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> Dreamer, This story is about a boy named Lance. He's a specialist from eart
post Aug 22 2007, 1:14 AM
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Cosmix Fairy

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(Sorry if there isn't a lot of detail. I don't have much time to write, so I can only put in the core material. Once I finish the full story I may go back and make it even better than what I hope it already is.)
((I'm trying to make each chapter into an 'episode'. There will be an opening and ending theme song for each 'season', and Lance will grow as the story goes on. This is an alternate universe. Things will be a bit different than in the actual Winx Club show becuause of Lance's presence in the story, but I hope you like it anyway ^_^))

((Themesongs subject to change))

Theme song:(Subject to change.) Wondering - Good Charlotte. http://youtube.com/watch?v=fjdo6UBuh4g

Episode 1: Here's the specialists.

Lance. Lance was a normal, human, earth-born child. He had friends, he went to school, and he had a little sister, a mother, and a father. Lance was a bit bored though. He always made make-believe and daydreamed often during his classes. His head was always up in the clouds, and nothing excited him more than video games, comics, and movies about adventure, fighting, and heroics; and of course, the guy always had to get the girl at the end. That was just the way Lance was, just an average, ordinary teenager.

"SCREAAAAAAAACH!" went the car as it tried so desperately to stop before it rammed straight into the fifteen year old Lance Hawkings. Unfortunately, for the boy, he wasn't paying attention to where he was going and the driver was also in a similar state of consciousness. The sports car smacked right into the young boy and sent him flying quite a few feet as he skid on the paved road. The last thing the boy remembered was the sound of footsteps and car horns before he blacked out.

The poor boy looked so young. He had light brown hair, brown eyes, and he had a slender build. He was in shape, but he didn't seem to have much muscle on him at all. The chance of him and his five foot eight inch body surviving such a car crash was close to nothing.

*Fade Out*
*Fade In*

Lance awoke. He was in a hospital bed; that much was certain. He was wearing a hospital gown with bandages wrapped around his head. The poor boy felt like a truck had hit him... He wasn’t too far from the truth. It wasn't too long before his parents rushed into the room. His little sister of thirteen years was there as well, but she was a bit more silent than her over emotional mother.

"Mom?" Lance coughed. He was extremely groggy, and he wasn't quite sure what was going on. "What happened?"

"HE HAS AMNESIA!" His mother bellowed.

"No, honey, I'm sure he just doesn't remember getting hit by a car,” Lance’s, much more calm, father replied. “Especially since eye witnesses said that he wasn't paying attention."

"Yeah! Way to go dork!" His sister shouted. In truth, she was initially worried about her older brother. However, Lance woke up and she reverted to her usual, sisterly, self.

"Hey, shut up. I'm in a hospital bed here. Show some compassion will ya?" Lance said as he rubbed his head. He winced in pain for a bit, but for someone who was hit by a car he wasn't doing too bad. "How long was I out?"

"Honey, you've been out for three months." His mother answered; finally calm enough to speak properly. "I'm just so glad you're alright? I prayed every day..."

"I'm sorry." Lance said as he bowed his head in shame. He didn't like making his mother worry. It wasn’t long, however, until what his mother told him had sunk in. “Th-three months!” he shouted. He clutched his head in pain as his voice called forth his headache once more.

“Honey, don’t panic,” His mother tried to calm him.

"Wh-what about school, isn't that starting soon? I don't even have my books, or my schedule, or...or..."

"We're just glad that you’re safe Lance." His father said. "We can take care of that later."

"Aw, I wanted his room!" His sister whined.

"Be quiet Meagan. Don't mind her Lance, she was worried too," his father chuckled.

"WAS NOT!" Meagan shouted.

Lance laughed a bit and let himself lay back down. He was still worried about school and his run-in with the car, but it was comforting to know that he had parents that loved him. "So, I guess I'm sixteen now..."

*Fade Out*
*Fade In*

A group of boys sat in a park eating food they had purchased from a nearby vendor. One was a well built, blonde boy that could easily pass off as a prince; the other was a brown haired boy that seemed to stick pretty close to the before mentioned blonde; next to him was a red haired youth that seemed to be a bit rough around the edges; and next to him was a boy that seemed to be somewhat nerdy, but well built all the same.

"Okay, Sky, Explain to me why we're here again?" The redhead complained.

"I just wanted to check out where Bloom's from. I may get to know more about her if I know more about her home realm." The blonde answered.

"Yeah, but isn't she from some place called Gardenia or something like that? This place is called New York!" The redhead spat back.

"Come on Riven," The brown haired boy said. "This place is kind of cool, and Sky was probably referring to the people of the realm and their circumstances."

"Shut up Brandon! He just made a mistake with the coordinates and is too proud to admit it!"

The nerdy boy’s shoulders sagged as he sighed. "Come on guys, can't we all just...get along."

Sky laughed a bit at the boy’s comment. "Timmy's right." he said. "Let’s just enjoy this park while we still can. School starts up again soon, and we won't be able to visit places like this very often."

"Yeah," Riven groaned. "I guess you’re right."

Suddenly, off to the right of the group, the boys heard a yell. "Prince Sky! I finally found you!" and with that declaration, needless to say, much screaming ensued via the masses. A giant ogre was right smack dab in the middle of the park, and people tend not to like ogres very much. They tend to be afraid of them, actually. The park was cleared in less than a minute.

"A-and who are you?" Sky asked a bit flustered.

"I was sent to take you and use you for ransom. Your parents will pay a lot of money to get you back!" The ogre happily answered.

Sky smiled. "Oh? I'll have to warn you. I attend red fountain."

"Yeah, we're trained to fight monsters like you." Riven smirked.

"And it is four against one, to fight us would be illogical." Timmy stated as he adjusted his glasses.

"Face it; you’re out of your league buddy." Brandon taunted.

"Ah, but I have magic armor given to me by powerful sorcerer! Nobody can stop Grukash!" Grukash, the ogre, charged the four teens with beastly rage and lashed out at the closest specialist in training. This ogre would be tough to beat.

*Fade Out*
*Fade In*

Lance decided to take a walk to clear his head and eventually came to the area around the park. "That's weird..." He said to himself. "I don't remember walking this far...I feel like I just left the hospital..." To him, time was passing by at an irregular rate. However, that could be due to his head injury, or maybe he was just too deep in thought to notice how far he had actually walked. Nevertheless, the clashing of swords and the battle cries of an ogre fighting four young specialists quickly put those thoughts to rest. "What's that noise?" he asked as he tried to pinpoint where the sounds were coming from.
What he saw when he finally pinpointed the source of the commotion amazed him. "I-I've got to be dreaming this!" He thought to himself. Ogres were supposed to be a myth, but he could not deny that a very large one was standing just a few feet in front of him. "What's going on?"

The ogre knocked Timmy to the ground. He found his gun annoying, and when Riven attacked from behind the armor that the ogre was wearing quickly shocked him. "Come on guys, we need to regroup!" Brandon yelled.

"Right!...uh-oh!" Sky said as the ogre came rushing towards him. Sky would have dodged, but his foot landed and became stuck in a small hole in the park that could have been dug by any number of the creatures that inhabited the area. None of that mattered, however, when a giant ogre was barreling towards you at full throttle.

"W-watch out!" Lance yelled as he found himself running towards the ogre. He jumped and delivered a kick into its side, which did close to nothing in terms of actual damage, but it did cause him to get distracted and lose balance.

"Who are you?" Sky asked.

"Um, I'm Lance, but I don't think that's important now!" Lance said as he jumped back to dodge a rock that the downed ogre tossed at him. "What is that thing?"

"It's an ogre." Timmy answered. "They usually aren't too bright, but they're strong, and they have a lot of brute force. This one is equipped with magic armor."

"Th-this is too much..." Lance said as he felt a dizzy spell coming on. He just got out of the hospital; he was in no condition to take on an ogre. Heck, even when he was in top condition he was in no condition to take on an ogre!

“I get you now!” The ogre charged again, but this time at Lance. He was angry for that kick that prevented him from capturing his prey.

"Not good!" Lance yelled as he jumped out of the way. He took a sloppy fighting stance that he learned in kung-fu. The only problem was that he had not practiced or attended a single martial arts class in two years.

The ogre charged again, but this time, now that the stupid creature was only attacking Lance the specialists were able to do their job. Brandon quickly threw a bola; a rope with two weights attached on each end, and tripped up the ogre as the hunting tool wrapped itself around its legs. After that, the specialists were able to subdue Grukash with a net and a good old-fashioned beating. "G-Grukash...not...lose..." He said as he struggled to get up. Fortunately, before he was able to accomplish anything, Riven placed special cuffs around his forearms that subdued his strength.

"Wh-...I'm...confused." Lance muttered. He fell backwards because of a dizzy spell and decided to sit on the ground for a while.

"I guess we've got some explaining to do," Timmy said.

"Yeah, I guess so," Sky agreed. "Where should we start? Oh, I know. We're not from earth!"

"WHAT!" Lance yelled. His mind was a mess. “Well, that’s an interesting start!”

"Wait, let me explain," Sky said. "We come from another realm, an alternate one... kind of. We attend a school called Redfountain, and it's an all boys school that trains specialists and heroes. Sometimes we go on missions to fight people like Grukash here."

"That... that's amazing." Lance was barely able to stutter. He would usually think such a story was untrue, but with an ogre standing right in front of him, he didn't have any choice but to believe what sky had to say.

"I'm Sky, and these are my friends Brandon, Timmy, and Riven. Those were some pretty awesome moves back there. You seem out of practice, but I can tell that you've had some training."

"Yeah, I used to take kung-fu when I was little."

"Kung-fu?" Riven asked with a cocked eyebrow.

"It’s an ancient Chinese fighting style here on earth,” Lance explained. “It’s good for teaching people how to fight bullies bigger than they are.”

"Oh," Riven said, accepting the answer.

"Wow, that's pretty cool though. Too bad there aren't any schools around here that teach heroes. I'd love to attend one like that." Lance said, half joking.

"Well..." Sky began. "Maybe you can..."

"What!" Came the collective screams of Brandon, Riven, Timmy, and Lance.

"Hear me out guys. This Lance guy is pretty cool, and I think he has what it takes. Bloom came from earth and she got into Alfea. Why can’t we try something similar? Besides, unlike Alfea where you need winx, the specialists have no power requirements. He could get in easily with the skills he has. He'll just have to train a bit harder than everyone else once he gets in and..."

"With us as his tutors..." Timmy interjected.

"It would be a walk in the park!" Brandon finished.

"Whatever. What if Saladine doesn't let Lance in because the people from earth aren't supposed to know about magical creatures." Riven said, trying to think realistically.

"Well, it’s kind of late for that now." Timmy joked.

"Wait, you’re telling me that I can attend Redfountain... a school for heroes and specialists?" Lance asked.

"Yeah, if everything goes well," Sky said.

"Where do I sign?" Lance said enthusiastically.

*Fade Out*

End of episode 1
Ending theme song: This day and age - Second place victory http://youtube.com/watch?v=YivbujnAo5g

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post Aug 23 2007, 1:50 AM
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Cosmix Fairy

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((Oh yeah, reviews are welcome. I would like to know your thoughts on the story, and maybe some suggestions.))

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Anime Princess
post Aug 23 2007, 6:43 AM
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Cosmix Fairy

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wow awsome story icon_smile.gif i realy think it great way better then any of the stories i've ever writen although i prefer to stick to my poetry at the moment ^_^


Sorry i just think its better off this way

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post Aug 24 2007, 1:48 AM
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Cosmix Fairy

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Theme song:(Subject to change.) Wondering - Good Charlotte. http://youtube.com/watch?v=fjdo6UBuh4g

Episode 2: Redfountain

*Fade in*

Lance walked into his family's hotel room alongside his newfound friends. Of course, his mother, father, and sister were present, and he was glad they were. He was so excited he wanted to cut straight to the chase. However, he had to keep that excitement in check, for he was about to tell his family that he wanted to travel to another realm and attend a hero school. They may put him back in the hospital if they heard that!

His mother was the first to notice her son's presence. "Lance, who are your friends?" She asked. She didn't recognize them at all, and she knew all of Lance's friends.

"Hey, mom," Lance began. "I just met these guys at the park."

"Hello ma'am." Sky said cheerfully with a slight bow.

"The park? I want to go!" Meagan whined.

"Next time bring your sister," his father scolded as he got up from the chair he was sitting in to greet Lance’s new friends. "Hello, I'm Mark, Lance's father. It's nice to meet you."

"Hellos sir," Sky greeted. "I'm Sky." He then pointed to his companions. "Starting from left to right, this is Riven, Timmy, and Brandon."

"It's nice to meet you," Lance's mother greeted. "I'm Lance's mother as you might have guessed. My name's Mary and this is Lance's sister, Meagan."

"Hi," Meagan smiled. Her eyes darted between Riven and Sky. It would seem that she had taken a liking to the two.

