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> What were your first opinions of the characters?, This shall be interesting...
post Oct 4 2009, 8:22 PM
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Cosmix Fairy

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Alright, this is going to be an epic topic. What were your first opinions of the characters? Who did you like? Who did you hate? Who'd you think was creepy?

Here be mine. Mind you, I was 10 when Winx Club came out...:

Bloom: I've never really been too fond of her. Her personality is far too...let's say loud, for me.

Stella: This girl is absolutely amazing. I've always loved Stella.

Flora: *Puts bag over head* I used to adore Flora. She was my fave for at least half of season 1, until I realized how cool Musa was.

Tecna: She was alright. Originally, I thought her character was kinda bland, and boring. But now she's my 3rd fave Winx girl, so it's all good.

Musa: She's always been one of my faves. At first, she was my 2nd fave or so. I think I felt bad for her or something after Riven was a spaz, and grew to like her more after that.

Sky: I've always had a place in my heart for Sky. Yes, I know most people are annoyed with him, but I found him absolutely charming, and I still think that.

Brandon: One word: Epic. Brandon was my fave at the beginning. He's always been absolutely hilarious, and whatever it is about his character that makes him extremely likeable.

Riven: I couldn't stand the dude. Yes, the truth comes out. I hated Riven, and I'm not afraid to say it. The Self-Proclaimed Riven Expert hated Riven folks. He was such a jerk in season 1! Eesh! God, I don't even want to get into how much I hated him.

Timmy: He was pretty flat sided in season 1, so I found Timmy pretty boring.

Helia: I've never liked him. That's all I will say. I'm not in the mood to rant. XD


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post Oct 4 2009, 8:30 PM
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Cosmix Fairy

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From: wilmington, delaware

Bloom: Thought she was down to earth, but seemed naive to me for some reason

Stella: She was the stereotypical fashion girl although i did find her amusing and she became my favorite right off the bat

Flora: I didnt expect her to be a quiet, hippie type girl

Tecna: Didnt like techna her voice annoyed me and so did her outfits, but she kinda grew on me

Musa: Her voice DEFINATELY annoyed me, and really didnt like her and to this day i still dont like her, shes to dramatic for me

Sky: dont like him, and still dont like him

Brandon: seemed like a surfer dude type person

Riven: thought he was a douchebag, and he really was lol, i swore him and bloom would have hooked up but they didnt.

Timmy: thought he was a typical nerd

Helia: liked him right off the bat, i really digged his hair

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Thanks Cami!!!
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post Oct 4 2009, 8:31 PM
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Cosmix Fairy

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Terri, you weren't 10! Lol.


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post Oct 4 2009, 8:32 PM
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Cosmix Fairy
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to be honest i cannot remember too well, inncluded latter characters as well

bloom: i like her
stella: really liked her
flora: cool
musa: not too good
tecna: ok
layla: not great
roxy: not good

brandon: ok
sky: good
nabu: weird

icy: ok
darcy: ok
stormy: ok
darkar: good
baltor: great
oregon: great
anagon: annoying
dumos: annoying

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post Oct 4 2009, 8:32 PM
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Cosmix Fairy

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For the most I can't really tell except for the recent additions. Only Stella, because around 'The day of the rose' episode, she got a major opinion overhaul. She went from *Sigh* yet another fashion-obsessed blonde, to one of my favorite Winx girls. (It's the way she talked about her parent's divorce. As a girl with divorced parents, the sad, frustrated but knowing you can't help it kind of felt familiar.)
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post Oct 4 2009, 8:35 PM
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Cosmix Fairy

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QUOTE (winxclubrox23 @ Oct 4 2009, 04:31 PM) *
Terri, you weren't 10! Lol.

lmao...no i wasnt 10


Thanks Cami!!!
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post Oct 4 2009, 8:51 PM
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Cosmix Fairy

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Okay, here's mine. I dont remember much but this is probably somewhat accurate.

Bloom: Like alot of main characters, she seemed average when it comes to most things [except power, obviously] and she was always near the bottom of my list though I did find her amusing.

Stella: She's hilarious, and I loved how orange was her colour. And then in the very first episode was her winx transformation, which has absolutely EPIC music in 4kids, and she was an instant near the top of the list.

Flora: I think she was originally my fave but then came second to Stella a little into season 1, I've always liked Flora.

