud, clonking, noise as a crowbar smacked him in the back of his head and forced him into the realm of unconsciousness.

"O-M-G! What did you just do?!" Vanessa yelled.

"He wasn't going into the alley!" Steve yelled back, crowbar in hand.

"We were supposed to curse him! Not kill him!"

"He isn't dead! Help me drag him to that weird circle thing your brother drew!"

"This is the last time I do my kid brother any favors! I barely knew this Demitri guy! Don't get me wrong, I hated his guts for passing me up on the promotion ladder at work, but I didn't want to murder the guy!"

"Weren't you two interns?" Steve asked as he grabbed onto Demitri's arms. "Get his feet."

"Yeah, but we are THIS close to getting hired on full time. All the other interns are getting canned, "Vanessa explained as she grabbed Demitri's legs and helped Steve drag him into the alley.

"What did you guys do?!" A young man in a dark cloak asked in pure unadulterated shock.

"Steve killed Demitri," Vanessa answered.

"I did not!" Steve hissed.

"Good, we're just trying to banish him to the demon realm, not kill him." The cloaked man nodded.

"Wait... that doesn't sound right," Steve muttered. "Banish to the demon realm?"

"Yeah, I figured this would be cooler than cursing him with bad luck and unwanted back hair," The cloaked figure explained. "Anyway, get him into the circle."

There, in the alleyway, stood about five other cloaked college students. They gathered around a circle with some sort of design in the center of it. In all honesty, it looked like someone drew it using a kaleidosketch or some sort of messed up stencil. Regardless, Demitri was in an extremely dangerous situation.

"What is that thing?" Vanessa asked.

"A Pentagram."

"It has, like, fifteen points on it. Don't pentagrams have five?"

"More points means more power."

"Ted, I don't think that's how it works..."

"HEY! Are you a level twelve sorcerer with a plus five staff of penetration?" Ted asked.

"Um... no?"

"No. You're not. So don't go telling us how to draw our magic symbols... racist."

"Wait... what? That doesn't even make any sense." Vanessa practically stuttered.

"Oh, my gosh," Steve interrupted. "This sibling bickering is so annoying you're beginning to make me wish that Demitri knocked ME out with the crowbar!"

"I... I can... make that happen," Demitri said as he tried to stand up.

"START THE CHANTING!" Ted yelled as he folded his hands as though he were about to pray.

"Nepo the rood and evosh mih yawa!" They chanted repeatedly.

"So help m...me," Demitri sneered. He was not going to let this go, but with what little brainpower he could muster, he knew he was in a tight spot. That blow to the head seriously disoriented him.

"Nepo the rood and evosh mih yawa!" They continued.

A light began to rise from the "pentagram" and Demitri knew that he had to escape. He tried to walk through the light, but when he made contact, he was blown backwards and forced to sit.

"Guys..." Steve said, his voice was shakier than ever. "This isn't funny. S-stop."

"Yeah... this is weird. This magic stuff isn't real. It's all a joke to scare him right?" Vanessa asked. Her voice broke a bit.

"You... idiots..." Demitri barely got out before the light engulfed him. For a brief moment, the entire alleyway lit up like a disco, but only for a brief moment. As quickly as the light engulfed Demitri, the radiance was no more, and Demitri was gone.

"Where... where did he go?" Vanessa asked.

"We actually did it," Ted said in disbelief. "He's totally in the demon realm!"

"You idiot!" Vanessa screamed. "What if someone files a missing persons report and the cops come snooping?"

"There won't be any evidence Sis! Magic!" Ted laughed as he waved his hands in front of his sister's face.

"Crowbar!" Steve yelled as he showed Ted the weapon he had used to incapacitate Demitri.

"Oh... forgot about that."

"Ya think?!"

"Okay. we just need to get our stories straight!" Ted suggested.