"Hello," Timmy said with a wave, trying to be friendly.

"Um, now that you know my friends here, I wanted to ask you about something," Lance said with a sheepish smile. He didn’t want to waste any time getting to the point.

"What, do you want them to spend the night?" Mary asked.

"No mom, um, they go to an interesting school, and I wanted to know if I could attend. You know...considering that school hasn't started yet, and I'm not really enrolled yet."

"Where is this school? I hope it isn't far away from home," Mary said. "I hope it isn't a long drive. I doubt your sister wants to switch schools and it may take a while to drive both of you since we only have one car."

Riven chuckled at her 'I hope it isn't far away from home.' comment. Sky tried answering the question as well as he could without giving out too much information at one time. He knew that 'he' would sound crazy if he didn't approach this properly, "It is an all boys school, and it is quite far away. That's okay though, you wouldn't have to drive him. It's something of a boarding school, and he would live there."

"What!” Mary practically yelled. She didn’t want her son to live so far away from home. “ I don't know..."

"Please mom, I really want to go," Lance whined.

"Where is this school?"

"It’s in another dimension," Riven said with a grin. He really wanted to see the look on Mary's face when she heard 'that!'

Silence. One would be able to hear a cricket chirping.

"E-excuse me?" She asked, quite stunned. Mary wasn’t quite sure that she heard him correctly.

"Lance's new friend is crazy..." Meagan mumbled to herself.

"Um, yeah," Lance said sheepishly. "It's in a world called Magix they said. It’s a school for specialists and heroes."

"You're kidding," Lance's dad frowned. Any way you look at it, there’s no way that’s possible.

"No sir," Sky smiled. "It's the best school in all the realms. Your son showed a lot of potential today when he helped us fight an ogre. I'd like..." Sky couldn't finish his sentence.

"WHAT!" came the collective yell in the room.

"MY baby fought a what?" Mary squeaked.

"Ogre's don't exist." Meagan said with a sigh.

"Our son just got out of the hospital, and you’re making up stories about him fighting ogres? I'm sorry, but this isn't funny," Mark said with a stern voice.

Sky sighed. He knew that they might not believe him, but it was still annoying. "Timmy, you have the footage we asked you to take right?"

"Yeah, right here," Timmy said as he took a small disk out from his pocket. He pressed a button and a hologram of the ogre they had defeated earlier appeared. "This is the ogre we fought. His name is Grukash. We don't know who sent him, but he said he was after Sky."

"Why would he be after a young boy?" Mary asked.

"I am the prince of a planet called Araklyon. They probably wanted money," Sky explained.

"Oh...” Mary said as her voice trailed off. Anyone could tell that she was having a bad case of information overload. “I'd like ... to...see this school..."

"You've got to be kidding?" Meagan asked. "You believe this stuff?"

"We prepared for that. Will you come out side please? The trip should take no longer than a few minutes if we hurry." Brandon said.

"O-okay," Mary said as she followed Sky, Lance, and the specialists outside. Mark and Meagan followed in silence, they were too busy thinking about the story they were told. Once they came outside, one of Redfountain's ships lowered and the panel door hatch opened.

"This ship is owned by our school, but we're allowed to take it out from time to time," Brandon explained. "Timmy rigged it with a remote control so we can hide it from realms that don't have knowledge of worlds other than their own."

"Watch your step." Riven grinned with a mock bow as he gestured for everyone to enter the ship. He was loving the looks on Lance's family’s faces. After everyone boarded, the ship took to the air and entered the Magix realm portal.

"Man, I wish Stella was here," Brandon said.

"Oh boy," Riven said with a sigh. "Not this again."

"No, I mean she could have just teleported us with her ring," Brandon embellished, trying to save himself from Riven's constant mockery.

"Riiiiight," Sky mocked in Riven's place.

"Oh, and you don't wish Bloom was here? Come on!" Brandon snapped.

"Hey hey, just kidding man," Sky chuckled.

"Who's Bloom and Stella?" Meagan asked. She really only wanted to know whom Bloom was, but she didn't want to be obvious.

"Stella is Brandon's girlfriend and Bloom is Sky's girlfriend," Riven explained. "The fairy school's really close to Redfountain."

"Fairy school?" Mary asked.

"Yeah, it's called Alfea," Timmy explained. "Like Redfountain, Alfea is the best school for fairies and young girls who want to master their winx."

"Winx?" Meagan questioned. "What's that?"

"Winx is a fairy’s source of power I guess you could say," Brandon explained. "Stella is the princess of Solaria, and she tends to use sun power. Winx is unique to each person."

"Do you have winx?" Mark asked.

"No," Sky answered with his usual smile. "Winx is particular to magic users and the like. We specialists only use our skill, tools, and wits to accomplish our missions. We actually accompany the Alfea girls on many of their missions to aid them in their quests. We don't rely on winx, and quite frankly, we're better trained for combat."

"Okay, one more question," Mary asked. "We aren't the richest family in the world. We aren't royalty, and we are middle class at best. How are we going to afford this, and do other realms accept American currency?"

"No need to worry ma'am," Sky said with a smile. "My father, the king of Araklyon, is extremely influential at Redfountain, and he offers scholarships to gifted young men who don't have the money to afford Redfountain’s expensive tuition but have the skill to excel. I can get Lance here a scholarship with a simple phone call."

"Sweet!" Lance cheered.

"He will be learning subjects other than combat right? What about math, English, history..." Mark trailed of as he tried to think of more subjects.

"Redfountain teaches those as well, but I'll warn you, we don't teach earth's history," Timmy laughed. "But Redfountain trains well-rounded specialists, and we learn all of the important subjects."

"Oh...I see."

*Fade Out*
*Fade In*

The group arrived at Redfountain and got off the ship. Saladine was already there, ironically, and that saved everyone a lot of time. Saladine walked up to the group and immediately began to talk in his sage like voice.

"Sky, Brandon, Timmy, and Riven. We received the ogre you sent to us today. I am sorry to report that we do not yet know who sent him, but we are investigating. He is being held in captivity, and he will be sent to be tried in two days...who are they?" He asked, finally noticing Lance and his family.

"This is Lance, Mark, Mary, and Meagan. We...kind of picked them up from earth..." Sky said as he pointed to each member of Lance’s family as he stated their names. He didn't think this part through.

"Excuse me? Are you trying to tell me that you went to earth realm and took some of its inhabitants to the realm of Magix? You do know that is taboo don't you? This is very serious," Saladine lectured. "Your punishment can be extreme, expulsion even!"

"Wait," Sky said as he put his hands up in front of him as though to ward off Saladine. "Let me explain. Lance here already saw the ogre!"

"...Then...I guess it can't be helped,” Saladine sighed as he turned around to head towards Redfountain. “It's not like you had the proper equipment to mind wipe them..."

"Mind wipe!" Mary shrieked.

"Wait, Saladine, Lance helped us beat the ogre!" Sky spoke up in a hurry.

"Excuse me?" Saladine asked as he stopped mid-step.

"The guy's got talent," Riven said as he gestured to himself with his thumb. "He's not as strong as we are, but hey, we're the top specialists in our class, not too many are."

"Right...anyway," Brandon said, brushing off Riven's gloating. "Lance here has skill, and he seems to have the intuition required to be a specialist."

"And the courage," Sky said.

"He's pretty strong for someone of his slender frame, and he just got out of the hospital too," Riven added.

"He has a good head on his shoulders," Timmy added.

"What are you trying to propose?" Saladine asked as he raised an eyebrow.

"Lance should attend Redfountain!" Sky exclaimed.

"I was afraid that was what you were getting at. I don’t know... It is taboo to allow people from realms like earth into our realm...and I doubt he could pay. I hate to bring money into this, but..." Saladine began. It wasn't that he didn't like Lance, but he was frightened that the rest of Magix wouldn't allow it.

"Alfea allowed Bloom to attend their school, and I can hook him up with a scholarship," Sky explained.

Mark was silent up to this point. He was in awe, and he really didn't want Lance to be so far away from home. However, he did not want to deny his son anything, and he didn't like it when other people denied his son. "Why don't you talk to my son? Shouldn't you meet him before you pass judgment?"

"D-dad!" Lance shouted. He couldn't believe that his father was trying to argue with the headmaster of Redfountain.

Saladine looked at Mark, and then he looked at Lance. He hesitated for a bit and finally said, "Do you want to attend Redfountain boy?" he asked.

Lance was intimidated, but he really wanted to go to a school that taught specialists and heroes. He wanted to go on missions, fight evil, and do things he only dreamed about before. "Yes sir," he answered.

"It's hard. It is extremely dangerous as well."

"Oh, my baby!" Mary shouted as she tried to move forward. Mark grabbed her arm and signaled for her to wait with a shake of his head.

"I want to attend Redfountain. I'll do my best...sir," Lance responded.

"You have a weak frame."

"I used to study a fighting style from my realm, sir. I'll train my body back into proper fighting condition," Lance said as he tried to build confidence. His eyes began to show his determination.

"It's hard," Saladine repeated.

"I know, sir, you already told me that," Lance said.

Saladine smiled. "Okay, Lance, you’re in. However, we will monitor you, and we will be watching you closely. Keep your nose clean."

"Y-yes sir!" Lance smiled as he shook his head excitedly.

"YES!" Riven exclaimed as he threw his fist into the air.

Everyone looked at him with amused gazes. "Kind of excited there, aren'tcha Riven," Brandon said with a smirk.

"Shut up," Riven muttered as he crossed his arms and looked away from the group in defiance and embarrassment.

"MY BABY!" Mary cried.

"Do your best Lance," Mark congratulated.

"Hey, can I have your room?" Meagan asked, seemingly happy to get rid of her older brother.

"No," Lance deadpanned.


*Fade Out*

End of Episode: 2

Ending theme song: This day and age - Second place victory http://youtube.com/watch?v=YivbujnAo5g

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post Aug 28 2007, 4:40 AM
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Cosmix Fairy

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awsome story so far icon_smile.gif i was reading the last episode while i was supost to be cleaning my room lol ^_^


Sorry i just think its better off this way

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post Aug 28 2007, 5:25 AM
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Cosmix Fairy

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((LOL, I wrote this when I was supposed to be listening to my teachers lecture. But he's teaching stuff that I already know! I'm an acro employed contracted QA tester for THQ. I know how the testers, programers and devs work together, lol.

Also, thanks for posting, it really helps out. Your the only one that posts, lol. Anyway, any suggestions? ))

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post Aug 28 2007, 5:36 AM
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Cosmix Fairy

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i wonder if anyone else has actualy read it ^_^ and sorry i dont have any sugestions ^_^ (i like this smily now lol ^_^)


Sorry i just think its better off this way

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post Aug 28 2007, 5:48 AM
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Cosmix Fairy

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lol. Well tell them to read it, lol.

Anyway. The story will get even more interesting later on. This story starts at the beginning of season 2.))

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post Aug 28 2007, 5:52 AM
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Cosmix Fairy

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(^_^ i look forward to reading it oh yea you should check out my poetry if you havent and tell me what you think ^_^)


Sorry i just think its better off this way

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post Aug 28 2007, 6:06 AM
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Cosmix Fairy

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((I read it. I like it, some times it is sad, but it is well written and catchy.))

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post Aug 28 2007, 6:08 AM
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Cosmix Fairy

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(^_^ i've still got a fair bit more poetry lol i think i've writen over 20 poems most of them i write when i'm sad)


Sorry i just think its better off this way

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Cosmix Fairy

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i read it. so far its going good. no suggestions you are doing fine


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Cosmix Fairy

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Theme song:(Subject to change.) Wondering - Good Charlotte. http://youtube.com/watch?v=fjdo6UBuh4g

Episode 3: Dances with fairies.

*Fade in*

Lance already said goodbye to his parents and it was his first day of class. He felt a bit uncomfortable wearing the Redfountain uniform. He wasn't used to wearing such things and he felt that it was hugging his less-than-impressive form a little too tightly. It freaked him out; everyone that attended Redfountain was in perfect shape. Lance knew that, with training, he would eventually get the figure the other guys had, but right now he felt extremely self conscious about his physical appearance. It seemed as though he was the odd man out. The cape was kind of cool though.

"Hey Lance, what's up?" Brandon asked. He just came from the dorms and jogged a bit to catch up with his new friend.

"Hey Brandon...I...I'm lost," Lance laughed as he scratched the back of his head in embarrassment.

"Don't worry about that. This place is pretty big," Brandon comforted Lance. "Our first class is homeroom, so you can come with me. Stay close to me, Sky, or Timmy for a while until you learn this place."

"What about Riven?"

"Ha! Good one...oh, you’re serious. I guess you could follow him around, but I have a feeling he'd get annoyed after a while."

"R-right..." Lance hadn't known Riven for long, but he knew him enough to understand that he had a short fuse.

"Anyway, let’s go." Brandon said as he headed towards homeroom.

"Okay," Lance nodded as he followed Brandon.