Tecna: She was pretty medium for me, originally 4th in my list. Her appearance isnt too great but I really like her powers.

Musa: I've always liked Musa, her powers especially. And how she like raps and stuff in the middle of episodes. She was another top contender, but in the end I settled with Stella, Flora, Musa in that order and have stuck with it since.

Layla: She seemed really interesting, but never broke the top 3.

Sky: Never liked him, he looks stupid. And believe it or not, I used to hate the name Brandon cause of this stupid kid I knew with the same name. Then when they switched I somehow started really liking the name lol. [Oh and the kid moved before they switched so its all good xD]

Brandon: Awesome. He's been my favourite character since the beginning, I love his personality and all.

Riven: I'm pretty sure I used to hate him lol.

Timmy: Cant really remember, I dont think I liked him much.

Helia: When I first saw him, I'm like uh oh, cause they were hinting Flora would get someone that eppy and then when it happened, I almost cried [okay no I didnt but still i was disappointed lol]


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post Oct 4 2009, 9:26 PM
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Cosmix Fairy

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From: Here.

Bloom - Too perfect and not realistic enough.

Stella - Drama queen and had the attitude

Flora - Sweet and quiet. My favorite and still is.

Tecna - Bossy?

Musa - A party girl and a tomboy. I really hated her voice in the 4kids version and found her hair very funky. XD But I started to like her more in the 3rd season. Now I consider her to be one of my tops.

Layla - A sporty chick with attitude. I like her independent attitude. I liked her. But when Nabu came along...I kind of started to forget about her. O_O

Sky - No opinion. He was just there to me. Though I had to saw he was kind of annoying..


Riven - I have to say that I like him better in my imagination and fanfics than when I first met him. He was a jerk. I usually had a tendency to like jerks though because I thought they would eventually become good so I kind of had a love-hate feeling. :)

Timmy - I kind of treated him as a wallflower and I feel bad about it. O_O

Helia - At first I was kind of weirded out by his long hair because he looked like a girl. I started to like him more as the series went on but I still kind of think he needs more attitude. I have to admit that part of the reason that I like him is because he is with Flora. ><

Overall - When I first met all the characters.....I kind of laughed at their voices. O_O Their 4kids voices seemed funny to me. O_O I feel guilty about it but I couldn't help it. Luckily I eventually started paying attention to actual plot. :)


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post Oct 5 2009, 3:35 AM
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Cosmix Fairy

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From: Way up high

QUOTE (Mazei AD @ Oct 4 2009, 02:25 PM) *
Riven: He was such a jerk! I didn't like him. I used to hope he died sometime in the season

Die!?! Ouch! I didn't hate him that much! Lol.


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post Oct 5 2009, 11:43 AM
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Cosmix Fairy

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Good topic idea...blah, I'll have to fill in this later >.>


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post Oct 6 2009, 1:55 AM
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Sirenix Fairy

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Bloom: My fave charecter ! !!!!!she is cool
Stella: she used to be my fave
Flora: uhhh ok to ummmm goody-goody
Musa: she is awsome
Tecna: i used to hate tecna now she is my 2nd fave chareceter
Sky: he's ok Bloom's boyfriend
Brandon: the BEST
Timmy: he's ok
Riven: at first i thought he was really stuck uo
Helia: uhhh no

thanks bloomgirl^^
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Another Morning
post Oct 6 2009, 2:39 AM
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Cosmix Fairy

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I don't remember too much. All I remember is that for some reason, I thought Stella was supposed to be the main character (I think my SM background told me that moon powers = main character), and I didn't know that Tecna and Musa existed until I saw the show XD I'd only seen Bloom, Stella, and Flora beforehand.

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post Oct 11 2009, 1:29 AM
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Harmonix Fairy

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OK, well this is just from me watching, i think, the first episode they apeared in.

