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entry Jul 1 2012, 3:39 PM
My blog will be closed and banned for Roleplay Group members and other Roleplay Group Member Wannabes. I'm sorry! I couldn't help myself, and decided to move to PixieVille Clubs. Sorry!
~ XoXo, Roxy_Lover123

entry Mar 4 2012, 3:48 AM
Sports Day part 1/2 and 2/2
Roxy_Lover123 (RL)
musamusicnote (MMM)
PrincessSierra (PS)
Purityangel (PA)
Musa_Rockstar (MR)
RL: *Sitting on chair*
PS: What are you gonna do right there? Lay down for months?
RL: I need inspiration! http://cdn.magixclub.com/style_emoticons/d...lt/thumbsup.gif (one more month I will soon be inspired!)
MMM: Hey Purityangel.........
PA: Hi musamusicnote, whatcha doin'
MR: Hi too...
RL: Still working on the inspired project, one more month I will be inspired! "Shows picture*
PS: It will not happen...
RL: Of course it will! it is one more month!
MR: Hi musamusicnote...
MMM: Hi Musa_Rockstar
MR: Tomorrow is sports day right?
MMM: Not sure...
RL: It is...
Part 2/2
Sports day event
RL: I brought my ball.
MM: Great so lets play
17 - 13
PA: We lost!
PS: I know! The Winx beat us!
Bloom: Should I toggle the ball, coach?
Coach: No need.
Stella: Should we play half time?
Aisha/Layla: I'm not sure.
12 - 15
Bloom: Told you to toggle the ball, coach!
Coach: I'm sorry.
Bloom: Its okay, after all, we did this only for money, what's the best of that?
Stella: We need those money for shopping Alfea needs right?
All Winx: Oh Stella, why don't you remind us?
Stella: My bad.......

entry Feb 24 2012, 12:13 PM
Part 2
Stella: I'm amazed, although your creepy look might needs some makeup. (goes away)
Girl: Or is it not (evil laugh)
Bloom: Are you ready yet?
Stella: Nope.
Musa: We will be late.
Stella: I'm gonna see your mom, you see mine.
Tecna: Is it like 'You scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours' thing?
Flora:C'mon it is about to start.
Stella: Whatever...
Queen Luna: Stella!
Stella: Mom!
Bloom: What is this, a family reunion?
They all look at Bloom, and start laughing.
And they all planned a Mother-Daughter cocktail.
Queen Luna: I'm gonna look at your daughter,and you'll see mine. (to mothers)
Aisha/Layla: What?
Mothers: Nothing.
After the cocktail they had so much fun. The End.

entry Feb 22 2012, 9:55 AM
Part 1/2
Stella: So, ready for cocktail?
Flora: what cocktail? (sipping her milkshake)
Stella: The one that we planned yesterday.
Bloom: You mean the midly Harvest Festival?
Stella: (Spits her lemonade) What?!
Bloom: yeah. we take the fruit that we want to harvest, and cut it for the mothers' cocktail.
Musa: Yup.
Stella: http://cdn.magixclub.com/style_emoticons/default/blink.gif
Tecna: Why are you making that emotion?
Stella: Nothing.
In the Midly Harvest Festival
Stella: (Uses her brush)
Girl: (Staring)
Stella: Why is she looking at me creepily? Oh no! She want's my brush!
Girl: I don't want your brush, your hair is just flawless.
Stella: Thanks. I really need some advice.
Will the girl make evil plans? find out in part 2
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entry Feb 19 2012, 2:44 AM
Part 3
Stella: That should leave a mark.
Sam: (Touches Stella's shoulder) Uhm.. Your Highness, I..
Stella: Don't touch my purse! Oh, its you.
Carly: What's wrong with you?
Stella: Nothing. And, why do you come here?
Carly: Seattle has a black-off and we decided to see the black off schedule. Gardenia is not having a black off. So, we search for houses. People here looks psycho, but you all seem normal.
Stella: You come here for what?
Freddie (a.k.a Fredward Benson): For iCarly.
They come to Bloom's recording studio, for Musa's band.
Musa: Here we are.
Flora: Make yourself at home.
Freddie puts his camera on the table.
Aisha/Layla: Not right now, Fredward. You should put it in the Camera spot. Not the cellphone spot.
Freddie: What's the difference!
After iCarly....
Part 4
Tecna: That was funny!
Freddie: Hey, who's little Rabbit is this?
Kiko: (Bites Freddie's thumb)
Freddie: Ouch!
Bloom: He just wants to play with me. Isn't that right Kiko?
Roxy: Bloom, Is there... OMG! iCarly!
Carly: She recognize us?
Bloom: Yup.
Part 5
They all went in to a fight, because Sam accidentally pushes Freddie, and Freddie stumbles to the Winx members, which are laying on the couch.
Musa: Hey, hey, hey! STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All: (Stops)
Musa: Don't fight.
All: Yeah, you're right.
They Have a party.
Specialists: Cheers to the Winx, who had laughed to beat the Trix!
iCarly: Cheers!
Winx: To us!
Musa grabs Bloom by the collar.
Musa: I guess everybody has a happy ending. The nightmare has been swished away.
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entry Feb 19 2012, 2:21 AM
Bloom: Someone put the shower on! Please turn it off!
Flora: Bloom, actually, I put it on. let me put it off. (Puts the shower off)
Tecna: Hey Bloom, we have guests.
Bloom: Okay. Let me get the door...... Who are you?
Sam: We are from iCarly, the hit web show.
Carly: Yup. And who are you.
Bloom: Bloom. Princess of Domino.
Sam: Princesses are for fairy tales.
Stella: (using a dry towel on her head) Who are they, Bloom?
Freddie: Put your hair down, so we can recognize you well.
Stella: (Puts hair down)
Freddie: (Speechless, then whistles)
Stella: Hello? I'm standing right here.
Freddie: Whats your name?
Stella: Stella, Princess of Solaria.
Sam: What? Another princess?!
Stella: Darling, for your info, I'm 18.
Sam: I'm 16. What do you want me to do?
Sam: Is that a Plasma 200 refrigerator! (runs to it)
Tecna: Hey, watch where you're going!
Sam: Never mind!
Brandon: Hey, Stella!
Stella: (Kisses him on the forehead) Oh, Brandon, I've been looking for you!
The Trix: Hello, Winx.
The Winx: The Trix! Lets transform to Enchantix!
Sam: They're fairies?
Carly: I can't believe it!
Freddie: She even looks cute as a fairy form!
Stella: I have a boyfriend!
Freddie: Never mind!
Part 2:
Stella falls.
Darcy: Uhm, Icy, she..
Icy: Oh nonsense!
Stormy: Let me storm her.
Bloom: Its too late! (Burns stormy)
Sam: (Eating nachos) Could you give me more?
Tecna: No, we're fighting!
Timmy: Go Tecna!
Tecna: Thanks Tim.
Sam: He's more dumb than you, Fredward.
The Winx: (Pauses the fight) His name is Fredward?
Freddie: Yup, Fredward Benson. Why?
The Winx and Specialists: (Laughs)
Trix: Stop your laughing! No......... (Dissapears)
What will happen next? Tune in in these stories to find out more about the 5 Parts! (this is 2/5 of the story)
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