*Fade Out*
*Fade In*

Lance stood in class. Homeroom had ended and he was attending his very first physical education class. In front of him stood an obstacle course from hell, seriously, Lance had never seen such a dangerous death trap before in his life. There were traps upon traps, ledges, pitfalls, and he could have sworn that he saw some sort of exploding device somewhere in the distance. His teacher was really intimidating as well. He originally thought the students had great body builds, but this teacher put them all to shame.

"I am Professor Codatorta. I am here to whip you pups into shape! This here is a light workout obstacle course of my own design that I created to find out how much you remember from last year! New students don't let your guard down. I can't guarantee your safety!" The man said with bravo. After his last comment, he began to laugh.

"L-light workout," Lance thought to himself in disbelief. He was really beginning to feel a sinking feeling in his stomach. Not to mention that every alarm in his head was warning him that the obstacle course ahead was extremely dangerous and that he should run away at full throttle!

"Who wants to go first?" Codatorta asked as he puffed out his chest. Lance could tell that this guy was very proud of his physical form.

"I'll go," Riven said with a grin. "Someone's gotta show these ladies how it's done."

"Right, show us how it’s done Riven," Brandon said with mock sarcasm. "That way we can learn what 'not' to do."

"Whatever man, I'm gonna have the best time here," Raven sneered. It seemed that Brandon always knew what buttons to press with Riven. If it weren’t for Sky acting as the groups mediator Riven probably would have jumped him by now.

"Then please step up Riven! Show the rest of the lot how it's done!" Codatorta shouted.

Riven stepped up to the beginning of the course, and on his teacher's mark took off down the obstacle course. Lance was right; the course was a giant death trap! He didn't notice, but his mouth was hanging wide open as he watched Riven bob and weave in-between the traps as though it were child’s play. It was something out of a video game or an action movie! When he reached a certain point of the course lasers started firing at him! One tagged him on the shoulder, but it would seem that Riven was strong enough to brush it off and finish the course.

Lance noticed that every specialist found a different way through the course. Riven had a brash 'fight your way through,' style to get to the end. Sky relied more on pure skill and he seemed to move a bit more gracefully than Riven. Brandon was a mix between the two before him. Timmy... well, Timmy gave Lance hope. It would seem that physical might and endurance was not the only way to get through the course. Timmy somehow found a way to tap into the courses programming and force the lasers to misfire. That isn't to say that Timmy didn't display any strength or endurance, but he tended to think his way out of most of the situations instead of taking them head on like the other guys did.

"You’re up!" Codatorta yelled as he pointed to Lance.

"Huh, me sir?" Lance asked, hoping that his voice didn’t crack. He was still quite afraid of the obstacle course that he oh-so-lovingly named 'The Death Trap.'

"Yes, you, Hurry it up! We have plenty more students to test today. I don't want an earth-born pup to slow things down!" Codatorta yelled like a drill sergeant and poked Lance’s chest with his index finger.

"Y-yes sir!" Lance shouted as he stood in attention. It was his turn to take on 'The Death Trap.'

"Ready?" Codatorta asked.

"Yes sir!" Lance shouted.

"GO!" The scary teacher man yelled.

Lance ran headstrong into the fray as he prepared himself mentally for the first obstacle. It should be easy enough; all he had to do was climb a rope. He used to do that all the time when he was taking the martial arts. Unfortunately, he wasn't as strong as he used to be, and his arms felt like they were on fire before he even reached the top. Through hard work and pure strength of will, he made it though. As he dropped to the bottom, he flinched as his feet made contact with the solid ground. It may not have been a good idea to jump from that height, but after he saw a laser beam fly where he stood just a moment ago, he was grateful he jumped when he did.

After the rope, there were many logs swinging back and forth. Lance, with his small frame was able to weave in and out pretty easily, but his stamina was beginning to run out on him. He was having trouble regulating his breathing patterns and he was practically sprinting to dodge all of the logs. Regrettably, for him, the lasers came next... and that was the end. Lance was fried. He was a crispy critter; he had no more energy left and was zapped until he couldn't even stand anymore. Sky and the others cringed as they watched their friend fall to the ground in pain and anguish. Codatorta quickly stopped the lasers and waved down some of the students to carry Lance to the sidelines. Lance looked at his teacher as he passed by and caught a glimpse of Codatorta shaking his head in shame. Lance also lowered his head in embarrassment. He was beginning to think that he wouldn't make it at his new school.

The boys placed Lance onto a bench against a wall so that he could sit the rest of gym class out. They felt bad for him that he was in such a pathetic state, but what little respect they once had for the new earth-boy all but vanished. Lance kept his head lowered as the boys walked off to take their places in gym class once again. Lance was so depressed that he almost didn't notice that they had placed him next to another boy. This boy sported long, black hair that he kept in a ponytail hung over his shoulder. The boy was sketching something in a sketchpad, and Lance had gotten a glimpse at what he was drawing. It was just a simple landscape, but the drawing looked so real Lance felt as though he could jump into the picture.

"Wow," Lance said as he leaned over a bit to get a better look. A burning pain enveloped his entire body so that was all he could muster. "That's awesome. I thought I was good, but you're at a completely different level!"

The boy that was silent up until now glanced at Lance and then looked back at his drawing. He didn't stop sketching but he asked, "You have an interest in art?"

"Yeah," Lance answered, trying not to move too much. "I always took art as an elective in the school I used to attend."

"Really?" The boy asked as he continued to work on his sketch. "It's good to have someone I can talk to. I don't really fit in here. Not my type of crowd."

"Oh?" Lance asked.

"Yeah, my grandfather wants me to come here, but I'm something of a pacifist. I don't like fighting," Helia said. He definitely had a look of disdain on his face when he mentioned fighting.

"Oh...heh, I guess we are a bit different then," Lance laughed. He immediately stopped once he realized that laughter was, in fact, ‘not’ the best medicine when laser burns were involved. The boy stopped drawing and looked at Lance in confusion.

"I like fighting," Lance said to answer the boy’s unspoken question.

"Oh." The boy frowned in response.

"Hey, don't get the wrong impression. I love fighting, but I hate hurting people."

"It goes hand in hand," the boy continued to frown.

"Not necessarily,” Lance tried to explain. “I used to spar with my friends back home. Sometimes there would be accidents, but for the most part no one ever got hurt. I like fighting because of the art."

"Art? Fighting is barbaric. If people just talked things out..."

"Back home there's a martial art called Shaolin kung-fu.” Lance said to cut the boy off. He had already heard that argument before. It was the most common argument used by any self respecting pacifist. “Originally it began as a dance, but became a fighting style after the Shaolin Monks were being attacked by bandits. They were able to protect themselves with their art form."

"Really? Hmm...a fighting style that originated as a dance," The boy said hesitantly as he stroked his chin in thought.

"The Shaolin Monks were peaceful, and they didn't want to hurt anyone. They preferred to fight with staves because they are non-lethal weapons. They were pacifists as well," Lance said with a smile.

"Hmm. Heh, you're an interesting person,” The boy smiled for the first time. “I'll believe in what you say for now, you don't seem to be a bad person. I'm Helia."

"Hi, Helia. I'm Lance.” Lance tried to nod as some sort of a short bow but his body rejected him. He pretty much decided to give up on moving at this point.

"Oh, so you're the one my grandfather was talking about!" Helia exclaimed as his smile grew larger.

"Huh, grandfather?"

"Saladine," Helia stated simply.

"..." Lance was silent. Saladine and Helia were completely different. Helia was a pacifist and Saladine was the headmaster of a school that trained young men how to fight. It took him a while to wrap his mind around the thought of the two and their relationship with each other.

"Hello?" Helia said, trying to get a reaction out of Lance.

"Oh, sorry, kind of spaced out there for a second,” Lance said as he snapped back to reality. “You don't seem to be anything like your grandfather."

"We aren't anything alike. He wants me to follow in his footsteps, but I'm not too into it,” Helia said as he stood up to walk away. “Anyway, class is over. I'll see you later Lance. It was a pleasure meeting you."

"Likewise," Lance said in response to Helia's goodbye. Lance was rather thrown back by Helia's comment about fighting, but he figured Helia was a good person at heart. They just saw things from two different perspectives.

"Hey Lance!" Timmy called as he ran to the earth-born specialist.

"What's up?" he asked.

"Phys. ed. is over. Saladine is calling everyone to the mess hall. He has an announcement," Timmy answered as he extended his hand to help Lance up from his seated position. Lance was more than happy for the help.

"Oh, okay. Let's go," Lance nodded as he and Timmy left in the direction of the main school building.

*Fade Out*
*Fade In*

The students of Redfountain gathered in the mess hall just as Timmy said, and Saladine was standing in front of everyone on top of something that resembled a stage so that everyone could see him. Codatorta stood next to Saladine, and other members of the faculty were on stage as well. Saladine cleared his voice to get everyone’s attention, and then he spoke.

"Students of Redfountain!” he said with pride and vigor. “It would seem that Ms. Faragonda has invited us back to Alfea for their ‘back-to-school dance.’ Let's show them the chivalry of Redfountain and present them with gifts that will make all of the students returning to Alfea completely forget about last year's gifts!"

"Of course," Codatorta added. "That means you boys will be on your best behavior. Anyone that acts out will have to answer to me!"

"Yes, thank you Codatorta. I'm sure that we won't have to worry about that,” Saladine said as he waved his hand to calm down the overzealous instructor. “Now will we boys?"

"NO SIR!" They replied in unison.

Lance and his friends stood amongst the group and they began talking amongst themselves. In fact, the entire student body was bustling with excited conversation. The students of Redfountain enjoyed the back-to-school dance just as much as the students of Alfea did!

"Alright!" Sky cheered. "A chance to see Bloom again!"

"I wonder if Tecna will want to dance," Timmy squirmed as he thought aloud.

"I think I'll sit this one out," Lance said with a sigh as he turned a downward gaze to the floor.

"What? No way man!" Brandon argued. "You have to go! It isn't exactly like we get a chance to socialize with Alfea’s students every day!"

"But, all I have are my casual clothes." Lance explained, trying to get out of the whole shindig.

"Heh, don't worry. We’re required to wear our uniforms." Riven said with a sly grin.

"You're going too?” Lance asked in bewilderment. “Dances don't seem like your thing."

"Well, you know...I just feel like it," Riven said as he looked away from Lance.

"He just wants to hang out with Musa," Brandon teased. "Seriously though, you should really go. You never know. You might meet someone!"

Lance continued to stare at the floor and suddenly found his feet to be extremely interesting. "Icndnce," he mumbled.

"What was that?" Brandon asked as he cupped his hand behind his ear so that he could hear better..

"I...can't dance." Lance repeated in a quiet yet barely audible voice.

"Heh, so you're just shy then," Riven snickered as he patted Lance on the back. Lance cringed in pain and let out a small yelp as soon as his palm made contact. “Uh, sorry dude.”

"Shut up!” Lance yelled as he rubbed his back. “I never really talked to girls back home, and dancing was never my thing..."

"Hey, come on. You don't have to dance," Sky stated as he gently placed his hand on Lance’s shoulder. He was a bit more mindful of Lance’s burn wounds. "Just go and make your presence known. Get yourself out there and have a good time!"

"Besides, we could introduce you to a few girls," Brandon said. "Coincidentally, Sky, Riven, Timmy and yours truly are sent on more co-op missions with Alfea than any other group here."

"Well, we get paired up with one group of girls in particular," Sky added with a smile.

"Heh, yeah! You could say that we have good chemistry with each other." Timmy added.

"Really?" Lance asked. "I didn't realize that Redfountain was that close with Alfea. It is called Alfea right?"

"Yeah, It's called Alfea," Riven said. "Look, just go. If anything else, standing next to you will make me look that much better."

"Wow." Lance said. "You're a jerk."

"Heh," Riven chuckled. "Just kidding man... Okay, not really, but still..."

Lance laughed a bit. "Fine, fine, I'll go."

"Hey, Saladine's naming the group that's going to be presenting the gifts," Sky said.

"Gifts?" Lance asked quizzically.

"We give the girls little presents every year. Last year we presented the gifts,” Sky explained as he motioned to Brandon, Riven, Timmy, and himself. “They were enchanted eggs. When they opened, magic butterflies of light flew around for a little while."

"Cool..." Lance said as he tried to imagine what that must have looked like. He was really in a world of magic now, and he would have to get used to it.

Saladine cleared his voice. "Okay. That’s enough talking amongst yourselves. I know everyone is excited, but now I will announce who will be presenting the gifts. We're going to let some of the younger students do it this year. Therefore, this year Kraven, Derek, Kyousuke, and Demitri will be presenting the gifts. Please come to the gym for preparations. We'll leave later tonight, so meet back here at eighteen hundred ours. That is all."

"Okay, let’s go back to the dorm," Sky suggested.

"Yeah, there's nothing left to do here," Riven agreed.

"Right," Brandon stated.

"Sure thing," Sky added.