Bloom: To weak and such. But i grew to like her when she became more powerfull
Stella: Stella rocks!!! She started out as my favourite, because i really like her personality. She is still kinda my favourite now.
Flora: OK, i guess. She's just too quiet.
Musa: I couldn't say she was my favourite, but sometimes she could be pretty funny. I didn't like her at first because she never let her hair down(I was only 6 at the time) and that she liked Riven. The episode in season 3 when she put her hair down i was running around the house screaming and brought the doll for 60 bucks.
Tecna: I really loved her voice! She grew to be one of my favourite characters.
Layla: She was never anywhere near the top of my list. I hated in season 3 were she kept on going and visiting Andros/Tides and such. so anoying because i wanted to see them go back to Solaria.
Sky: He was so anoying. I hated everything about him. That was kinda the reason I disliked Bloom at the beginning.
Riven: I didnt really care about him. I just thought he was someone who gets in the way all the time.
Helia: In Season 2 and 3 he was cool, but season 4 when he got his haircut he just looked plain stupid. Seriously. One of the reasons I really liked Helia was because of his hair.
Timmy: Just plain anoying.
Brandon: He is perfect for stella. Definantly my favourite specialist.

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post Oct 12 2009, 3:18 AM
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Cosmix Fairy

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From: Australia

These were my VERY first opinions of the girls, they changed since then

Bloom: The leader of the gang but I though her weak
Stella: A typical blonde girl who likes shopping (I liked her icon_smile.gif)
Flora: Quiet, sweet and girly
Musa: Loud and a tomboy (oppisite of Flora)
Tecna: Very sophisticated and smart
Layla: Sporty and not very social
Roxy: Brave but she still has a lot to learn
Specialists: The reason they are all under one title is because they were pretty much the same to me then. All brave, attractive and sweet.

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post Oct 12 2009, 8:46 AM
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Cosmix Fairy

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Bloom:I used to like her a lot and I thought of her as the weak-Usagi esque(well minus the ditzy), discovcering powers character.

Stella:SHopping. Obsessed. Blonde. Nuff said.

Musa:The musical, gangsta-girl try-hard(keep in mind this be the 4kids version. But then I realized I liked her)

Flora:Quiet and sugary sweet. A bit too much for my tastes at first.

Tecna:The smart, but slightly geeky brainiac girl(but geeks are cute xD).

Layla:SPorty and at first she came across at anti-social. O and of course feminisist

Specialists: TO me at first, they were the token guy characters who would assist the girls at certain times. I had slightly different ideas about each, but it was basically the same, just 'oh they've all got kinda conflicting personalities'.


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post Dec 18 2009, 3:00 AM
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Charmix Fairy

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i was 8 when i first saw winx, keep it in mind!

Bloom - i hated her. i'm sorry, but i HATED her. still do.
Stella - ♥d her! my fave fairy right from the beginning. she's funny, fashion-obsessed (like me), and pretty
Flora - didnt really have an opinion of her, other than that she was pretty
Tecna - funny, she seemed kinda weird
Musa - i didn't like her, she was too up-in-your-face

Icy - I WAS OBSESSED WITH HER!!! my first thought was "omg she is SO pretty!" and i fell in love with her powers, her comebacks, her plans, etc.!
Darcy - i thought she was cool (people began making me dislike her recently because there all "oh she's soo much better than Icy" but if i ignore other people's opinions, i still think Darcy's cool)
Stormy - she seemed weird and cool to me at the same time ha

Sky - i didnt like him cuz he was Bloom's bf lol. and also cuz he left Diaspro! (let's drop the Diaspro topic there, tho, i dont feel like starting something)
Brandon - he was cute! hehe! i thought he was cool and romantic and perfect for Stella
Riven - i thought he was kinda cool, the rebelious type. yeah he was a jerk but he made the episodes interesting (i still laugh every time at the one part of 'Grounded' : Timmy: So, do you like to dance Tecna? Tecna: Not really. I don't really know any dance steps. Timmy: I'll tell you the steps I know, step 1 DON'T dance ya get it? Riven: Whoa, Timmy, keep fallign like that and we'll start calling you Tim-ber LOL!!!!!
Timmy - he was nerdy but he cracked me up!

Layla - didnt like her cuz i liked the original 5 Winx girls as a group
Darkar - i cannot describe my hatred for that...thing. He's so ugly & scary & tries to manipulate Icy...that crosses my line right there!
Pixies - i didnt like them, i mean the witches use to call the winx girls pixies to INSULT them! i mean REALLY!