The fighting went on for some time, but they eventually decided to go home and figure out what to do after a good night's rest. After all, Demitri was gone, and everyone was pretty happy about that. They didn't want him to die, but if he had to spend the rest of his life in a demonic realm so be it.
Demitri awoke in a grassy meadow in the morning. His head ached a bit where had had been hit, but he was more worried that he woke up in a grassy meadow. He lived in the city, and there were not any grassy meadows around for miles. He slowly sat up and tried to move his hand to his pocket to retrieve his phone. The only problem was that there was no phone there, and no pocket for that matter, and no hands.

"...What?" Demitri said aloud as he looked where his hands should be. Hooves had replaced his hands! He was also naked, but that wasn't entirely true because he seemed to have some sort of hair coating his body, but it wasn't his own. He looked to his side and noticed even more hair. He tried to pick at it, but he suddenly realized that the hair came from his backside. "Is that... a tail?"

Demitri quickly tried to stand on two feet but quickly fell down on all fours. He crawled frantically to try to find any way to change his current situation when he finally came to a small pond. In it, he saw his own reflection of a handsome young colt, with a beautiful coat of light brown, and a glorious darker brown mane.
"I'm a horse? I'M A HORSE!!!!" Demitri panicked. Demitri didn't panic often, but he decided that magically turning into a horse was a safe panic time. "And I can still talk! I'm a talking horse!!!"

"You aren't a horse silly, you're a pony!" He heard a voice say from behind him. Demitri turned to see where the voice had originated. A pink pony with poufy hair and a huge smile on her face greeted him.

"Hey, are you new in Ponyville? I know everyone in Ponyville and I don't know you-uuuuuu!"

"A talking horse!" Demitri yelled.

"I'm not a horse, I'm a pony! And of course I can talk, I'm not dumb!" the pony, corrected.

"I'm... I'm sorry. I must be dreaming. Blacky, Whitey, come out. I need you guys."

"You aren't dreaming... Oh, are Blackey and Whitey your friends? Are they coming to Ponyville too? That would be awesome! Then instead of throwing one welcome to Ponyville party I can throw THREE welcome to Ponyville parties! Oh, or one really, really, really big one!"

At this point, Demitri did what any sane person would do. His mind overloaded and he lost consciousness again.

"Wow, he must be really tired. I wonder where he's from anyway." The pink pony questioned. "Oh, I know, I'll take him to Twilight's house, maybe she'll know. Oh, and then we can throw him a big party when he wakes up! It'll be a party to remember or my name isn't Pinkie Pie!"

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Chapter 2: Fun at the River

"You really should have taken him to a doctor Pinkie..." Demitri heard a feminine voice through the darkness. He was on the verge of waking up, but decided to keep his eyes shut for a while longer. He still had no idea what was going on, and though he would never admit it, he was afraid.

"But he doesn't look sick or hurt! So I thought I'd just bring him here!" The pink pony, Pinkie Pie explained.

"This is just weird though! Look, he doesn't have a cutie mark! That's... just not possible. I've never heard of anypony reaching adulthood without acquiring their cutie mark."

"C-cutie what's-its?" Demitri asked, a bit groggy. They were just speaking gibberish to him.

"Oh, you're awake. How are you feeling?" The new pony asked. She was a purple unicorn with a purple mane with pink highlights.

"Well, my headache's gone," Demitri said as he rubbed the back of his head with his hoof to see if he could feel a bump. "What's a cutie mark?"

"You really don't know what a cutie mark is?"

"I don't," Demitri said in a somewhat stern voice. He was angry, and he was not above taking his anger out on purple talking ponies.

"Geesh, you don't need to be so mean about it. Every pony knows what a cutie mark is."

"Every... what?" Demitri asked.

"Every pony."


"Every pony."


"... are you going to keep asking that? Every pony! Every pony! What's the big deal?" The purple unicorn snapped.

"I'm sorry." Demitri sighed. 'I guess that's their word for everybody.'