"...sure..." Lance sulked as he and his group turned around to leave for the dorms. He was in deep thought, he was nervous, he was extremely shy around girls, he was already self-conscious about himself in his new uniform, and to make matters worse he was thoroughly embarrassed earlier during physical education. That day was beginning to turn into a nightmare, and he just wanted to crawl into bed and fall asleep. He trusted his newfound friends, however, and he wanted to make as many new friends as possible. Maybe he would have a good time...or maybe he would completely embarrass himself and have to wear a paper bag over his face for the rest of his life. Either way, he would have to face the Alfea girls eventually, especially if Redfountain ever decided to assign him a co-op mission.

*Fade Out*
*Fade In*

Lance got ready for the dance. Of course, he showered and changed his uniform. After he was lasered to kingdom come, he was not in the appropriate formal dance cleanliness condition. Actually, after being lasered he didn't feel like going to the dance at all. He still felt like his body was on fire. Sky told him that the pain would go away after a good night's rest, but instead of resting, he caved and decided to go to the dance. Lance’s mind meditated heavily on these facts as the as the Redfountain boys were on their way to Alfea and let out a long, drawn out sigh.

"What's wrong?" Sky asked.

"I just feel so out of it. I don't want to whine, but my body aches all over," Lance answered, truthfully.

"Don't worry, just take it easy and you'll be fine," Brandon said in an attempt to comfort Lance.

"Besides, it isn't like you're going to dance much," Riven said. "You said it yourself, you can't dance. That means that you probably won't be put into a position where you would have to move around."

"Wow that almost seemed as if you were trying to comfort me," Lance smiled.

"I have my moments," Riven beamed with a huge grin.

"Anyway, let’s just have a good time!" Timmy cheered. He was far more excited about this year’s dance than he was last year’s. In fact, he had Lance’s mindset last year and he didn’t look forward to the dance at all.

"Hey, wait, isn't that guy coming?" Lance asked as he turned his head to look for someone in the crowd that marched to Alfea.

"What guy?" asked Sky.

"Helia. I met him after I had to sit out of class," Lance answered as he continued his investigation.

"Oh, him," Riven said in disdain. "That guy is so anti-social! He thinks he's better than us, I just know it."

"Wow, he didn't seem too bad to me," Lance said in disbelief.

"Riven, he's just a little out of place. I don't even think he wants to be a specialist," Sky said. "Anyway, he isn't coming. Unfortunately, he ‘is’ a bit anti-social. He's a great artist though."

"Yeah, the landscape he was drawing was awesome. It made me want to start drawing more," Lance said enthusiastically.

"I didn't know you could draw," Brandon stated.

"Yeah, a little. I'm nowhere near his level though."

"Hey guys, we’re almost there." Timmy said, alerting the boys that they were arriving at their destination.

*Fade Out*
*Fade In*

Lance tagged along with Sky and the others as they entered the girls' school. Music was playing full blast and they were obviously prepared for the boys' arrival. It wasn't long before a group of girls approached the Lance’s group. Lance tried his best not to blush and cursed his natural shy nature. Their dresses all complimented their natural beauty, and they seemed to be somewhat color coordinated in their outfits. Lance didn't know why he felt that way, but that's the way he felt, as though those colors represented those girls in some way... and he was right. They were all, in his eyes, quite beautiful. Once he thought about it logically though, legends always described fairies as beautiful girls, so this made sense to him. However, that didn't make him feel any less uncomfortable.

"Hey Sky, what's up?" A red haired girl asked enthusiastically.

"Hello Bloom, you look absolutely beautiful today." Sky greeted. Bloom smiled and thanked him for his compliment. Lance watched as the boys greeted their girlfriends. He was somewhat lost in thought, and he was beginning to worry that Sky and the others would soon leave him alone. Hearing one of the girls mention him quickly snapped him out of his depressing state of mind, however.

"Who's your friend?" A girl with tanned skin, caramel colored hair, and emerald eyes asked. Lance couldn't help but blush when he felt that all eyes were on him. He mentally winced and swore to fix that shy nature of his as soon as possible.

Sky put his hand on Lance's shoulder and said, "This here is Lance Hawkings. He just joined Redfountain this year and... get this, he's from earth!"

"What? That is so cool! I'm from earth too Lance," Bloom said with a lot of enthusiasm. She was quite excited that there was someone from earth in Magix other than her.

"Yeah, that's really cool, but how'd someone from earth find his way to Magix?" A black haired girl with pigtails asked.

"The same way Bloom got here Musa, we brought him," Riven said as he puffed out his chest in an obvious attempt to show off.

"Hey, isn't it against the rules to let people from earth know about the other realms?" A girl with long blonde haire asked. Lance didn't know why, but everyone was giving her some pretty intense stares.

"What?" She asked, genuinely curious.

"Stella, didn't Bloom get here because you let ‘her’ know about Alfea?" A girl with short, maroon hair asked.

"Yeah, but that was totally different Tecna! The girl had Winx!" Stella retorted as she threw her hands into the air.

"Hey, don't let his looks fool you," Brandon said. "This guy took on an Ogre!"

“Wow, that's really amazing," The tanned girl praised. Lance tried his best to keep eye contact. He was so shy he had a lot of trouble looking girls in the eye, but it would be rude not to, and Lance was brought up to be polite.

"He's over exaggerating. I only helped to distract the ogre. Sky and the others are the ones who really took it down," Lance said with a sheepish smile.

"You kicked it man!" Riven said as he crossed his arms. "Not too many people have the guts to kick an ogre."

"Someone of his body frame shouldn't be able to do much to an ogre." Tecna said as she mentally analyzed Lance.

"He kicked the ogre," Timmy said. "He didn't hurt it much. However, due to the forward momentum of the ogre and the angle of Lance's jump kick combined with earth's normal gravity; he ‘was’ able to throw the ogre completely off balance."

"Oh, I see," Tecna said in realization. "I didn't take that into account."

"That was very courageous," The tanned girl said. "I don't think too many people would try to fight an ogre."

Sky looked at Lance, then at the tanned girl, and then back at Lance. It was then that a little devious plan began to formulate in his head. "Hey Flora, will you keep Lance company. He doesn't know anyone here and..."

"Hey Sky, I don't want her to have to baby sit me all day,” Lance interrupted in an attempt to stop Sky’s evil plan. He knew exactly what his friend was trying to do. “I'm sure she would want to enjoy the dance and not take care of me."

"Oh, I don't mind at all," Flora said with a smile.

"A-are you sure?" Lance asked. "I mean, I'm sure you would have more fun hanging out with your friends."

"All of my friends will be hanging out with their boyfriends,” Flora explained. “I wouldn't mind having someone to talk too."

"You heard her Lance," Brandon said, patting Lance's shoulder.

"Don't try to make up any more excuses," Riven added.

"There is no logical reason for you to not accept Flora's company," Timmy said as he grinned and adjusted his glasses.

"Just have fun!" Sky said, patting Lance's other shoulder.

"R-right," Lance said with a weak smile. It wasn't that he didn't want to hang out with Flora, he was just too shy.
"Wow," He thought to himself. "I'm pathetic. How did I survive for this long without talking to girls...?” Lance couldn't think for too long though, Sky and the others had already left. Soon, only Flora was standing next to him. "Wow, I really need to stop zoning out," He continued his mental dialogue. "When did they leave...? I have absolutely nothing to say... wait! ...Nope, nothing."

"Do you want to get something to drink?" Flora asked. It was a simple question, but Lance ran a million different answers through his brain before choosing.

"Uh...sure," He finally decided on.

"Okay, follow me," Flora smiled. Lance did as he was told and followed her in silence.

To tell everyone the truth, this entire scenario is an embarrassing endeavor that most young teenagers have probably been through in some form or the other. Flora was naturally introverted and Lance was extremely shy. Not much conversation went on between the two of them. Everything Lance thought of saying he was too scared to say, and Flora didn't want to talk too much. She didn't know Lance at all.

"So, why did you decide to go to Redfountain?" Flora asked, trying to break the ice.

"I...was bored, I think..." Lance said, trying to put his thoughts into tangible sentences.

"Bored?" Flora asked, quite confused.

"Yeah, earth is boring. I guess if anyone was given the choice to live in a world of magic or a world of... I don’t know... plain, every day, living. I guess they would naturally take the most exciting route," Lance said. "I just wanted to break free from my every day routine I guess."

"Oh, I see. Do you like it here?" Flora asked.

"Y-yeah." Lance semi-lied. He felt like the odd man out since he came to Magix, and that meant that he was constantly at a state of unease.

"That's good. Have you been to Magix yet?" She asked.

"I thought we were in Magix..." Lance answered, suddenly unsure of the information that Sky and the others gave him.

"Well, the planet we're on is called Magix, but there is a city of Magix as well. Have you been to the city?"

"No, not yet," Lance said as he scratched the back of his head. He was feeling uneasy again. He didn't like talking about himself too much, it made him feel like he was self centered. "I actually just came here a few days ago...what about you. When did you start coming to Alfea?"

"I've been here since my freshman year," Flora answered. "That's also when I met Bloom, Stella, and the others."

"Oh, that's nice..."

Silence; Yeah, they had a conversation going...but they lost it. Lance wanted to keep the focus on Flora. This may be a bit selfish, but he much rather learn more about her then talk about himself.

"Sky told me that each fairy had her own Winx,” Lance started in a weak attempt to get the conversation going again. “And that Winx was something specific to a fairy and reflected her personality in a way. If you don't mind me asking, what's your Winx?"

Flora smiled. If there was one thing any fairy worth her salt could talk about, that was her Winx. Winx is unique to its master, and only its master can fully understand it.

"My specialty is plant life," Flora answered.

"Plant life?" Lance asked.

"Yes. From a fighting standpoint, I prefer to use my Winx to ask nature to defend my friends and myself. From a less threatening stand point, I can hear the voice of nature and nature, in turn, responds to my Winx."

"The voice of nature?" Lance asked, intrigued.

"Oh yes, nature is alive, and for those that listen it has a lot of things to say," Flora said with a smile and a nod.

"Wow...I was always told that plants were living things, but I guess I never looked at it that way. The voice of nature huh, can anyone pick that up or is it unique to your Winx?"

"Oh, anybody can hear it, but it’s a lot more than just using your ears. Sometimes it is a feeling you get in your heart. So most people become desensitized to nature's voice. Tecna especially had a hard time learning how to communicate with nature...she still does actually,” Flora said as she brought her hand up to her mouth to hide her small chuckle.

"That's really cool. I'm from the city, so I don't know much about wild life. I've never even been camping before," Lance smiled, somewhat embarrassed. He always wanted to go camping, but his family wasn't the camping type. They needed technology like a fish needs water.

"Really? The city is fun to visit every now and again, but the nature is my home. My realm is a very green place."

"I..." Lance started to speak, finally enjoying the conversation. However, another Redfountain student cut him off.

"Hey, want to dance?" A random Redfountain student that Lance didn’t recognize asked Flora. It was bound to happen eventually, Flora was a very pretty girl.

"No thank you, I'm talking to my friend," Flora answered, politely. Lance smiled a bit without even realizing it. He had made a new friend. When he considered someone a friend, it was always easier to talk, girl or not.

"What? Laser Magnet Lance?" The boy laughed. "You've got to be kidding me?" Lance flinched at his new nickname.

"Laser Magnet Lance?" Flora asked in confusion.

"Yeah, today in gym class Codatorta had us run through an obstacle course. Laser Magnet here was the only one who couldn't complete it, and he got pelted with so many lasers it was painful to watch! I mean, look at him. He's really skinny, he's only about five-eight in height, and he has no clue as to how things work around here,” the Redfountain student continued to laugh. "If I were you I wouldn't hang out with him, you may get a bad rep."

Lance’s eyes narrowed in anger. He would have retaliated, but he knew that the guy was right. Flora frowned. "I'm sorry, but I much rather spend my time with him than you. Physical appearance doesn't matter. It's what's on the inside that counts, and from what you just showed me he's a much better individual than you."

"Wow, she's a nice girl," Lance thought as his anger subsided.

"You've got to be kidding me?" The bully of a student practically yelled.

"No, please leave me alone," Flora said as she turned away to make her point.

"After what you just said?" The bully cracked as he took a step forward.

"HEY!" Lance snapped, tired of being silent up until that point. His anger made him forget his shy nature as he stepped forward to get in between him and Flora.

"Can it Laser Magnet!"

"You aren't that smart are you? Saladine told us to treat these girls with respect!" Lance hissed in a hushed voice.

"What, you're going to snitch on me?" The boy asked.

"No, I won't have to. Codatorta can see you from here," Lance said, pointing in Codatorta's position in the crowd.

In fact, Codatorta just happened to look in their general direction, but he wasn't really looking at anything in particular. Lance knew that, but he had succeeded in making the bully paranoid. "I'll see you in combat class," The bully said in a hushed, but angry tone before storming off. Lance had been holding his breath the entire ten seconds it took for the bully to leave. In reality that wasn't a very long time, but to Lance it seemed like forever.