V/Baltor - I. DID. NOT. LIKE. HIM. ugh....i just reeeeeeally didnt.


sry for posting twice, but i accidentally submitted b4 i meant to.

i dont really have an opinion there bcuz i havent watched it yet.
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post Dec 18 2009, 3:27 AM
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Mythix Fairy

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From: Chicago

Bloom:she's my fave because she's really friendly and powerful

Stella:she's a bit funny and fashion crazy most of the time

Flora:she's really sweet and kind

Layla:she's very energetic and independent

Tecna:she's really smart and is a bit of a computer freak

Musa:she's really into music but she ca n a bit bossy

Roxy:she's really loving and cares a lot about animals


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post Apr 2 2010, 11:38 PM
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Bloom: Thought she was going to be the typical "newbie" like in every single one of those movies/shows about somebody new comming into a magic school. She seems rather plain to me, however her personality makes her a PRIMO target for TONS of appealshipping fanfictions, primarily because she's gullible and small minded when it comes to the realm of magix.

Stella: What I call a "bobble-head". She seems like a bit of a nobody to me, even though she is supposed to take over her kingdom. She also seems like a bit of a player, which mainly comes from my "bobble-head" deduction. Never liked her powers, or her personality, because it is really hard to simulate that kind of bobble-headed-ness in a fanfiction without making her seem completly stupid, or ADHD.

Flora: I am at a moot point with her. I don't like her all that much, though her and Bloom are UUBER cute. I don't hate her all that much, though in my opinion her powers leave a lot to be desired from a plant fairie.

Tecna: She was, at the time I saw the first season in 2004, the character I related to the most. I loved technology, especially video games. Her personality reminded me of my brothers, when taking apart a cellphone was basically his cocaine. Over the last few years I've begun to appreciate her personality as well as her powers. Her original WinX outfit alwase made me go "ew" because of the helmet. *so glad they got rid of the helmet*

Musa: Tomboy-ish, which drew me into her, as well as her powers. Some of them never made sense to me though. Her personality is fun to play with in a fanfic because she's a bit of a tomboy, which leaves little to be immagined along the fanfiction front

Sky: Oh, you mean Mr. Blonde, dumb and ugly? Hated him. Alwase hated him. Mainly because he was FAR to close to your typical fairy tale prince.

Brandon: He had a bit of a bland vibe to me, and he still does. Vary plain, and all around undesired.

Riven: At first thought he was kinda cool, because he was an emo. Now I've labeled him as a player, and want to tear his skin of for being with Musa, which can so CLEARLY do better.

Timmy: AHH! Nerd with a sword!! What's he gonna do? CODE me to death with that HTML junk I use on myspace? I saw him as a joke, and was SURE he would be killed off before the end of the first season.

Helia: three words: Giant. Walking. *****.

Icy: D*MN! She was epic! I LOVED her ice power, not to mention her hair! The first time I saw her hair I printed a picture of her off the net, showed it to my mom and told her I wanted to do this to my hair! She nearly passed out and I couldn't get my dad to stop laughing! However, as the years passed I started to dislike her because of her frequent outbursts.

Darcy: My most favoured character of the entire show. When I first saw her, and she had on her orange glasses, she reminded me of one of those wiered artistic, half-emo poet people you meet in college. She still does, however now I have quite a bit more respect for her, and a distinct hatred for the show because they refuse to develop her powers into what they could be. *cough cough* Darcy could take over the world *cough cough*

Stormy: I HATED her hair. And because of that I never really gave myself much of a chance to appreciate her character. Now that I don't really mind her hair, I ADORE her powers, as well as her temper to an extent. When I first saw her, she reminded me of an imp, giving smart remarks and snickering.


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post Jun 12 2010, 9:21 PM
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From: Gardenia.

Bloom- As you can see she was my fave , but not now.. I guess I liked her , because she seemed and average normal person , who is kind and caring and handles the leader role very well , but when the show continued , she turned out to be kind of boring to me.
Stella- I have loved her always. She is a full of energy and a funny girl, She always made me laugh and love how she can be a diva , but still not just a beach babe, but a character that also has deep feelings and cares alot about her friends ans everyone.
Flora- This girl is made out of candy and sugar. Really loved her , because she seemed really pretty to me , like a flower princess :). But I also like her , she is very sweet and quiet. The opposite of Stella , who is quite loud.
Musa- She is my favourite ! Love her attitude, her way of talking , her power- MUSIC , personality. She can be dramatic , but she is a lot like me.Adore her tomboyish side too.
Tecna- She seemd pretty boring and plain bookworm , but she grew into me. Now I like her.
Layla- Well I love her dancing skills , she is okay.