"It... it's okay. A cutie mark is... well, it's this mark on my flank. It represents who we are. Every pony gets them when they reach a certain age. Some get them sooner than others, and we have our late bloomers, but every pony gets them sooner or later. It's a part of growing up."

"So it's like a puberty thing?" Demitri asked.

"Yes, you could say that... OH! How rude of me! My name's Twilight Sparkle, and this here is my friend Pinkie Pie. She's the one that found you."

"Hiya!" Pinkie Pie cheered as she waved her hoof.

"Odd names," Demitri said under his breath.

"What was that?" Twilight asked with a stomp of a hoof.

"Nothing... I'm Demitri."

"Odd name," Twilight muttered under her breath.

"What was that?" Demitri questioned.

"N-nothing. Anyway, can you tell me what you were doing on the outskirts of the Everfree forest? It's dangerous in that area."

"Your guess is as good as mine. More importantly, can you tell me how it's possible for ponies to talk? Where am I?"

"Every pony can talk. You're talking right now aren't you? And, as for where you are; you're in Ponyville. It's no Canterlot, but it's a nice place." Twilight explained.

Demitri remained silent for a while. He remembered that he turned into a pony, but it was still quite a lot to take in. He somehow wandered into a world filled with talking ponies. His eyes widened in shock when he realized that the spell and the weird magic symbol on the ground must have worked.

"Twilight Sparkler!" Demitri said, coming out of his daze. Pinkie Pie chuckled at his mistake.

"It's Twilight SPARKLE," Twilight corrected. "What is it?"

"I don't belong in this world. I know that this might be hard to believe, but I'm not a pony!" Demitri tried to explain.

"What do you mean? Of course you're a pony," Twilight asked in disbelief.

"Maybe I should have taken him to a doctor!" Pinkie pie exclaimed. "He's all kooky!"

"No," Demitri said as he shook his head. "Back where I come from I'm a human. These guys claiming to know magic knocked me out and through me into some weird circle. They were chanting some weird... er... chant! Then next thing I know I'm here!"

"Wait, are you claiming that you came from another world?" Twilight asked.

"OOOOOOOOh, that would explain everything!" Pinkie said as she energetically bounced up and down. "I've never met some pony from another world before!"

"Yes! I'm from another world!" Demitri yelled. "I'm not supposed to be here. I don't know what a cutie mark is. You said that everyone gets one!"

"Every pony."


"Every PONY gets one." Twilight corrected.

"In my world we aren't magical talking ponies. We're human beings and we say 'everyone' or 'everybody' when referring to other PEOPLE."
"Oh dear, it doesn't seem like you're making this up..."

"I'm not!"

Before the conversation could go anywhere else, the door creaked open and a tiny purple dragon walked in. He seemed to have his hands full with quills and parchments of some sort. At the time Demitri couldn't see that a dragon had walked in because the small reptile had its arms so full.

"Hey Twilight, I finished that errand you sent me on." The dragon commented as he shut the door behind him with his tail.

"Oh, thank you Spike. You can set those down anywhere, you can put them away later," Twilight said as she waved off his entrance.

"Ah, okay. Did that new pony ever wake up?" Spike asked as he set down his writing supplies. Demitri gasped when he finally had a clear view of the purple reptile.

"A- a dragon!" Demitri practically cried.

"Well, yeah. He's just a baby dragon though!" Pinkie explained. "He's just the cutest dragon ever!"

"I... I bet." Demitri stuttered.

"Nice to meet ya! I'm Spike! I practically run this place," Spike said as he held his claw out for a friendly hoof shake.

"N-nice to meet you," Demitri said as he held his hoof out to shake the dragon's hand. Once his hoof made contact with the dragon's claw, his mind shut down. When it restarted again, his previous calm replaced itself with pure panic. It was a lot for him to take in after all. "That's it! I'm out of here!"