"Thank you," He heard Flora say.

"Huh? For what?" Lance asked. He didn't think that he did anything worth being thanked for.

"He was getting a little too close, and I don't like fighting too much. Especially, since it would have spoiled the dance for everyone,” Flora explained. “But you got him to leave, so thank you. I think you'll do just fine at Redfountain Lance. I think you have a very good heart."

"T-thank you," Lance stuttered. That was probably the greatest compliment he had ever received...he wasn't used to getting compliments though; not since coming to Magix anyway.

"So, do you want to dance?” Flora asked. “It would be a shame if we didn't dance at least once tonight. That is what the back-to-school dance is for after all."

"Um, no...I'm not really good at that kind of thing," Lance said. He only spoke the truth.

"Oh..." Flora said. Lance could clearly hear the disappointment in her voice. Now he felt like a jerk. She really wanted to dance and he was letting his selfishness get in the way. Who cares if he embarrassed himself, as long as he made someone else happy right?

"What's with girls and wanting to dance anyway?" Lance thought to himself.

"It isn't that I don't want to dance," He began. "I've never danced before, and I really... don't know how..."

Flora smiled. "It's easy, I could teach you.”

"O-okay," Lance blushed. Luckily for him it went unnoticed.

And so, Flora attempted to teach Lance how to dance. Since this particular gathering had a ballroom theme, Lance had to dance as such. It was definitely more elegant than what he was accustomed.

"You hold my hand in yours, and you place your hand on my waist like this," She said as she helped Lance get into the proper formal dance position. "Then from there it's easy..."

Lance was shy, and he was trying his best not to show it. He was way too close to Flora for comfort, but if him trying to dance made her happy, he'd try his best. "I'm a sap," Lance thought to himself. "But...I guess I was worrying over nothing."

"So, you were shot by lasers today?" Flora asked.

This time Lance's blush was visible. Flora giggled a bit at his reaction. She felt a little bad at bringing up the subject if it got to him that much, but she didn't expect him to blush like that.

"Yeah," Was the only answer he could think up.

"Did it hurt?" Flora asked. She knew it was a stupid question, but she didn't like awkward silences.

"A lot," Lance said with a sloppy grin. Hey, if you can't laugh at yourself...

From that point on, they danced...or attempted to dance. Lance really needed to practice, but he did pretty good for his first attempt. He made two new friends in one day, learned how to dance, and got shot by Lasers. Lance would say that he had a pretty interesting day, but he was too busy trying not to step on Flora's feet.

*Fade Out*

End of Episode 3

Ending theme song: This day and age - Second place victory http://youtube.com/watch?v=YivbujnAo5g

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lol^^ im still at your first post icon_biggrin.gif but i like it!!!! icon_biggrin.gif


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((I just want to warn people. I know that Layla came in the first episode of season 2 and that it was the first day of class.
Just keep an open mind that this is an alternate reality due to Lance's presence in the story. Layla will be appearing soon, don't worry ^_^ In, pretty much the same way she did in the series so that the character's origins are kept secure))

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((NOTE: The spelling of Maya/Maia has changed to "Mya" to match the original spelling of the name.))

Theme song:(Subject to change.) Wondering - Good Charlotte. http://youtube.com/watch?v=fjdo6UBuh4g

Episode 4: Sharpen the Lance.

*Fade in*

Lance was alone in the gym at Redfountain training his martial arts. He started training since his first day at the specialist school, and though no improvement to his muscle structure seemed apparent, his body was shaping up quite nicely. His body became more flexible, and his stamina was building slowly but surely. He still couldn't hold a candle to the other student, but Lance was beginning to see the fruits of his labor and he didn't feel so useless anymore. However, something bothered him.

*Begin Flash back*

Lance was hanging out with his friends, lounging around and doing nothing, when a knock came to the door. Sky answered and Saladine wasted no time getting to the point of his unexpected visit. "Excuse me boys, I need a few moments of your time."

"What is it Saladine?" Sky asked.

"Yeah, it's kind of early isn't it?" Riven asked as he brought his hand up to his mouth to suppress a yawn. He was leaning up against the wall closest to the door that Saladine used to enter the room.

"Not too early for this, boys," He replied. Everyone gathered around the old hero and listened to what he had to say. "I have a mission for you. Two of Alfea's students, and one other, are going to Shadowhaunt in the Under Realm on a rescue mission. I need Sky and Brandon to accompany them."

"Alright!" Sky and Brandon seemed to yell in Unison, happy to receive a new mission.

"Wait a second! What about me?" Riven asked as he crossed his arms over his chest.

"Those two got the best scores in the class on surviving unexplored terrain. Timmy will fly them there, and you may accompany them if you wish, but only Sky and Brandon will set foot in the Under Realm."

"Yes!" Timmy cheered, feeling useful.

"Fine, but I'd be a much better choice than Brandon," Riven pouted.

"As if!" Brandon challenged.

"You want to start something?" Riven asked as he stepped forward to face Brandon.

"Enough you two," Saladine intervened. "We are leaving soon. Save your energy for the mission."

"Yes sir!" The boys answered as they snapped to attention.

"Um, Saladine, can I go? Just tag along like Riven?" Lance asked. He didn't want to be left out.

"I'm sorry Lance, but I can't take that risk. I hate to say this, but you are not yet ready to take on even the simplest of missions. That's the price one pays for starting late with no previous specialist training."

"I...I understand." Lance said with his head hung low.

*End Flashback*

Lance finished practicing all of the memorized forms that he could remember and went straight into pushups. After he completed a few sets he went straight into Sit-ups, then jumping jacks, followed by pull-ups, jogging, sprinting, and then...boy did he feel dizzy. He nearly passed out and allowed himself to lie down on the floor. He was so wrapped up in his thoughts that he didn't feel the fatigue of his training, and the second he relaxed himself it washed over him in one huge wave.

"You're working yourself too hard boy, but I do admire your spirit!" Lance heard from behind him. It was Codatorta. Lance didn't know how long he was watching him, but he was a bit embarrassed at the situation he found himself in.

"I... I need to catch... up!" Lance choked out between his heavy breathing.

"Heh, looks like I underestimated the brat," Codatorta thought to himself as he smiled and stroked his beard. "He may have some hero in him after all."

"I don't... want to be... left out... of every mission. I don't want... to be a... hindrance." Lance continued as he struggled to get up to no avail. His arms and legs felt like wet noodles. He was going to stay on the floor for a little while longer.

"Aye, but you'll need a weapon, won't you?" Codatorta asked.

"Excuse me?”

"You still haven't received yours yet. That's actually why I'm here. We supply every student with the necessary tools to complete every mission. Those crystal blades you saw your friends sportin' around aren't jus’ for show!"

"So, I get one too?" Lance asked.

"Yes, you do. This will be the weapon that you will train with from this point on, so choose wisely." Codatorta said as he handed Lance a digital clipboard that had all of the available weapons listed on it. Lance sat up as best he could and looked at each one. He liked the design of many, but none of them seemed to fit his previous experience or fighting style.

"Is there any way to get one custom made?" Lance asked. He knew he probably shouldn't, but he decided to give it a shot.

"How custom? Nothing too fancy pup," Codatorta remarked.

"I was just wondering if you could have one fashioned like a sword from my planet," Lance asked.

"Hmm...I don't see why not. The swords on the clipboard are pretty basic. It isn't unheard of for the company we order these things from to add a bit of customization to the design. What does it look like?" Codatorta asked as he stroked his beard.

Lance trudged over to his backpack that was leaning up against a wall, took out a sketch pad and made his way back to Codatorta. He flipped a few pages and came to a picture of a Japanese blade with a slight curve. "This is called a Katana. It's my favorite weapon on earth," Lance explained. “I’ve actually trained with the Shaolin broadsword and the Tai Chi straight sword as well and I’m fairly decent with them. Normally my martial art doesn’t teach its practitioners how to use the Katana since my school is Chinese and not Japanese. Every now and again they’d have seminars to teach weapons from different schools though, and I really took to the Katana. It can be used as either a single-handed sword or a two-handed sword depending on one’s personal fighting style. The Shaolin broadsword and the Tai Chi straight sword, on the other hand, are both traditionally single-handed weapons and I think that may put me at a...”

"You don’t need to give me a history lesson!” Codatorta cut Lance off as he took the sketchpad into his hand. “Hey, this design is pretty simple. I don't see why we can't make it. I'll have the order placed right away. It should be here in about a week or two. It ‘is’ custom so that ain't too bad."

"Thank you," Lance said in gratitude.

"And keep training. You're getting better," Codatorta said as he walked off. Before he left, he turned to Lance and said, "Come meet me at the front of the school in an hour. If you want, I'll give you training crash course. DON'T TELL ANYONE, GOT THAT?" He yelled the last part to put extra emphasis on it.

"Y-yes sir!" Lance yelled as he stood in attention.

*Fade Out*
*Fade In*

Lance arrived at the front of the School just as Codatorta instructed. Codatorta was already waiting there, and he looked angry... but he always looked angry so Lance didn't pay any attention to that. "I'm here," Lance said to get Codatorta’s attention.

"Good, you came," Codatorta said. "Follow me."

Codatorta took Lance to his own personal ship. They boarded and Codatorta was the pilot. Lance didn’t think anything of it, but it was obvious that Codatorta was keeping this little field trip a secret from the higher ups.

"Where are we going?" Lance asked.

"The Island of Dragons," Codatorta answered.

"What? Dragons? That's awesome!" Lance yelled, practically jumping out of his seat in joy. The dragon was his favorite mythological creature.

"This isn't something to be taken lightly. Saladine would have my head on a silver platter if he knew I was taking you there."

"Huh, why?" Lance asked.

"This place is dangerous, extremely dangerous in fact. I'm going to be your escort, but that doesn't make this safe."

"Why are you doing this then?"

"I've been watching you. Others might not see it, but I'm a teacher for a reason. You're weak, you lack stamina, and you don't have a clue about anything in the magic realms.” Codatorta listed all of Lance’s shortcomings, and Lance winced quite visibly in response. “But you haven't given up yet, and the way I saw you training back there..."

"Reminded you of yourself when you were my age?" Lance interrupted.

"NO!" Codatorta yelled. "I was never that weak in my life! It just got me thinking, ‘Maybe this pup's got what it takes.’ I want to give you a bit of a shortcut in your studies. But remember, just because it’s short doesn't mean that it is easy. This is extremely dangerous for both you and me."

"Oh..." Lance said, getting a bit more serious. "What will we be doing there?"

"This and that; though, the focus of this little field trip is to have you tame a dragon. All the boys at Redfountain can do it. It takes an entire course to learn how to control a dragon's mind efficiently enough to tame it, but this place can give you a bit of an edge. This will train your body, your mind, and it will put a lot of stress on your fragile body. But after this, I think the other classes will come a bit easier."

"Really? Th-thank you, this is just what I need!" Lance said as he clutched his hands into fists in excitement.

"So, let’s stop going at this turtle's pace and get there quick!" Codatorta yelled as he sped up.

*Fade out*
*Fade In*

They arrived on Pyros, Island of the dragons. The last place Lance should be at, but Codatorta was with him, so he should be safe..."Should" and "be" are the key words here. Codatorta himself said that it was dangerous to be there, even with an escort.

"I come here all the time to get tamable dragons," Codatorta explained. "This place is full of 'em, and I think you may learn a thing or two here."

"Right," Lance nodded. He looked up and saw a dragon fly overhead. He tried his best to hide his excitement. He was visibly shaking in anticipation of the adventure he was about to have.

"Well, let’s get going. We need to find a dragon for you to tame. Here, catch!" Codatorta said as he threw a sword hilt to Lance.

"What's this?" Lance asked as he caught the hilt with his right hand. Codatorta raised an eyebrow when he noticed how easily Lance caught the object. It would seem that the pup had good hand-eye coordination after all.

"It's a sword. Not a katana, but it will come in handy. Just press the trigger and the blade will come out," Codatorta explained.

"Thanks," Lance said with a nod as he accepted the gift.

And they were off! Lance had no idea what he was supposed to do and decided to follow Codatorta in silence. It wasn’t long before they came to an area with a lot of greenery and vegetation. The specialist and the trainee stood at the ready and Lance wore a look of determination on his face.

"Cut through it,” Codatorta commanded. “I want to see you work a little."

"R-right," Lance said as he pressed the trigger on his hilt and activated his blade, a simple short sword. He began to cut a path for Codatorta and himself, but it was hot and Pyros, and Lance was beginning to sweat. He occasionally wiped the sweat from his brow and continued to cut his way through the vegetation. Codatorta just followed behind Lance with his arms crossed over his chest. It wasn't very thrilling, but Codatorta hadn't planned a day of excitement, he planned a day of hardships... for Lance.

