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post Oct 5 2010, 9:22 AM
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Cosmix Fairy

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From: Behind a PC

Alright, people, Monster High's pretty popular around here, and while the core six are awesome, let's get those creative juices flowing and make our own freaky fabulous monsters! You can use the 'Bio template' found on the websites. And if you've got the talent, you can draw your own character! Photoshop your own 'Skullete'? (That cute little emblem thingy). Just bringing up suggestions.

Sky's the limit! I've seen Ghosts, Banshees, Cyclopses, Demons, Wendigos, even a Godzilla one.

To start things off, here's my own bio:

Son of 'The Fly'

Age: Six.... but I look Sixteen, I age a lot faster then most of my friends do. That's what Insect DNA can do to you.

Killer Style: Because I have four arms, I often have to sew my own clothes. I know the patchwork look went out ages ago, but I can make it work.

Freaky Flaw: Because I've got fly DNA mixed in my genes, I've got four arms and these huge facceted eyes that make up like half of my head. So of course, I'm always the first in class to get looked at when there's cheating going on. It's not like I do that..... all the time.

Favorite activity: Sewing... and with four arms, I can whip out the coolest outfits in no time.

Pet Peeve: Cruelty against insects and other small creatures. I can't help but feel a kinship. And don't even think about getting out a can of bugspray.

Favorite food: I have a real sweet tooth. Cake, Pie, Ice cream.... the sweeter and more sugar-filled, the better.

Pet: I always keep a jar handy to help out various bugs and other creepy crawlers I find around school.

Friends: Clawdeen Wolf. I once helped her out during a Fashion Disaster (She arrived with the exact same outfit as Cleo. Don't ask me how) and we're pretty thick now. She even promised me a job once her fashion empire starts rolling.

Favorite Subject: Physical Education. With my, er... special physique, it's a real breeze.

Least Favorite Subject: Mad Science. I've got enough of that at home, thank you.
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Anime Princess
post Oct 5 2010, 12:53 PM
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Cosmix Fairy

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From: Zone 6

Jess-Ella Fangista
Daughter of Vampires

Age: 2260 years old but obviously I look a lot younger

Killer Style: Just like my Freaky Cool Ghoul friend Draculara I love to wear pink and black however I do carry an umbrella like her but I don’t go outside in sunlight very often. I am also a very loyal ghoul

Freaky Flaw: Being a vampire I find it hard to resist blood however I don’t like it as the first time I tried it I found it nasty but if I come so close to it I just must have it but draculara helping me on the path away from blood and every time I find myself tempted she helps me through it
Favorite colour: pink but I also love purple blue and black

Favorite activity: totally gotta be designing cloths I have to have a wardrobe almost as big as cleo and clawdeen’s but it means I can always come to the rescue of my ghoul friends when they need fashion advice

Pet Peeve: not being able to see myself in the mirror I’ve always found myself fascinated with mirrors

Favorite food: mhm lasagne

Pet: a little black and white vampire bat she’s one of the most adorable little batsi named her Ula after my dear ghoul friend Draculara

Friends: I’ve friends with most ghouls out there but my BFF is Draculara my fellow vampire

Favorite Subject: Home Ec mainly sewing

Least Favorite Subject: phys ed unless its dancing I’m not really the sportyish type of vamp

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Sorry i just think its better off this way

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Another Morning
post Oct 6 2010, 5:51 AM
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Cosmix Fairy

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*crawls out of her hiding spot to make a monster* I've had this one in mind for a while~

Daughter of Dragons

Age: 150. I've been around.

Killer Style: Punk, goth, whatever you want to call it. Leather and spikes are my thing, and black is a must. I'm a hard rocker, and I wanna look the part.

Freaky Flaw: Chain smoking. I know, I know, but half the time I'm snorting up smoke anyway, might as well make it look deliberate. And let's not even talk about shedding.

Favorite activity: Wailing on my guitar and belting out something powerful. Happy, sad, angry, it expresses anything.

Pet Peeve: Getting my tail slammed in doors. It happens far more often then I'd like. My wings aren't much safer.

Favorite food: Meat. All of it.

Pet: I've got a salamander, Dirge. He's pretty killer.

Friends: Deuce Gorgon and I are pretty tight. I think we're distantly related, or something.

Favorite Subject: Homeroom. I like doing my own thing, usually writing some music or lyrics.

Least Favorite Subject: ...The rest of them, honesty. Especially Mad Science and Geometry.

If I remember I'll do a sketch~

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RIP Falicia (AngelDarkstorm, Anime-Princess) :: 01/19/1990 - 05/25/2013 :: I love you, Sisser.

"I am so clever that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I am saying." ~Oscar Wilde
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post Dec 13 2010, 11:50 PM
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Earth Girl

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Joined: December 13 2010

Daughter of the dragon

AGE:15,I can now fully breath fire...kinda

KILLER STYLE:I love putting my fave colors on my clothes.Plus having spikes on them too.(Fake of course)

FREAKY FLAW:Sometimes when i sneeze,cough,or burp fire comes out of my mouth.It ruins tests,my last ICOFFIN,books,pencils,and of course,my food.