Demitri ran right past Spike, Beat open the door, and ran as though his life depended on it. In all fairness, in his mindset he probably did think that his life depended on it. It isn't every day that one finds themselves in an alternate world with dragons and talking ponies after all.

"Hey, comeback!" Twilight yelled. "Oh dear, this isn't good."

"What's his problem?" Spike asked.

"Hey, do you think he wants to play tag?" Pinkie asked.

"No Pinkie," Twilight began. "I think he's just really scared. If what he says is true then he must be feeling very alone right now."

"But he isn't alone! He has us!"

"Yes, but right now I'm sure he... never mind. We need to find him before he gets himself hurt or something. Who knows what he'll do in his panic."

"Ohhhhhhhhh so he's playing hide and seek!" Pinkie cheered.

"Y-yes. If you find him, let me know!"

"OKay!" Pinkie said as she raised her hoof. "I better get going!"

Pinkie Pie left Twilight's house in a prance. As usual, the pink pony had her head in the clouds, but she meant well. Twilight, on the other hand, had a firm grasp on the situation. She changed her mind and decided that Pinkie Pie was right to bring Demitri to her. If he had awakened to the sight of a foreign pony hospital, there is no telling what he might have done. All she knew is that she had to find him and calm him down.

"Well, that was rude," Spike scoffed. "Running away like that."

"I know Spike, but I'm sure he's just confused," Twilight tried to explain.

"Well, he better have a better attitude next time I see him or I'll..." Spike balled his claws into fists and punched the air in front of him as though he were a boxer. Twilight laughed a bit at this gesture.

"I wouldn't Spike, he's already afraid enough."

"Well, maybe I'll take it easy on him. Be the bigger dragon!"

"Ha ha, that's right."

Demitri ran until he knew that he was out of Ponyville. He noticed the other ponies giving him odd looks, but that couldn't be helped. He knew that he was acting odd, but he panicked and was willing to accept that. He had a good head on his shoulders and he could accept a lot, but talking ponies was a bit much. He walked a bit in no direction in particular and eventually came across a clearing with a river running through it.

"I guess I can sit down here for a bit," Demitri spoke to himself. A habit he had since he was small. "I seriously need to think up a way out of this. I need to get back home."

"Hey mister," Demitri heard a voice from behind him.

"Ah," he yelled as he jumped a good three feet in the air. When he turned around there were 3 young fillies laughing at him.

"Ha ha, you're funny mister," a yellow pony with red hair and a pink bow laughed. There seemed to be a white unicorn with purple and pink hair with her, as well as an orange Pegasus with pink hair. "Who are you? I haven't seen you around these parts!"

"Oh, hi. I'm Demitri," Demitri said. It would seem that dealing with children was a bit easier than dealing with full-grown ponies. They were less of a threat.

"Hi Demitri, I'm Applebloom! And these are my friends Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo!"

"I'm Sweetie Belle!" The unicorn said.

"And I'm Scootaloo!" The Pegasus exclaimed.

"And together, we're the Cutie Mark Crusaders!" They all said in unison.

"There's that cutie mark thing again," Demitri muttered to himself. "And what exactly does a cutie mark crusader do?"

"We are on a quest to find our cutie marks of course!" Applebloom shouted excitedly.

"Hey, Mr. Demitri, you don't have a cutie mark either, do you?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"No, I don't." Demitri answered.

"So it's possible to be a grownup and NOT have a cutie mark?" Sweetie Belle asked in a shrill voice.

"I'm special," Demitri deadpanned.

"You poor thing," Applebloom said. "Hey, I know! How about you become a cutie mark crusader! Then you can find your cutie mark with us!"

"No thanks, I'm fine without one, really."

"What?! But don't you ever get made fun of?" Scootaloo asked.

"Not because of my lack of cutie mark, no."

"They never called you 'blank flank' at school?"

"Can't say that I have," Demitri chuckled.

"Wow, that is so cool! You must have been awesome if no one made fun of you!" Scootaloo yelled. "Maybe even as cool as Rainbow Dash! But, you don't have a cutie mark so probably not quite as cool."