They continued for some time in silence, but every now and again Codatorta would bark out an order or two for Lance to follow. For the most part the day was pretty boring, but Lance remained hopeful. Eventually, the ground began to shake with loud, systematic, rumbling sounds. Lance stopped dead in his tracks and made a complete 360 degree turn in an attempt to find the source of the sound, but Codatorta just stood where he was and kept his arms crossed. "Sounds like a dragon," The specialist said.

"Awesome!" Lance said in delight.

"Yeah, awesome,” Codatorta mocked with sarcastic sincerity. “Time to show me what you've got, pup."


"It takes a lot of mind control to keep a dragon under your command. Practice on this one. By the sound of it, it isn't too dangerous, but still a good dragon," Codatorta said as he slowly backed away from Lance.

"You can tell from the sound of its footsteps?" Lance whispered.

"Yeah, I can," Codatorta answered. "You've studied up on the dragon pamphlet we gave you on your first day right? You should know the basics of controlling dragons."

"Y-yeah, but I didn't know that I would be doing it so soon...I thought that was a specialized class or something." Lance wanted to yell every word that he had just said, but he didn’t want to alert the dragon to his presence.

"You would have started last year, but of course, you didn’t. So take the basics of what you learned and try to make a link with that dragon."

"B-but I don't have any psychic abilities or anything," Lance argued.

"It isn’t about bein' psychic Lance. It's about exerting your will onto the dragon. Show the dragon who's boss and take control of it. Make it think that it ‘has’ to obey you no matter what! Force it to respect you! ...oh, here it comes." Codatorta said as he picked up a rock and threw it at the dragon. "HEY YOU BIG DUMB LIZARD! OVER HERE!"

The dragon was big to say the least. It was a run of the mill, green scaled, long necked, fire-breathing dragon. It wasn't fully grown, but Lance had no doubt in his mind that it could squash him like a bug. It looked straight at Lance and Codatorta and let out a ferocious roar that shook the ground. Then it came charging...

"Wh-why did you do that?" Lance said in disbelief.

"You're up pup." Codatorta said as he hid in the foliage.

Lance held out his hand and closed his eyes. "Stop," He said, trying to make a link with the dragon. The footsteps got closer and grew louder. "Stop." and they got even closer. "Please stop..." the ground shook even more violently.”NOT GOOD!" Lance yelled.

Lance turned in the exact opposite direction of the dragon and began to run as quickly as he could. Of course, he couldn't outrun the stampeding dragon, but he had to try. Lance just barely ducked as the dragon came at him, and he scarcely jumped out of the way as the dragon's tail whipped out and struck at him.

"Mr. Codatorta where are you?" Lance yelled as he dodged the angry lizard. Codatorta was actually close by, watching Lance, but he wouldn't help him...not yet.

"Maybe I should have given him a shield too," He whispered. It was then that the dragon whipped its tail at Lance again. The tail would have knocked his head clean off if Lance didn’t ducked in just a nick of time. "Nah..."

Lance ran as fast as his legs could carry him. He weaved in between the trees in hopes that they would slow the dragon down a bit. It didn't work; the dragon came barreling through, ignoring the trees and knocking them down as though they weren't even there. It made a swipe at Lance with one of his claws and the specialist-in-training jumped to avoid the sinister blow, but Lance couldn't land right and hit the ground pretty hard. He kept rolling though, he didn't want to stop moving forward, and he quickly got up as soon as he could. He came to a cliff and knew that he was cornered.

The dragon took that chance to catch up with Lance. The overgrown lizard was angry and fire spewed from its nostrils. Lance looked at it up close, face to face. He was scared, extremely frightened at what this beast could do to him. In desperation he looked down the cliff, there was a large lake down below but he didn't know if the water was shallow, if there were other dangerous creatures waiting for him, or any other horror scenario that raced through his mind. The dragon reeled back its head and breathed in deep. The creature’s chest puffed out as it took in the world's oxygen. Lance knew exactly what was going to happen next and watched in horror as the dragon blew a stream of fire right at him. If it touched him, he knew it would burn him to ash.
Lance had no choice and jumped off the cliff. He yelled at the top of his lungs all the way down. It was a long drop. In truth, that fall could have killed him whether he hit the water or not, but luckily for him he hit the water just right and was only slightly hurt from the fall. Lance swam to the surface as fast as he could and looked up at the cliff side. The dragon was still there, but he didn't know if it had seen him yet. The poor boy slowly swam to the lake's edge and got out of the water. He tip-toed his way back into the forest so that the dragon wouldn't hear him, and when he felt that he was at a sufficiently safe distance away from the dragon, he sat down against a tree and let out a huge sigh of relief.

"Dragons in comics, books, and movies are way cooler than in real life!" He said to himself as he gasped for breath. He didn't realize how far he had ran, he had no idea where Codatorta was, and in truth, he was a bit angry that Codatorta put him in that situation. What kind of teacher gets a dragon to chase his student? That is wrong on more levels than one.

When Lance got his breath back, he decided to look for missing instructor. He was Lance's only way off Pyros, and Lance wanted off ‘now.’ Too bad Lance had never gone camping a day in his life. That experience surely would have helped him in his current situation. However, Lance had a natural survival instinct. He was born with it, though most would not consider his instinct anything great... commonsense. You would be surprised how uncommon commonsense was these days, and Lance had it in spades.

"Okay," Lance said aloud just so that he could have a voice to hear. "I'm lost, but that's okay, I can get through this!"

It was time to find a way back to the ship. Lance had a feeling that Codatorta wouldn’t be helping him, so staying put was useless. He stood up straight, but soon after leaned on a tree to regain his footing. He felt dizzy when he stood up, and his legs were aching. Running, jumping, ducking and swimming took a lot out of a guy. He shook the cobwebs out of his head, and when he found his center of gravity again, he pushed off to find his way off the island.

*Fade Out*
*Fade In*

It was beginning to get dark, and Lance knew that he had to find shelter. He found a cave and decided that he would have to make do with that. He smelt a sweet aroma emanating from inside, and before he knew it he was drawn in. To his surprise, someone was already in the cave. It was an elderly woman with white hair, red skin, and she carried a staff with a dragon shaped head on it.

"Who are you?" She asked. Her tone sounded friendly and kind.

"I-I'm Lance," He said. "Lance Hawkings. I'm sorry if I intruded. I'm kind of lost, and it’s getting dark out..."

"Please, have a seat. I am Mya," The woman said. "I'm sure I can help you find your way, but like you said, it is dark out. It should wait until the morning."

"Y-yes ma'am," Lance said with a quick nod. "Thank you."

"And you're so polite too. I wouldn't mind having more guests like you, but hardly anyone comes to Pyros. Why are you here, exactly?" She asked.

"I came here with my teacher,” Lance explained. “I'm a student at Redfountain... it's a school that..."

"I know what Redfountain is," She smiled. "It is a well known school for specialists and heroes. I get some visitors from Redfountain occasionally. This is a dangerous place though, Lance, and you don't look to be well trained at all. What teacher would bring you here?"

"My teacher, Codatorta,” Lance answered, truthfully.

"Oh, ‘him.’ He comes here every year to capture dragons," Mya said with a bit of an edge in her voice. "We don't get along very well."

"I'm sorry," Lance said with his head hung low.

"You have nothing to apologize for. Lance, you have done nothing wrong, and I can sense that you are a kind soul."

Lance smiled as he raised his head. Usually people mistook his kindness as naivety and weakness. He was happy to see that someone actually noticed that he just wanted to do right in the world.

"So you came here to take a dragon, I imagine."

Lance hung his head low once again. "Yes, I did. Mr. Codatorta told me that it would be a good lesson, and that it would be a shortcut in catching up with my classmates. I'm from a planet called earth, and they don't know anything about the magical realms. I just stumbled across the magical realms by mistake, and now I'm in Redfountain. Like you said, I'm not as well trained as the other Redfountain students because this is my first year and I just started."

Mya smiled. "Lance, there are no shortcuts when it comes to strength, but I think I know what Codatorta was trying to do. Hold still, I want to see something."

Lance obeyed, and Mya touched his forehead. She saw things...she saw Lance's strength, his emotions... she saw everything at once. Love, pain, sorrow, happiness, and anger... rage! Pure, unadulterated rage harnessed within Lance that would forever leave its mark on his very soul. She saw many dragons... omi-dragons, as she liked to call them. She saw a destiny the Lance that sat before her could never achieve. How could a young boy such as Lance survive all that she had seen? She delved deeper. She saw a more intense form of rage, anger, sorrow, and pain... she saw love, joy, and happiness once again... then she saw an unknown force tear Lance asunder. Afterwards there was nothing. Mya fell back, startled and shaken by what she had seen.

"Wh-what's wrong?" Lance asked as he caught her, alarmed by her sudden collapse.

"I've seen one of your possible destinies Lance," She said, her voice cracking.

"What is it?"

"I cannot say, for just telling you may alter it beyond any of our control,” Mya warned as she found the strength to stand up again. “I can only prepare you for what is to come... and please Lance, choose the right paths in life; for you may end up... you may end up without a destiny at all."

"What...what do you mean?" Lance asked as his face grew pale. That definitely seemed like something that he should be concerned about.

"You don't have Winx, Lance...but you have another power, two if you want to break it down to the nitty-gritty, but one will amplify the other. I cannot teach you these powers; they are outside my domain. Your will power will aid you. That will be your armor as you face life's trials, and once your resolve reaches its peak, you will unlock one of your greatest powers. However, beware your second power, for this force is too dangerous for anyone to control. This force is a dangerous weapon, a double-edged blade. Be careful!"

"What is it? If you can answer I mean," Lance gulped.

"I... you bottle up your emotions don't you? Your anger in particular..."

"I'm not a very angry guy," Lance laughed as he scratched the back of his head.

"When was the last time you got angry?" Mya delved.

"I don't remember really. I kind of blacked out and woke up at home. I think I hit my head or my sister was getting bullied... something like that,” Lance sighed. “All I remember about it is that I was grounded for a month because I beat some kid up or something.”

Mya sighed. She feared that what Lance had described would be the case, but there was still no proof that her assumptions were correct. "Lance, there is someone that I want you to meet. She is a very strong woman, and I think her aid will be valuable in the future. She lives in another cave not far from here. I want you to go there in the morning and confront her. Tell her 'I am he who shall claim you'."

"Um...that sounds rather rude," Lance said with a sloppy smile. It just didn't seem like something that he would say.

"It is necessary. She will react to that. Do not be afraid, your 'will power' and ‘resolve’ will keep you safe. Never falter."

"R-right," Lance said. He was really confused, so he just went along with whatever Mya had to say.

"Lance, you may not know this, but just by stepping foot on Pyros and living as long as you have, you are already stronger than you were yesterday. I have faith in you, but you need to be careful."

"Yes ma'am."

"Please, sleep here for the night. Go see her tomorrow."

"Yes ma'am,” Lance repeated.

Therefore, Lance slept, and Mya watched over him the entire night.

*Fade Out*
*Fade In*

Lance was outside the cave that Mya told him to explore. "Stay safe, Lance," he remembered hearing her say. He wished that she could tell him his destiny, but he understood that sometimes there are things that people should never know.

"Well, here it goes," he thought to himself. He entered the cave, and he was surprised when his feet led him to a very large lair with a pit that was too deep for him to see the bottom. He really didn’t have to explore much to find his destination. "I am he who shall claim you!" he yelled. He felt somewhat dumb yelling that, but he was just following orders.

From out of the pit flew a massively large white dragon. The dragon was, for the most part, white. However, it did have some gold and black designs on it, and yellow eyes with black slits. "You shall never claim me, human!"

"Oh... crud," Lance said, gripping his sword in his hand.

The dragon lashed out at Lance with its right claw, and struck him with a blow that sent him flying into the wall of the cave. He let out a gasp as he lost his breath and dropped his sword. “That hurt, a lot,” Lance thought to himself as he dropped to the ground, picked up his sword, and jumped to the side to dodge the next claw swipe.

"Why am I always getting knocked around?" Lance screamed inside his mind. He would have said it, but the air still hadn’t returned to his lungs. The young specialist-in-training continued to dodge the dragon’s attacks as best he could until a tail swipe struck him and sent him flying into the wall again. He surely thought that it was the end as the dragon picked him up with one of its massive claws and held him against the wall, fire spewing from its nostrils and mouth opened wide.

At that moment, Codatorta came rushing into the cave and attempted to strike the dragon. The hit connected, but it didn't do any damage. The white monster was angry. It grabbed Codatorta with its free claw and slammed him against the wall next to Lance.

"NO!" Lance yelled. He forgot about his anger at Codatorta and his rage-filled emotion replaced itself with concern.

The dragon pushed Lance into the cavern wall harder, forcing the air out of his lungs like the air out of a balloon. The dragon smacked Codatorta onto the ground.

"Pup, you're in over your head!" He yelled just before his body made contact with the ground.