Sky- When I was younger , he seemed okay, but now I really don't like him. I love her relationship with Bloom , but I don't like how he can be such a mamma's boy and I got seriously p*ssed when he lied to Bloom that he was Brandon and he had a girlfriend or a fiance already. I mean , it was one sided and only Diaspro thought that they were in love , but cmon if you love her , then you would do anything to make her happy and not wait until she finds out the truth herself.
Brandon- Love him! He is hillarious ladies man. Problaby the best looking too. But they are cute with Stella and love him , saying it again.
Helia- Like him too. I love romantic guys , I think it is very sweet if man can write a poem or something beautiful . swwweeeettt.
Riven- I soo love him ! I have always had a thing for bad boys, dunno why icon_biggrin.gif. But I will be honest , that he seemed as a total jerk and is very problematic , but still deep down he is very caring , especially for Musa. It is his ego side that keeps him from being that.But I love him !
Timmy- I thought he was really cute and this cute geek type. Geeks and nerds are cute icon_biggrin.gif
Nabu- Well , I miss him. In season three , he seemed fine , but in season four I began to love him. He is very strong and you can always feel safe with him , but also very loving and passionate and would do anthing for you.

The Trix- I really was a winx fan more at first , but now I really love them. They are evil , but so funny and they crack me up. I love Darcy the most , dunno why. The least Stormy, maybe because she outbursted for every little thing , I was like chill , girl icon_biggrin.gif ´. But Icy is also awesome. I think the three of them , make the awesome group they are.

Darkar- Seemed nothing to me, he laughed a lot and seemed to me typical villian who wants power.
Valtor- Like him a lot. Love his smirk that he makes all the time and I used to wonder , what it could be if Bloom was with Valtor or something. But I wish he could be younger .
The black circle- I thought they were very cool :).
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post Jun 13 2010, 10:34 PM
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Cosmix Fairy

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Good idea for a thread! Kudos!


Bloom - I instantly caught on to the fact that she was the main character, and also instantly recognized the perfections that she was given. Although, at that time, she didn't really bother me all too much, for I didn't find her all that interesting (that and I did not know about the massive amount of screentime she had been given; I jumped in at the end of season one.)

Stella - I thought she was a humorous and enjoyable character; I also caught on to her being a main(ish) character.

Flora - Honestly, I didn't think much of her... I didn't really notice her, (most likely due to the lack of screentime she was given). To be honest, I don't even remember when I formed an opinion on her... for the longest time I just ignored her. o_O

Musa - She actually was my favorite character because of her similarity in appearance to "Jade" (I liked Bratz at the time). I thought she was, simply, "cool".

Tecna - Like Flora, I didn't really notice her at first (again, lack of screentime). I do remember really liking her accent though. After a few more episodes, though, she quickly became my favorite character.

Layla - When I first saw Layla, I was extremely excited about her introduction into the series (I absolutely loved her look and her Winx outfit).

Roxy (if she's officially labeled a Winx Club member) - I'll be honest, I instantly did not like her. I didn't feel another Winx Club member was at all necessary.


Sky - I instantly labeled him "Prince Charming"; I found it blatantly obvious that he was supposed to be the "perfect guy" character.

Brandon - I remember thinking Brandon was a good character; I had no problems with him.

Timmy - I honestly do not remember what I initially thought of him, it may have been a simple recognition of him being the "brains" of the specialists, but I honestly cannot recall.

Riven - The only thing I remember about my initial opinion about Riven had something to do with his hair... :/ I think I saw it as an "interesting" hairstyle... or unusual... something like that...

Helia - Initial opinion = A character thrown in there to give Flora a boyfriend.

Nabu (He's not really a specialist, but I'll throw him in this category anyway) - The way he was introduced into the series was a bit... weird. I initially thought he was a creepy stalker.


Icy - I think I initially thought she was pretty "cool". icon_razz.gif (Excuse the bad pun)

Darcy - I do know that I thought she was a pretty character... Don't remember anything else, though.

Stormy - I instantly did not like her... at all. I cannot tell you why, I just... didn't.

Darkar - I thought he had some potential to be a really "bad" villain.... I was wrong.

Baltor - Like Darkar, I initially thought he had potential... again, I was wrong.

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