"And Rainbow Dash is?" Demitri questioned.

"Only the coolest Pegasus in all of Equestria! She's super fast, and she can do tricks, and she isn't afraid of anything!" Scootaloo explained.

"I see, well... I guess that is cool," Demitri said as he used every ounce of will power to keep himself from rolling his eyes.

"But I think Rarity is cooler," Sweetie Belle said.

"And Apple Jack!" Appleboom interjected.

"And they are?" Demitri asked.

"Their older sisters," Scootaloo sighed. "They aren't really cool. Okay, Maybe Apple Jack is a little cool, but not Rarity."

"Hey!" Sweetie Belle squeaked.

"It's true!" Scootaloo yelled.

"Yeah," Applebloom said. "I don't think cool would describe Rarity too well... maybe, ummmmm, elegant?"

"Humph." Sweetie Belle pouted as she sat down in defiance.

"Well, it's been nice chatting but," Demitri trailed off as he turned to walk away.

"Wait! Are you going to join us as a Cutie Mark Crusader?" Apple Bloom asked.

"Nah, I'll pass," Demitri said as he waved Apple Bloom off.

"Okay, well I guess we'll see you later mister. Cutie Mark Crusader White Water Rapid Rafters go!" Apple Bloom yelled as she and the other crusaders ran off.

"Wait, what?" Demitri asked, but it was too late. The fillies had already run off. "Well aren't they energetic?"

Demitri sighed in exasperation. Everyone, err, every pony in this world seemed to have taken crazy pills. He was certain that if he closed his eyes and went to sleep he would wake up at home in his own bed. At least, he thought that he might wake up in a hospital bed depending whether or not he really did take a blow to the back of the head. Demitri even thought that he may be dead, and he wound up in some sort of pony like hell.

Demitri found a tree nearby with lots of leaves for shade and slept for a bit, it was a nice nap. He did not dream though, but to him, that was the best kind of sleep. He would prefer to stay asleep, but some loud shrill sound pierced his ears and threatened to tear through his eardrums. He tried to ignore it, but the high-pitched noise got louder and forced Demitri to open his eyelids. Soon Demitri realized that the sound was a cry for help.

"Help! Help!" The Cutie Mark Crusaders cried from their raft.

"Those...idiots!" Demitri yelled to himself. "They actually did it!"

Demitri quickly looked around for something that he could use to help the young fillies,"Come on Demitri, think! Think! Think!" Before long, he realized that the tree he slept under had low branches. He quickly used his mouth to tear a low branch from the tree and rushed over to the river.

"Grab on!" Demitri yelled, his voice a bit garbled due to the branch in his mouth, but the fillies knew exactly what he had said. Scootaloo and Apple Bloom grabbed on with all the strength that their hooves could muster, but Sweetie Belle couldn't grab on before the raft took her out of the branch's range. Demitri quickly pulled the two fillies that grabbed on to safety and yelled, "Get help!"

"R-right!" Scootaloo nodded.

"P-please help Sweetie Belle," Apple Bloom stuttered. Both ponies were shaken and quite frightened. Demitri did not respond, however, and chased after the raft. Apple Bloom and Scootaloo quickly did as Demitri instructed and headed towards Ponyville.

At Sweet Apple Acres Twilight filled her friend, Apple Jack, a yellow pony with blonde hair and an apple cutie mark, in on the situation.

"So there's this guy from another world, and he's just runnin' 'round Ponyville like no pony's business?" Apple Jack asked.

"Pretty much," Twilight explained. "He looks just like any other pony, but he doesn't have a cutie mark. It's really strange."

"And he's not a youngin?" Apple Jack asked.

"No, he seems to be around our age, but I'm not sure. He seemed really upset," Twilight sighed. "I just know that we have to find him. If he's telling the truth, and he really is from another world, then it could be dangerous for him to be out and about. The dangers of our world might not even exist in his world!"

