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Magix Club's Forum _ Site Announcements _ Updating a few forum basics in light of Season 8

Posted by: Zhanneel Mar 6 2020, 8:56 PM

Hi! It seems like this forum has not been updated since Season 4 of Winx Club. With Riisa's permission, I am doing a few small jobs here and there to bring Winx Club into the year 2020. So far I have only added two changes to the list of updates:

1) Updating and adjusting the "Ranks" for members to include:

~Harmonix Fairy
~Sirenix Fairy
~Bloomix Fairy
~Mythix Fairy
~Butterflix Fairy
~Tynix Fairy
~Cosmix Fairy

2) And the second part (yet to be completed) is to update the banner. You know, THE banner. The one that has been here since nearly archaic days of Magix Club. I believe we need to bring it up to date with Season 8. Hopefully I can do this soon. I have some ideas to recreate it in photoshop.

Update: new banner on 3/9/2020

I wish the forums could be made to be mobile-friendly, but it is not possible. The entire site would have to start over, and I'm not willing to lose all of the wonderful history here. And perhaps there is still a chance new history will be made here as well.

I'm going to continue to think of more ways to update this site, any ideas?

Posted by: mightymarty2 Mar 7 2020, 8:23 AM

Congratulations, your persistence has paid off

Hopefully an update will encourage users to come back

Posted by: Zhanneel Mar 7 2020, 11:35 PM

Ha ha, so true. And that's what I'm hoping for too. 😊 It's a small hope, but it's a hope nonetheless. I wish I had the banner ready to go, but I'm struggling with time management and a dumb headache this weekend... So I'm hoping to work on it within the week and have it by next weekend. I just need to scour the internet for Cosmix png's first.

Something else I would like to learn about are internet search analytics. If there is any way to increase hits on the forum by incorporating tricks or techniques, I'm totally open to it. One way to increase hits on the form is to increase posts that are discussing season 8. That might give us a search advantage. If I have time maybe I can start a few.

Posted by: mightymarty2 Mar 8 2020, 8:22 AM

True, I will create some discussion topics for each episode.

Tell that headache to go away you have a forum to help

Posted by: Zhanneel Mar 9 2020, 4:34 AM

Thank you, I agree, lol. I'm literally telling the headache to get out! Stupid, irritating things. 😵

I've scoured the internet for Season 8 pngs, and I'll start working on a banner that hopefully looks nearly as good as the current Season 4 banner. I am going to miss that banner though. 😢

And I wanted to say "Wow!" to all of the new Season 8 topics you made. Nice job! Fortress Guy was thinking of coming onto the forum to start some talks regarding Season 8, and those topics you made are perfect. 👍 Good idea. When I have time I want to post in each one too.

Posted by: Fortress Guy Mar 9 2020, 1:52 PM

Thanks for keeping things going MightyMarty. Thanks Zhanneel for the new updates. I am looking forward to whatever new banner you come up with. That is a simple and clear way to update the site.

It would be great to go mobile friendly. Perhaps there is a way out there to migrate the content so it is not lost. Well, it is something to consider.

I believe I would like to comment on season 8 episodes. Thanks for the topic starts MightyMarty.

Oh, and BTW, congratulations to you both on your promotions to Cosmix fairy.

Posted by: Zhanneel Mar 9 2020, 2:56 PM

Why thank you Fortress, and congrats on being an underwater Harmonix Fairy (and no longer a Pixie?). xD

I truly wish there were a way to make this forum mobile friendly, but I haven't a clue how to do it yet. If I see any options in the future I'll definitely explore it though.

Okay's a little bittersweet, but the banner has been updated. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles that some website pictures do, but it does the job and stands up for MC and Season 8 of Winx Club. (I think I want to tweak the font, but for now there it is!) I'm attaching the old MC banner for nostalgia, in case anyone wants it. It's sad to say goodbye to it, but it had to be done.


Posted by: Fortress Guy Mar 9 2020, 3:15 PM

Well done Zhanneel. Thank you for your efforts there.

We will always have the old one for reference. I think we should have a thread where all the old banners are archived. How cool would it be to examine the different ones over the years. Plus any special ones that might be made, like Christmas themed, or an all specialists special for Specialist Week!

Posted by: mightymarty2 Mar 9 2020, 6:09 PM

The old Christmas them for the forum still works (bottom left)….who knew I had forgotten about them.

I like the new banner very update and a good start, while mobile would be a nice addition I don't think its essential and keeping the history is much more important.

The topic creation took way longer than expected but glad to finally get it done.

Posted by: Zhanneel Mar 9 2020, 6:32 PM

@Fort: I think an archive of all the graphics is a good idea. As soon as I have a moment I will make that topic. Ah, ha ha! A Specialist Week banner. So what dates will that be? icon_wink.gif

@Marty: I remember that Christmas one! I was here one year that it was used. It was cute. I think it's possible to set the entire default forum to be Christmas-themed for December, if we want to do that in the future again. And of course, we can toggle it on and off if we want. In case we like celebrating Christmas in July. icon_wink.gif And thank you, glad you like banner. No doubt all 27 topics you made for Season 8 took a long time! Nice job again.


I get the funny feeling like all 3 of us are running around an abandoned Aflea castle (aka the forum), decorating the rooms and clearing the cobwebs. icon_razz.gif

Posted by: SpiderBraids Mar 10 2020, 3:59 PM

QUOTE (Zhanneel @ Mar 10 2020, 1:32 AM) *
I get the funny feeling like all 3 of us are running around an abandoned Aflea castle (aka the forum), decorating the rooms and clearing the cobwebs. icon_razz.gif

Make that four of us icon_wink.gif (Still trying to think of something to say in the S8 talkbacks...)

Posted by: mightymarty2 Mar 10 2020, 6:10 PM

That would be a good idea, just for a nice bit of a festive feel and something to look forward to

hides duster and broom

Posted by: Zhanneel Mar 17 2020, 12:22 PM

Ha ha, yes, you're right @SpiderBraids, make that 4 of us. (Might even be 5 if P-Girl is still active.) ^_^

Lol, Marty you're making me think of the Season 1 episode where Tecna didn't know how to use a broom and bucket. xD

Posted by: winxclubrox23 Apr 8 2020, 7:59 AM

I don’t actively check this site anymore (and obviously haven’t for awhile) but I saw on your Instagram @Zhan that you were doing some stuff on here and I was intrigued! I have to say I was pleasantly surprised to see anyone around still, and that you’ve made all these nice changes!

Posted by: Zhanneel Apr 8 2020, 4:11 PM

Aww, hey Tea! Always nice to see a fellow MC Founder/family member pop in. It's true, activity is low around here, I hear ya... Life for all of us has moved on, but it's nice to see the site is still here (thanks to Riisa for keeping the lights on icon_idea.gif ).

This site has become something of a calming refuge for me in the last few months of health issues. Not as fast as IG, so I don't get overwhelmed. I bet you were shocked to see the old banner finally updated, lol. 'Bout time. Marty has been a rockstar doing constant topics and posts! I think he is singlehandedly keeping this place alive.

I'm glad you stopped by and that it's looking better. Even if the era of forums is on the way out. icon_sad.gif I still love IG because it's easy to share images, but it's not so good for communication. The forums will always my favorite place to hash out ideas.

Hope everything is going well in your life, especially your artistic career.