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post Sep 4 2016, 7:46 PM
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♥ ♫ Winx Adventure: Official Version! ♫ ♥

Hey everyone, we have huge news to tell you!
However, before we reveal what the surprise is, let's go back in time and know a little more about a very valued game: Winx Adventure!

QUOTE ("Winx Adventure Story")
This magnificent game was released in the middle of September, in 2010, after the closing of Gardenia Park, on the official Winx Club website. It was like another version of "The Sims", but a little less interactive. You could talk and meet new people, buy items (or give them as a present), personalize yourself and your room and visit your friends' rooms.
The beta version of this game only lasted 10 days and it had specialists! icon_eek.gif Later, in the official version, they were removed and the game started to be considered as only for girls.
However, that didn't prevent boys from playing, the only problem would be getting used to a female avatar.
The game wasn't that popular, but the players were uncondicionally in love with it.
Its updates were regular, twice a week, but the game owners stopped doing them in April 2011, what didn't affect it that much since there was enough content for people to have fun playing.
Around August of 2011, there were a big reform in Gardenia: The city got smaller. Altough, it got brighter colors and it had much more flowers! One of the things that really highlighted in that change was Flora's park, which got way bigger and it was much funnier to play there. Still in August we were able to lay on our bed instead of sitting, which pleased many players.
In December of 2011, WA announced that news were coming soon and later they opened the Garden Of Charmix, where the players should talk to Faragonda and enter the simulation (the same one from the 10th episode of the first season, "Bloom tested"). You could transform yourself into a fairy and there were twenty levels.
April 27, 2012 is a date that most of the players don't like, because Winx Adventure closed on that day.
HOWEVER, in 2014, they opened another beta version of the game. It was a little bit different from the original one and you should use your keyboard to move instead of the mouse buttons. There wasn't furniture and the clothes were free. Also the avatars were completely different from the original ones, what didn't really make the players very happy.
There were several bugs.
This version was created by Júlio Rafael (Juleic1123) and Guiguimath to test the old game, what didn't really succeed because of the bugs.

Now that you know the game's story, let's go to the big news!
It's been six years since Winx Adventure was born and two since we played for the last time. And well, if you didn't have the opportunity to play it... this is your chance! :jumping:

That's right, now you'll have weekly quests. You're not required to do them, you only do them if you want to, however we'll open new places in Gardenia and you must read and do the quests if you wanna know why did they open.  

Indeed, we already tought about his future and there will be some missions only about him. You will participate in his life and you'll see his love life with Aisha closely.

Magic with teachers? In the official game there wasn't, but now we have it.

Are there new products? What happened to the simulator... is it back?! Wait... the real question... Timmy?!


Exactly! You can decorate your room again, just like you can add friends! Wait... I wasn't allowed to say this, oops!

Don't look at me, I don't know why are Halloween pumpkins there.

Planting was never a thing for me, but maybe you really need some help Flora, or you'll do something wrong...

Hmmm, what mysteries and theories?!

Did you really think only Faragonda would give you magic lessons? No, no! Griffin and Saladin are very pleased with the idea of making your life feel like hell.


I'm not saying there will be boys on the character creation, the only thing I tell you is that they won't be only Winx's boyfriends.

Have a great day,
- The Website Staff.

Hi guys! thumbsup.gif
So, after a long time working on bringing back Winx Adventure + Winx Club Online, we finally finished one of them! The website is 90% ready and I already brought it to the internet. Winx Adventure is right now being made with new animations!

You'll be able to: Do missions/quests, talk with your friends, buy clothes & decorate your room. There will be even more but we can't reveil right now.

The best new is: There isn't any Rainbow Coins! (RC), everything is for free!

Link: http://www.online-winxclub.com/

We'll open MiniWinx (Web Avatar) too! :)


I hope to see you there! :)

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