"Have you taken into consideration that he may just be insane Twi?" Apple Jack asked.

"Yes, of course, but if he is insane we should STILL find him. He could STILL get hurt!"

"Point taken," Apple Jack nodded. "I'll keep an eye out for the pony. Heck, Apple Bloom is out playing with Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo. I'm kind of worried about them right now."

"Apple Jack!" Apple Bloom yelled as she and Scootaloo came into view on Scootaloo's scooter.

"Speak of the devil! I guess I worried for nothin'."

"Apple Jack! Sweetie Belle is trapped in a raft floating uncontrollably down a river outside of Ponyville and new pony without a cutie mark is trying to rescue her but we really really really need your help right now or..." Apple Jack yelled without breathing.

"Wait, hold up there younin'," Apple Jack said as she put up a hoof to slow her younger sibling down. "Start from the beginning, and tell me what's going on. What happened to Sweetie Belle?"

"She's trapped on a raft going down the river," Apple Bloom repeated.

"Yeah, we were all on it, and we lost control because of the current. Some new pony used a branch to get us off, but Sweetie Belle couldn't grab on in time," Scootaloo added.

"He chased after her, but he told us to get help," Apple Bloom finished.

"Oh, dear," Twilight said with a frown. "We have to get there quick. Can you show us the way?"

"Yeah, come on!" Scootaloo yelled as she headed towards the river outside Ponyville.

"Looks like we found your pony Twilight! He just couldn't stay out of trouble now could he?" Apple Jack mentioned as she ran after Scootaloo and Apple Bloom with Twilight.

"I guess not!" Twilight groaned.


Demitri followed alongside the river and looked for any chance that he could to help Sweetie Belle. It took all that he had just to catch up to the raft, and the river widened downstream, he wouldn't be able to use a tree branch to save the filly from this situation like he had the two before.

"Help!" Sweetie Belle cried.

"I'm trying!" Demitri yelled as he tried desperately to keep up with the raft.

"Tell my sister I love her!"

"Don't talk like that!" Demitri chided. "You'll be fine!"

Demitri mustered every bit of energy that he could to keep up with the raft. He watched in horror as the raft hit a large boulder in the water and flipped over. Sweetie Belle fell into the river and could barely keep her head above water as the rapids took her. Adrenalin taking over, Demitri leaped into the river without giving it a second thought. He didn't even know if ponies could swim, but his legs just jumped all on their own.

If Demitri were in a humorous mood he may have made a comment about not having to run after the raft anymore, and that the rapids allowed him to keep up with Sweetie Belle without any real effort at all; but he was in no such mood. He paddled his hooves and tried to steer his foreign body as best he could, and he did eventually make it to Sweetie Belle, but he had no idea how to help her. He grabbed onto her mane with his teeth, something painful for the poor girl he was sure, but he knew of no other way to keep hold of her. With Sweetie Belle in his teeth, he paddled his way towards land. He tried to take the brunt of any debris that may have smacked into Sweetie Belle, but there was no real way for him to control such a thing. He just kept paddling in hopes that would eventually make it to land.

Before long Demitri finally made it to land, but the rapids were too strong for him to jump out of the river, and they were nearing a waterfall. "Why are there always waterfalls at the end of these things?" Demitri thought to himself. He jerked his head towards land and tossed Sweetie Belle out of the river. Unfortunately, Demitri could not muster the strength to save himself and went down the waterfall.

"Mister Demitri!" Sweetie Belle yelled.

"Sweetie Belle!" Twilight yelled. She, Apple Jack, and Sweetie Belle's friends ran towards the drenched filly.

"Twilight, Apple Jack! Mister Demitri, he..." Sweetie Belle cried. Tears flowed from her eyes when she realized that Demitri went over the waterfall to save her.

"Calm down Sweetie, what happened?" Twilight asked.

