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> Shawarma, PG-13
post Sep 2 2013, 4:03 AM
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My friend a I look turns writing this Avengers themes fan fic, i'll post in to section b.c its a bit long. tell me what u think

Once upon a time there were two best friends, Bruce Rufflo, and Robert Stark, and they got into all kinds of trouble. One of the times they got in trouble because the made fun of another student who’s name is Clint Renner for wearing a P!nk shirt. Then one day when Robert and Bruce were around 19-20ish, they meant a woman by the name of Scarlett Romanoff, and they both really "oooo"ed at her than, long red hair.

So the three of them, Scarlett, Robert, and Bruce decided to fly all the way to London for the Olympics. There they met this scrawny guy named Steve Evans who was a sprinter in one of the many races. Robert bet Scarlett that she couldn’t beat Steve in a race. She agreed and at the start had Bruce trip Steve so that she was able to win the race

Steve was so upset that he was beat by a girl so he went to a bar and got drunk. And he got talking to the bartender who's name is Thor Hemswoth, this Thor guy is like 6 feet 5 inches tall and was a body builder. So Steve asked him to become his personal trainer. Meanwhile Robert and Bruce (Robert more though), were hitting on Scarlett by using witty comments and using really big and long science words. Scarlett got really annoyed with Robert and Bruce so she stole a motorcycle and drove to her uncle Phil Gregg's house in Scandinavia where she hung out for a while and learned how to build bicycles. Meanwhile, Thor agreed to help train Steve and make a plan to restore Steve’s pride. However there was one problem, the gym was closed due to the fact that somebody burnt it down 2 years ago and it still wasn’t rebuilt. So Thor and Steve fly to Budapest because that is where Clint and Samuel Fury have a gym. A sulking Stark is walking down the street and bumps into Gwyneth Potts, who was just going to work. All of her books go flying because she is a school teacher and Stark helps her pick everything up and slips his cell number into one of the books.

So Stark heads back to the place were he and Bruce are staying and tells Bruce all about the whole Potts thing to rub it in Bruce’s face. Bruce is still upset that Scarlett left them and flips out on Stark and the two end up fall through their floor into the hotel room below them. Meanwhile, Scarlett finds out about Gregg’s recall job that he does in this basement, and she wants to join in, Phil thought that would be okay and because Phil likes using nicknames he now starts calling her Telleaporsha. Meanwhile all the way in Budapest, Steve has already made a lot of progress with Sam and Thor helping, while Clint is watching from above. Then one day Steve wants to know who the “hawk" is and Clint sends an arrow that lands right between Steve's legs and he totally flipped out on Clint. Like I mean come on he could have died, what if he could have missed and stuff. Well, the idea that he could have missed was completely crazy to Clint and the two got into a bit of a fight that Thor easy broke up.


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