Lance couldn't answer his teacher. He was too busy waiting for his ribs to crack under the pressure of the dragon’s claw. Codatorta kicked the dragon's claw off himself and stabbed its wrist...the wrist connected to the claw that was crushing Lance that is. The dragon yelped in pain as it dropped the young teenager.

"RUN!" Codatorta yelled. "I'll take care of the dragon!"

Lance did as Codatorta ordered and got out of the cave. He walked a little ways as he gripped his shoulder. The dragon had slammed it into the wall and it ached like crazy. His walk slowed down a bit. He felt like such a coward. How could he let Codatorta take that dragon on by himself? If something happened to his teacher, he would never be able to forgive himself. Lance walked back into the cave.

He walked back in, but to his horror, it was now Codatorta that the dragon crushed in its claw. "G-get out o-of---here-L-Lance!" he struggled to yell.

"NO!" Lance yelled back. "Dragon, please, I'm sorry. Just...just let my teacher go!"

"All you humans are the same!" The dragon roared. "You think you can control us, but I am a superior being! I saw you run and leave this human behind! You betrayed your own kind!"

"Please, let him go! I'll do anything! P-please, I'll take his place. I...can't just leave him."

"No," The dragon said.

"Th-then I'll fight you for him!" Lance proclaimed, pulling out his sword.

"You still think you can beat me?"

"No, I know I'll lose, but if you let my teacher go... it will be worth it."

The dragon put its face close to Lance's, and then it let out the loudest roar it could muster. The wind caused by such a roar nearly knocked Lance off his feet. However, he did not falter, and he stood his ground unshaken, even though he was very afraid.

"You, run! Get out of here and I will spare you!"

"No... I won't," Lance said.

"You would die for this human?"

"Yes!" Lance yelled, on the verge of tears.

"Get out Lance, run!" Codatorta yelled.

"I won’t!" Lance shouted.

"Human, you... are unique," the dragon said. It let Codatorta go, and the specialist quickly grabbed his sword and went to Lance's side.

"W-what?" Lance asked. He didn’t expect the dragon to let his mentor go.

"You acknowledged that you cannot defeat me, yet you would still fight for your friend. That is incredibly stupid."

"U-ummmm...” Lance had no idea how to respond.

"Ha ha ha! You are interesting. You aren't like the other humans that came here in hopes of capturing me. Your name's Lance, right?"

"Y-yes, it is," Lance replied.

"I like you kid. I won't let you take me though," The dragon snorted.

"I u-understand," Lance said. At this point, he really didn’t expect to leave the island with a dragon. "Thank you for letting my teacher go, I-I'm really grateful."

"I won't let you take me as a capture dragon. I can't be tamed... But how about you take me... as a friend?"

"Wh-what?" Lance asked.

"You're unique, and I think if I hang around you I can have some fun. I'm what you'd call an omni-dragon. There aren't many who would stand up to me."

"That's why it was so strong!" Codatorta shouted. "To think, I fought with an omni-dragon!"

"Yes, you should be honored," the dragon chuckled.

"Wait... you want to be friends?" Lance asked.

"I do. I want to form a mental link with you similar to the link that a tamer would have with a dragon, but this is different. I could be on the other end of the magical universe, and I will hear your thoughts if you call for me. Our friendship will be greater than any other, and you will have the honor of calling an omni-dragon your friend."

"Awesome!" Lance cheered. It looked like he was going to be leaving the island with a dragon after all. "Will I get cool powers and stuff?"

"Um... No, but 'I' have cool powers and stuff," The dragon said.

Lance kind of laughed a bit. He loved dragons, and he much rather have a dragon as a friend than an enemy. "I would love to be your friend!"

"Excellent, hold still." The dragon touched its head to Lance's forehead, and there was a flash of light. Afterwards, the dragon said, "It is done. We are now linked forever... You and I."

"Wow," was all Lance could think to say.

"My name is Krystal. Lance, you are an interesting kid. Call me anytime you need me... and I just may call you from time to time when I get bored," Krystal winked.

"Lance, you've gotten stronger," Codatorta said. In reality, Lance hadn't changed that much at all, but Codatorta could tell that Lance was heading down the right path. The path of a hero; he had the courage to stand up against a dragon even though he knew he would lose. That made Lance, just as the dragon said, unique.

"Umm..." Lance said. He wanted to ask something.

"What is it?" Krystal questioned.

"Do you think I could...?”

"LET me guess, you want to go flying," Krystal sighed.

"Yeah," Lance said as he scratched the back of his head.


As soon as they left the cave, Krystal tossed Lance onto her back and took to the sky. They soared through the clouds, and Lance had a blast.

"This is awesome!" Lance yelled. He felt like he was on a roller coaster.

"Heh, Wanna go faster, Lance?"

"Heck, yeah!" Lance yelled. Krystal answered his excitement by accelerating a bit. If she flew at full speed, the poor kid might not be able to take it. "You know, Krystal sounds like a girl’s name."

"That's because I 'am' a girl."


Krystal laughed as she showed off to Lance. She made loops in the air, performed a barrel roll, and basically tried to make Lance fall off. She was actually quite surprised that he didn't. She would catch him of course, but she wanted to scare him a little. They both had a blast.

"Mya told you about me, didn't she?" Krystal asked. It wasn't really a question, but she wanted Lance to confirm her suspicion.

"Yeah, she did. She said that meeting you would aid me in my destiny or something like that."

"Destiny... Heh, destiny is what you make of it. Lance, I can sense that there is somewhere you wish to be. We are linked now you know..."

"I'd be a hindrance as I am right now, but I would like to hang out with Riven and Timmy on their mission..."

"Anyone else?" Krystal grinned.


"No reason." The grin got bigger. After Krystal felt that she, and Lance, had enough fun she returned to the cave and landed next to Codatorta. "Hey, I'm taking Lance home. You can find your own way off Pyros."

"W-Wait!" He yelled.

"I'm not asking for permission," Krystal scoffed; and with that, Krystal took to the sky. A portal opened and she flew in as though it was the natural thing to do.

"I-I can't believe this," Codatorta said in mild disbelief... and then he made begrudgingly his way back to the ship.

*Fade Out*

End of episode 4

Ending theme song: This day and age - Second place victory http://youtube.com/watch?v=YivbujnAo5g

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its good everything but i dont understand krystal role.
can you help?


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((She will be a focus point later on. She is what I have called an omni dragon. Basically an intelligent dragon that is more powerful than the rest. They refuse to be tamed like the other redfountain dragons. Lance will not gain powers from her, but he will gain experience. As the first season spreads out Lance will learn what true strength is, and he will have to come face to face with his destiny. Maiya saw Lance's destiny, and she wanted Krystal to help Lance...Right now lance is pretty weak, but he has a big heart, and there is something Lance will have to face that will shake the realms, and if Krystal is with Lance up until that point, Maiya thinks he might stand a chance.))

((Unlike other stories where the main character has the dragon fire, or something like that. I want Lance to be a truly normal boy who becomes strong on his own power. A power that anyone with enough will power and determination can achieve.))

((Edit 2012 X_X : Destiny is probably the wrong word to use. Let's say "potential." Destiny would suggest a predetermined end point. This isn't really the case.))

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wow awsome story i'm soooo looking forward to reading the rest of it ^_^


Sorry i just think its better off this way

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Theme song:(Subject to change.) Wondering - Good Charlotte. http://youtube.com/watch?v=fjdo6UBuh4g

Episode 5: Faith.

*Fade In*

Lance flew on Krystal's back as he traveled through the portal that Krystal had created. It was an amazing feeling. "How are you doing this?" Lance asked, amazed.

"I'M AN OMNI DRAGON LANCE, DON'T DOUBT WHAT 'I' CAN DO!" Krystal said, boosting her ego.

"I won't, not ever!." Lance said.


Lance just realized that he didn't even tell Krystal that they were going to Magix. "W-wait...how'd you know that we were going to Magix?"


"I thought you said I wouldn't get cool power!" Lance said.


"O-oh...I think I understand." Lance said.


"What!" Lance yelled at the 'falling off' comment.

"NOTHING." Krystal quickly said. "SO...WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GO AGAIN? HEH HEH...HEH..."

"...I think Timmy and Riven are at Alfea. Do you know where that is?" Lance asked.

"IF YOU KNOW, I KNOW!" Krystal said as they came out of the portal and into magix. People stopped what they were doing and gazed in wonder as a huge dragon flew over head. Some panicked and ran, and others just stood still as stone.

Krystal landed just outside of Alfea and in the forest. She knew that being seen was unavoidable, but she did it anyway. Lance dismounted Krystal and plopped on the ground. He slowly stood up, he hadn't expected this, but he got so used to flying that he almost forgot how to stand.


"You aren't going back to Pyros?" Lance asked.


"H-hey, I'm not weak." Lance argued. Krystal just smiled a draconic, toothy grin. "I'm going to get stronger..."


"R-right..." Lance said.

"ANYWAY, I'M OFF...WAIT, YOU HAVE A RIDE BACK RIGHT? JUST CALL OR WHISTLE...I DON'T CARE. I'LL BE ABLE TO HEAR YOU." Krystal said, worried that she was leaving him stranded.

"Timmy and Riven here...my friends. I'm sure that they can give me a ride."

"GREAT! SEE YOU LATER LANCE." Krystal said as she took to the sky. Off in the direction of Redfountain.

Lance headed out of the forest and towars the school. He had been there once before due to the dance he attended. He blushed a bit, he wondered if Flora was there, or if she went on the same mission as Sky and Brandon. He wondered when the mission would be over. He had never seen them go on a mission before, and he wondered how long they usually took to complete. He realized that missions probably varied, and the time it took to complete a mission probably depended on the mission itself, but he couldn't wait to hear what happened from Sky and Brandon. Lance some times hated being by himself, he always day dreamed...actually that's how he got hit by the car...he was day dreaming.

Lance eventually got into the school. He was looking for Riven and Timmy... he noticed that he got a lot of odd stares from the Alfea girls. He did look a bit out of place there... and he hardly looked like a Redfountain student even though he was wearing the Redfountain uniform. He just tried not to make eye contact with anyone and hoped that he would run into a familiar face soon. Finally he heard Riven yelling.

"It's probably not you know!"

Lance followed the voice and saw Riven storming out of a balcony area. He obviously looked angry about something, but it was Riven so Lance didn't think it was too unusual.

"Hey Riven, what's wrong?"

"Nothing!...wait, what are you doing here? You look like a mess!" Riven said.

"Oh...umm...I just got done with training...Codatora was involved." Lance said. He remembered that Codatora told him not to tell anyone that he was to meet with him, and he figured that Pyros was not a place that teachers were supposed to take students. He didn't want to get Codatora in trouble so he tried keeping Pyros a secret. He'd ask Codatora about it later.

Riven winced. "Boy do I not envy you. Codatora's pretty strict man."

Lance laughed a bit. "Yeah, I thought I was gonna die." It was true. Lance really did think he was going to get eaten by a dragon. It wasn't fun.

"Heh, sounds like fun. Well, I gotta get goin', seeya around."

"Wait, where are you going?"

"Uh...it's... a secret."

"Awe, now I really want to know." Lance wined.

"Sh-shut up! Anyway, Flora's on that balcony, you should go talk to her." Riven said, trying to keep the attention off him. Riven didn't want Lance to know that he was going to comfort Musa, he wasn't good with emotions.

"Wh-what...I can't...I look like a mess..." Lance stuttered.

"Ohhhh...why would you care if you look like a mess. Do you like her?" Riven teased.

"N-no...that's not what I'm saying. I just..." Lance couldn't finish his rambling. Riven grabbed Lance by the shoulders, turned him around and quite literally kicked him onto the balcony.

"Then get going!" Riven said as he kicked Lance.

Lance went flying and nearly fell over the balcony. Flora jumped pretty high when Lance came barging in. Poor girl, Lance nearly scared her to death.

"Wh-what...Lance?" Flora asked a bit shaky. Poor Flora was caught up in worrying about her friends that she didn't know if she was being attacked or not when Lance came barging in!"

"Y-yeah...sorry about that...I tripped." Lance said. He really wished that he asked Krystal to take him to Redfountain. His hair was a mess, he was sweaty, and he was pretty sure that he smelled like dragon breath...which by the way, does not smell good.

"You startled me." She said quietly, almost a whisper. She really didn't know how to react towards Lance right now...his entrance was very odd.

"I'm really sorry."

"It's okay. I was just...thinking, and I didn't notice you come in." Flora said, forcing a smile.

"She probably thinks I'm an idiot." Lance thought. "A clumsy, smelly idiot...Wait, that isn't the same cheerful face that I saw at the dance, startled or not."

"Is something wrong?" Lance asked. "If you don't mind me asking, I mean..."

"Oh, d-does it show?" Flora asked.

"Y-yeah. I've only just met you once before, but you seemed a bit more cheerful then than you do now... I'm sorry if I'm prying."

Flora smiled. She thought it was sweet of Lance to worry about her. "I'm just...I'm just a worried about my friends. Stella, Bloom, and Layla went on a mission..."