"He... he... went over the waterfall."

"Oh no!" Twilight ran to the edge of the waterfall and looked down. Underneath the waterfall slept Demitri, stuck in the branches of an extremely large tree. Twilight breathed a sigh of relief. Her horn set off a mystic glow as she used her magic to levitate Demitri up from the tree's branches and onto dry land.

"Is... is he okay?" Sweetie Belle asked, still in tears.

"Yes, he's just fine. He's just really tired," Twilight said with a smile. "Now, you girls go home. I'll take him back to my place to rest."

"But," Sweetie Belle began.

"If you want to thank him you can do it when he wakes up, but you don't want to make Rarity worry do you?" Twilight asked.

"No..." Sweetie Belle said with her head hung low.

"Good girl."

"Come on, Apple Bloom, we're going home too," Apple Jack said as she pat her sister's head with her hoof.

"But, I wanna wait 'til Demitri wakes up!" Apple Bloom protested.

"You can visit him another day. Something tells me he'll be in town for a while."

"Really?" Apple Bloom asked.

"Sure thing! And when we get home you can tell me exactly what you were thinking when you decided to go rafting today! When Demitri wakes up I'm going to have to thank him too!"

"I'm... sorry."

"Sorry won't cut it Apple Bloom, I'm gonna have to think of a suitable punishment when we get back home."

"Awe man!" Apple Bloom whined.

"And you too, Scootaloo, don't think that we won't tell your parents what you tried to do today."

"But," Scootaloo tried to protest.

"It was reckless and dangerous," Apple Jack cut her off.

"That's right, you girls could have gotten hurt, or worse!" Twilight added.

"We know... we're sorry," The three fillies said in unison.

"Now, let's let Twilight take her new friend home where he can get some proper rest," Apple Jack said as she nudged Apple Bloom and Scootaloo. Every pony went home, and all that remained was Twilight and Demitri.

"What am I going to do with you?" Twilight asked, she knew that an unconscious pony couldn't reply. "I guess I'll take you back home for now, but don't run off like you did last time."


In Demitri's dream world, he found himself face to face with Blackey and Whitey once again.

"So, what was that anyway?" Whitey asked. "You could have died."

"Hey, Demitri finally did something for someone else for a change! Don't spoil it!" Blackey chided.

"Will you two shut up already?" Demitri begged. "Seriously, you two know why I helped them, and I really don't want to talk about it. I just want to get out of this pony hell and back to the real world. Brain storm!"

"But," Blackey began.

"No, buts, just think." Demitri cut off the disembodied orb once again.

"Your guess is as good as ours. We're stumped," Whitey sighed.

"You aren't dreaming. Well, you're dreaming NOW, but when you're in the pony world you aren't dreaming. Trust us, we know these things."

"Am I insane?" Demitri asked.

"Of course you are. You have intelligent conversations with yourself and you've conveniently given your alter egos the names Blackey and Whitey. Sounds insane to me," Blackey laughed.

"Oh, come on! You guys are useless!" Demitri yelled.

"HEY.." A familiar voice called.

"What's that?" Demitri asked.

"HEY!" The voice yelled once again.

"Oh, I think it's the pink one.


"Time to wake up," Demitri grimaced. "I just want to stay asleep. Forever."

"Then you'd be dead..." Whitey commented.

"Shut up."


"Stop it Pinkie he needs to rest!" Twilight scolded.

"But he's spent most of today asleep! If he sleeps during the day, then he'll be awake during the night, and then he'll miss the awesome party I'm throwing for him tomorrow!" Pinkie yelled as she shook Demitri.


"Can't a guy get some sleep?" Demitri asked, "I was having the most productive conversation with myself."

"I am so sorry!" Twilight apologized. "I kept telling her to let you sleep, but..."

"It's about time you woke up! You're really good at hide and seek, but you should remember to stay awake next time." Pinkie Pie said in her usual hyperactive tone.