FAVORITE ACTIVITY:I like drawing.Most of my drawings are my dad with his diffrent "style poses".

BIGGEST PET PEEVE:Everytime i come home i see my dad pretending to be a bad monster by crashing his model of the city which he makes every week.

FAVORITE FOOD:Well im not sure since i always burn my food.

PET:Fangfire is a cute little bunny boy that loves to hop everywhere,has spikes and green wings like me,and a cute little tail.

FRIENDS:I got lots but i spend most time with frankie stein.

FAVORITE SCHOOL SUBJECT:I like swimming, but i cant breath fire for a full 24 hours.I also like history but...

LEAST FAVORITE SCHOOL SUBJECT:History.I only dont LOVE it because i hate hearing about how my dad was embarresed himself in the great monster war.(he ran screaming like a ghoul and was hiding behind a rock.Well to you and me its a rock to him its a pebble.

FAVORITE COLOR:My total faves are blue,black,and white.

~i will do a picture momentarily. i have it and im gonna try to put it here!
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post Aug 15 2011, 2:53 AM
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Earth Girl

Group: New Members
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Joined: August 15 2011

NAME: Nessy waterfins
daughter of Neptune


KILLER STYLE:seashells and more seashells

FREAKY FLAW:when i get mad or sad or anything like that my emotions can control the waves. i don't know how to stop it. also when i get in water my legs turn into a tail

PET:chatter my sweet little dolphin i saved from a tuna fish net and nursed bake to heath and he has stayed by my side ever sense then.

FAVORITE ACTIVITY: swimming with chatter or hanging out with my ghouls

BIGGEST PET PEEVE: that the ocean is getting polluted constantly and all the poor little sea creators getting the most affected by it

FAVORITE SCHOOL SUBJECT:home ick cooking just comes naturally to me

LEAST FAVORITE SCHOOL SUBJECT:geology if i burn my self ONCE it could be the short end of my swim up the river

FAVORITE COLOR:any shade of blue i'm not picky

FAVORITE FOOD:crab, shrimp, or lobster i can't decide!

BFF'S:everyone as long as they aren't on my bad side
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post Nov 4 2011, 2:35 AM
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Earth Girl

Group: New Members
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Joined: November 4 2011

Name: Wanda Wizitch

Daughter of the wizzards and witch's

Age: 16... in magic years

Killer Style: I like sparkles because they remind me of magic but i wear black a lot to show I'm not so pretty and helpless, I hope it makes some people think I'm not afraid to do some dark magic... to defend myself anyway. I usually wear some pink and purple here and there when I wear the black though, oh, I almost forgot, i wear lots and lots of SPARKLES!!!

Freaky Flaw: Sometimes my wand "does what it wants" and random magic fills the room, I get detention for floating in the air, it's not my fault! Well, most of the time... heh

Favorite Food: Air Heads and Star Bursts, they sound magical

Favorite Color:I don't have a favorite color, unless, do sparkles count?

Pet:A magic Huskie named, of course, Sparkle, she isnt like any other huskie, she has some of her own powers, I do have to remind her that a wand is not a bone.

Favorite Activity:Doing magic spells.

Biggest Pet peeve:When people judge my ability, I'm not all girly and weak angry.gif , I do some pretty intense magic.

Favorite School Subject: Magic History, I like to learn as much spells as I can, and what our ansestors did.

Least Favorite School Subject:P.E why run when you can use a spell to fly, and look good wall doing it?

BFF's:I'm fairly independent but Clawdeen Wolf always catches my eye!
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post Nov 12 2011, 12:11 AM
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Earth Girl

Group: New Members
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Joined: November 5 2011


Katie Wolf
Daughter of the werewolf
Killer Styel:I love to put all my favorite colors on my cloths. I love to wear my studed collar.
Favorite color: Lime green and black.
[Freaky Flaw:Since I have a lot of fur it's really hard to clean it.
Favorite activity:Shopping with my gouhl friends and teazing my older brothers.
Biggesr pet peeve: I have 5 annoying older brothers. They can get on my nerves.
Favorite food: Steak.....Rare.
Pet:Midnight in my black wolf pup. He's as fuzzy as I'am.
Friends: Frankie stein, Draculara, Clawdeen wolf, Abbey, Cleo d nile, Spectra, Holt, Duce.
Favorite shcool subject: Geography, I've travled everywhere with my family.
Least favorite school subject: Gym, all that sweat ruins my fur abd make up.
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post Nov 20 2011, 8:42 AM
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Earth Girl

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Joined: November 20 2011

NAME: Bogga Gal
Daughter of the Boggieman


KILLER STYLE: steam punk lots of zippers and buckles, and don't forget her fav goggles

FREAKY FLAW: I tend to annoy new friends and I'm a little insane, but only a tiny bit

PET: Sneaker my fox, he's a minnie partner in crime

FAVORITE ACTIVITY: Pranking and scarring people

BIGGEST PET PEEVE: Getting caught for my pranks and when I skip class

FAVORITE SCHOOL SUBJECT: Mad science, what I have a knack for inventing things to help ,y pranks

LEAST FAVORITE SCHOOL SUBJECT:Dead languages, their dead why can't they die

FAVORITE COLOR: I don't know, is scarred children a color?