"Oh, the one that Sky and Brandon went on?" Lance asked. Flora nodded. "Wait a sec, who's Layla?"

"She's new. We found her out side the school and..."

Fora went on to tell Lance the story about how Layla came to Alfea and why everyone went on the mission.

*Fade Out*
*Fade In*

Krystal landed at Redfountain. The boys of Redfountain were quite startled at the dragon's entrance and grabbed their weapons and held them at the ready.

"A dragon!" One yelled.

"Be on guard guys!" yelled another.


"I'll get the nets!" One boy yelled.

"Great idea, I'll get the tranquelizers."


"Should we use the delta formation?" one boy asked.

"No, don't you remember anything in dragon slaying class?" Krystal's eye twitched when she heard this comment. "Omega formation would work much better!"

"HEY!" Krystal yelled. They boys stopped what they were doing and looked at Krystal. Fear showed in all of their eyes. "I'M NOT HERE TO FIGHT."

"Oh, it's not here to fight guys."

"Why didn't it say so earlier?"

"Wait, are dragons supposed to talk?"

"Beats me. I think I read something about talking dragons somewhere in mystic creatures class."

"Oh, I haven't taken that class yet, I'm a freshman."

Krystal sighed. She was glad that Lance wasn't as thick headed as these guys. She could, however, sense his discomfort. "THAT BOY IS REALLY TOO SHY..." she thought to herself.

A ship landed next to Krystal and out stepped Codatora. He looked a bit angry, but hey, it's Codatora. Who cares.

"How did you get here before me?" He asked. His voice was a bit strained.


"And that's supposed to explain everything?"

"YES." She answered.

"Oy...you're causing a scene. When are you going back to Pyros?"


"I hope you don't mind staying in the dragon stables..."


"Not many...usually it's just me and a few people we get to clean every now and again. Take it or leave it."


"We have the best stables in all of Magix!" Codatora said proudly.


*Fade Out*
*Fade In*

"And now I'm just worried about their safe return." Flora said, finishing her story.

"Really? I'm not worried at all." Lance said as he leaned up against the wall.

"What? You aren't worried about your friends at all?" Flora said in shock. She thought Lance was a thoughtful person, but perhaps her original impression of him was wrong.

"Well, I can see why you might be worried, and I can't blame you." Lance said scratching the back of his head. That seemed to be his favorite gesture when he became shy or nervous about something. "But...I never took into consideration that they could fail."

"W-what?" Flora asked.

"Heh, I just have a lot of faith in my friends. I don't know Bloom or Stella very well, and I've never met Layla before... but I know Sky and Brandond and they are both really strong."

"Yes but..."

"I guess what I'm trying to say is that I just trust in my friends. I won't think about them getting hurt because I have no doubt in my mind that they will complete their mission, and I have believe in their strength. I could only hope to become as strong as them some day..."

Flora didn't say anything. She thought about what Lance said, and she wanted to believe in it.

"I...I..." Flora began, trying to find the right words to say.

"Flora...you don't have to say anything at all." Lance said. Flora looked at him in bewilderment. "I understand how you feel. Maybe I just don't worry right now because I really look up to Sky and Brandon, but I've been in situations where I've worried about my friends before...so don't worry. Okay, I know it isn't that easy, but...well... I know what you're going through."

Flora tried to force a smile. She knew that Lance was trying to cheer her up. "My powers wouldn't work at all..." She said. She said it extremely quietly though, almost to her self.

"Excuse me?" Lance asked. He couldn't hear what she said.

Flora, being shy and introverted herself, had trouble telling Lance much about the way she felt, but since he seemed to be willing to listen; she thought that she might as well spit it out.

"My powers wouldn't work at all. We went into a simulation to decide who would get to go on the mission. My powers didn't work at all in the simulation. I couldn't even use my simplest spell!" Flora said. She looked like she was on the brink of tears. Lance wasn't prepared for that at all.

"But it was a simulation, those aren't always correct...." Lance said.

"Maybe on earth they aren't, but this was a simulation created by magic to replicate the exact place we would be going too... I was always so confident in my power...but now...am I really that weak?" Flora asked.

"Woah, woah, woah!" Lance said in disbelief. "Hold up! What about Musa and Tecna? They can't go either."

"Tecna's powers didn't work either, but Musa's powers became too strong so they thought it would be dangerous for everyone. At least Musa could use her power."

"But Tecna couldn't use hers, do you think she's weak?"

"Not at all! I just..."

"I'm sorry Flora. I've never seen you use your power, but you said that your power was nature right?" Lance asked. Flora nodded. "Are you good at it? Using it I mean."

"I thought so..."

"Then that's amazing!" Lance said. "I couldn't begin to imagine all the things I could do with nature!"


"And you can even hear the voice of nature you said. Really, I don't know wny you think that you are weak. Nature is a powerful force!"

"I know, but... my powers wouldn't work."

"But that isn't your fault." Lance said. "It seems like this place has different effects on everyone. So I don't think the problem is your powers, but the place itself."

"Maybe..." Flora said. She was beginning to see things from Lance's point of view.

"I wasn't even considered when they were choosing people to go. Timmy was chosen to fly Brandon and Sky, and Riven was allowed to tag along...Saladine wouldn't even allow me to tag along like Riven." Lance sighed. "Heh, if anyone's weak it's me. Heck, I bet you if we had a sparring match you'd beat me hands down." He wasn't lieing.

Flora blushed a little. "But I wouldn't..." said Floar a bit flustered.

"I know!" Lance smiled. "I'm just saying!"

"Thank you." Flora said.

"But I didn't do anything..." Lance said.

"You should really start taking credit for the kind things you do." Flora smiled.

"I just think you give me too much credit. I'm just doing what feels right." Lance said as he scratched the back of his head.

"Then keep doing what feels right." Flora said. "And I think you'll be allowed to go on missions soon."

"I hope so. You know, you're kind too...kinder than me..." Lance blushed.

Flora blushed a bit as well. "I...I'm not." She said trying to be modest.

"No, you are." Lance said as a matter of fact. "I'm glad that I got to meet you, Flora; really glad."

"I'm glad that I got to meet you too." Flora smiled. "You're a good friend."

Lance smiled. He didn't say anything. He was far too shy to say anything, and he couldn't think of anything 'to' say. All he thought was, "Wow, I'm really lucky. Why is someone as pretty and kind as her wasting her time on someone as plain as me? She really is too kind."

*Fade Out*
*Fade In*

Krystal was currently sitting in the Dragon stables. It was rather large and she did have 'some' room to herself, but she didn't like sharing a room very much. All the same she tried being a good guest.

"SO, UH, WHAT'S UP?" She asked her new room mates.

Silence. No one said a thing.

"EXCUSE ME..." The omni dragon said, trying to get their attention.

Again, silence.


Saladine decided to inspect the dragons that day. He did that quite often because he just so happened to like dragons. It allowed him to remember the days of his youth when he went out doing heroic deeds and taming young dragons. He, however, did not expect an omni dragon to reside in his dragon stable.

"HOLY HAND GRENADES!" he yelled as he found Krystal. He nearly dropped his staff and his mouth was hanging wide open.


Saladine nodded. A large dragon cramped in such a...okay, it wasn't a small stable, but still, it was a stable built for ordinary dragons and not the omni variety.

"I KNEW IT..." She sighed.

"H...how did a dragon, such as your self, make it to my stable?" Saladine asked.


"Lance's friend?" Saladine asked.


"I'll see what I can do..." Saladine said still in partial disbelief.

"THANK YOU." Krystal said, happily.

"You're welcome." Saladine said. He was beginning to calm himself down. "How did a student such as Lance meet up with a dragon such as yourself? I thought he was still on campus, and I heard reports of a large dragon landing in the front of the school, but I thought it was just a dragon that broke out of the stable..."


"Pyros?!" Saladine yelled. "How did Lance make it to such a dangerous place?"


"And he survived?" Saladine asked.

"CODATORA CAME IN TO RESCUE HIM...BUT THEN I KIND OF HURT HIM." Said Krystal. If she could blush she would.

"I...how did Lance become your friend?" Saladine asked. He just wanted to find out how Krystal went from trying to kill Lance to being his friend.


"He didn't give up..." Saladine said to himself. "I'm Saladine, head master of this school. You're welcome to stay here as long as you like. I'll look into getting you some better accomodations."

"OH, HOW RUDE OF ME. I'M SO USED TO LIVING BY MY SELF I FORGOT MY MANNERS. I'M KRYSTAL. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HOSPITALITY." Krystal said, bowing her head in thanks. She didn't like humans too much, but at least this one wasn't treating her like one of those whiped dragons she was currently sharing a stable with.

"Krystal, may I ask you one more thing?" Saladine asked.


"Where is Lance now?"


"I see. I'll have to speak with him when he gets back. Thank you, I'll be going now." Saladine said as he walked out of the stables.

"BYE." Krystal said, waving her claw.

*Fade Out*
*Fade In*

A small rabbit made its way to where Flora and Lance were talking. It seemed sad and lonely, and it walked as if it had the weight of the world on its shoulders. Lance saw it, stared at it for a few seconds, then quickly snatched it into his arms. It made a small yelp, it wasn't paying attention and didn't expect to be lifted so quickly.

"Awe, it's a bunny" Lance said, holding it tightly, but not so tightly that it would hurt the rabbit. "I wonder if its lost!"

Yeah, Lance has one weakness. He loves furry animals. The animal doesn't necessarily have to be furry, but the furry ones seemed to be his favorite. Lance was an animal lover, and if an animal would allow him, he would always take the time to pet it. I think it is safe to say that every animal in Lance's neighborhood has been pet by him at least once. Whether it be a stray animal, or someone's pet, Lance would always take the time to play with the animal.

"That's Kiko." Flora said smiling. She didn't expect Lance to react the way he did. She was actually quite surprised. "He probably misses Bloom."

Kiko nodded in Lance's arms and he looked like he was about to cry.

"I...it's a smart bunny." Lance said in surprise. "But it's so cute!" Lance said rubbing his face against Kiko's fur. "Don't worry Kiko, Bloom will come back safe!"

"Yes, don't be sad. She'll be back soon, I'm sure of it." Flora said, trying to make Kiko feel better.

Kiko nodded, squirmed his way out of Lance's grasp, and jumped onto Flora's shoulder.

"Awe..." Lance said, wishing that the rabbit had jumped on his shoulder. Flora giggled a bit at his reaction.

"Do you like rabbits, Lance?" Flora asked.

"Yeah, I love all animals. I lived in an apartment that didn't allow pets though, so I could never get a dog or a cat, or anything." Lance said. He reached his hand out to pet Kiko. Kiko allowed Lance to pet him, but he looked obviously annoyed. Perhaps Kiko didn't like being picked up so quickly, he was really startled.

Timmy walked up to Flora and Lance. "Hey, Lance, we're heading back to Red Fountain."

"Huh?" Lance asked. He didn't want to go back just yet.

"They just radioed in, they're coming home. The mission was a success!" Timmy said.

"That's great! Told ya, Flora." Lance smiled.

"Yes, you did." FLora smiled in return. She was just happy that her friends were safe.

"We'll be on our way now, I'm sure we'll be seeing you girls soon though." Timmy said. "Redfountain has an event coming up, and you girls are invited. I'm sure you'll hear all about it soon."

"Really?" FLora asked.

"Yeah. Anway, we should head back. See ya Flora." Timmy said as he turned around to leave.

"Bye Flora, seeya around." Lance said. Then he pet Kiko one last time. "Bye Kiko." Lance smiled.

Flora laughed a bit at Kiko's obvious annoyance. She waved as Lance left.

*Fade Out*
*Fade In*

"So, Lance." Riven began. "How did you get to Alfea anyway? Don't tell me you crossed the forest."

"Yeah, I was wondering about that myself." Timmy said.

"I flew." Lance smiled.

"Flew?" They asked in unison.

"My friend brought me. Her name is Krystal."

"Uh, who's Krystal? There aren't any girls at Redfountain man." Riven said.

"She's a dragon."

"...Does Saladine know that you took one of the dragons from the stable?" Riven asked.

"I didn't. Codatora took me to some place called Pyros, and I met Krystal there."

"Pyros?" Timmy practically yelled.

"What's that?" Riven asked.

"It's the island of dragons! It's far too dangerous for someone like lance. Heck, it's dangerous for us!" Timmy answered.

"Codatora was with me...for the most part."

"Lance, you're something else. How is it that someone as clumsy as you made it out of Pyros with a dragon friend?" Riven asked.

"Hey, I'm not clumsy!" Lance said standing up from his chair. He stood up too fast and tripped over his own two feet and landed on his face. "Owwwww..." Lance moaned.

Riven and Timmy just laughed. That was Lance for ya.

*Fade Out*

End of Episode 5

Ending theme song: This day and age - Second place victory http://youtube.com/watch?v=YivbujnAo5g

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