"... What?" Demitri asked.

"It's better not to question her about those kinds of things," Twilight explained.

"Tomorrow, noon," Pinkie Pie said as she pat Demitri's chest with her hoof. "Party of your life. Be there, or be square."

"Um, I think I'll," Demitri began before Pinkie cut him off again.

"Be there or be square! I'm off!" And just like that, Pinkie ran out of Twilight's library.

"Is she okay?" Demitri asked.

"Yeah, she's just... unique. She means well though," Twilight said in an attempt to defend Pinkie. "Well, have you calmed down?"

"Yes. I somehow magically transported to a world dominated by ponies, and my body magically transformed into the shape of a pony. Somehow, I'm able to understand and speak your language, but I guess that makes just as much sense as everything else. Oh, and cutie marks are a big deal around here," Demitri stated calmly.

"Yeah, about that, I'm not exactly sure what's going on, but I think it would be best if you tried to get used to things around here. I'll help you out, and I'm sure my friends will all love to meet you," Twilight said in an attempt to cheer him up. "Apple Jack and Rarity, you rescued their little sisters earlier today. I'm sure they want to thank you themselves tomorrow."

"Is it normal for them to let their sisters do whatever they want like that?" Demitri asked, a bit of edge in his voice.

"Those girls are rather hard to control. Sweetie Belle is usually well behaved, but she goes along with whatever Apple Bloom and Scootaloo say. They can be quite the hand full. You know how fillies are at that age."

"Yeah, I do," Demitri said, his face in a bit of a scowl.

"Speaking of which, that was really brave of you Demitri. You're a really good pony," Twilight smiled.

"No, I'm not."

"Don't say that, I'm sure you..."

"I'm not. I wouldn't push this any further. Thanks for helping me out when I was knocked out and everything, but I should get going." Demitri cut her off.

"And where will you go?" Twilight asked.

"I need to find a way back to my own world. Something tells me I won't find it here."

"I'm Princess Celestia's student. I'll write to her about your problem. I'm sure she'll have some knowledge of the magic that sent you here," Twilight offered.

"Serious?" Demitri asked. "You'd do that?"

"You aren't good at making friends are you, Demitri?" Twilight asked.

"What was your first clue?" Demitri asked in a deadpan voice. Twilight laughed a bit at his response.

"You're a little bit like me when I first came to Ponyville. All I cared about was studying and increasing my magic knowledge. I didn't want to waste my time on something as 'silly' as friendship."

"That does describe me a bit, just without the magic bit," Demitri nodded.

"But I've made so many wonderful friends here in Ponyville, and I've learned so much spending time with them. More that I'd ever learn on my own. You should give them a chance."

"I'm not going to lie to you Twilight. I'm not good with other people. You can call it a trust issue, or whatever, but I've never had friends as long as I can remember. Where I went to school, the other students were just people that I had to outperform so that I could rise above my own rank in society and secure a brighter future for myself. I helped those fillies early today, but it isn't something I'm in the habit of doing."

"I understand, all I ask is that you wait patiently and try to get used to things around here. You're stuck for now buster, and you better learn to like it!" Twilight said as she sat down and pointed to Demitri with her right hoof.

"I'll try."

"And that's all that I ask," Twilight said with a nod.

Shortly after Twilight and Demitri's conversation, Demitri went back to bed. It was a tiring day for him, and he needed his rest. Twilight on the other hand decided to check her library for any references to humans. After hours of fruitless research, she finally gave up and turned to Spike, who was sleeping in his usual place. She quietly walked up to him and gave him a few gentle nudges to wake him up.

"Huh? What is it Twilight?" Spike asked as he wiped the sleepy crust out of his eyes.

"I'm sorry to wake you Spike, but I need you to take a letter to Princess Celestia."

"Oh, sure thing," Spike said as he grabbed a quill and paper.

"Dear princess Celestia," Twilight began. Spike wrote everything she spoke.

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