FAVORITE FOOD:eh I just eat whatever

BFF'S: Frankie, Heath, Lagoona (except when I prank her), ula d, and clawdeen (and sometimes her brothers)
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post Nov 22 2011, 12:01 PM
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Cosmix Fairy

Group: Members
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Joined: February 20 2009
From: Another Sky

Daughter of 'The Deer'

Age: 16 (oh did i forget to say thats days? ... i'm still a little bambi i guess! thats what you get for being part deer)

Killer Style: I love wearing brown! all shades of it! and light fur to compliment by light skin, i also love to show of my background with a little deer patterns on my pleated dresses and skirts.

Freaky Flaw: I have small anters just behind my deer ears, its a bit weird but i've learned to accesorise it well with my wardrobe, i mean come on, they're only small im only a young deer after all.

Favorite activity: well everythings so new i find the world such an intriguing mystery! an adventure but im taking a liking towards ice skating since as deer we dont usually do anything thats not on land!

Pet Peeve: hunters and deforresters! gosh, my home and my family is not food and housing for you selfish humans!

Favorite food: i absolutley love flowers, especially daisies! and i dont mind a nice grasshake!

Pet: a pretty little bird called Pie, his feathers are as bright as the sky!

Friends: Jackson Jekyll (i love how.. human, he is!) and Frankie Stein (were both only days old!)

Favorite Subject: i love Biology!

Least Favorite Subject: definatley P.E, out running warewolfes and such is way to dejavu.


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post Nov 23 2011, 4:16 AM
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Earth Girl

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Joined: November 19 2011

Name: Raine Cyclone

Age: 15,00 1/2

Monster Parent :Mother Nature

Killer Style: Lets just say I'll go with any that's trendy and includes lace. I'm loyal to my bff's and I'm very rolyalty and important.

Freaky Flaw: Don't make me angry because I'll use my powers against you! wub.gif

Pet: My two headed Lynx Negative, who has the powers of earth and water... plus I saved her from extintion.

Favorite Activity: Flirting with boy's, go to the maul and practicing my powers.

Biggest Pet Peeve: I hat hearing other girls say that I'm not worth it... sometimes I think they're not worth it including Cleo De Nile.

Favorite School Subject: Physical Education, I'm preety flexible so do call me the #1 athlete in the girls group of Mr. Verizhe. happy.gif

Least Favorite School Subject: Journalism, because I don't want to become like those hateful people for the mags and spy on people and don't take their feelings into a count, sorry Spectra.

Favorite colour: Aqua, it's a wonderful earthy colour.

Favorite food: Things that don't include perservitives, like apples. I love them.

Bff's Rhianna Drake, Storme Siren, plus all the other gouls @ school, except Cleo De Nile, Toralie, Purrsephone and Meolody. sick.gif

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post Dec 13 2011, 4:49 PM
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Earth Girl

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Joined: December 12 2011

Demona Valentine
Age:2011 Years


Killer Style:I love wearing skinny jeans and Loose tops with Grass stains.Along with my bow and arrow.

Freaky Flaw:If boys are near me I have to be really carefull not to start sinning because it will make them fall in love with me.(thats why girls dont like me that much)

Favorite Food:I love Chicken and rice with my dads homemade love sauce.

Favorite Colour:Indigo

Pet Peeve:I find it very hard to get on with the girls that are all over the boys.

Favorite Activity:I love doing archery and sinning.

Pet:Valentine my awsome pet Lovebug she is out of this world but she has a cold black heart.

BFF'S:Fiendor Blitzo,Kreetin Jeebie,Glet LeFright and Jake Draco

Favorite Subject:Music and Art.I like creative subjects but I also adore science.

Least Favorite Subject:History and Geography.They have know creativity just facts that have to be acurrate.And I Despise P.E because Netball and all the other subjects just involve to much thinking.I Just Want To Be Free.
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post Dec 18 2011, 5:37 PM
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Earth Girl

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Joined: December 18 2011

Daughter of ET

Age: 19
Monster Parent: ET
Killer Style: l'll basically wear anything with white, blue, orange, or pink. That's my style.
Freaky Flaw: When I first walk into the school, my body has a human side that it often turns into, then other monsters start making fun of me. Then l have my monster side, which only comes up when l am angry, and people get freaked out.
Pet:A skull bear named Nesey.
Favorite Food: So far, the only thing i've tasted from the Monster High brand is Ghoulia's Ghoul Juice, but its pretty good!
Favorite School Subject:Physcology
Leat Favorite School subject: Swimming
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[email protected]
post Dec 18 2011, 10:38 PM
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Earth Girl

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Joined: December 18 2011

Name: Wanda Westin
Age: 15 and 11 months [I can't wait for my sweet 16, it'll be wicked]
Monster Parent: My mom is the wicked witch of the west and my dad is a warlock
Killer Style: I love to splash some silver on my usually black outfits
Freaky Flaw: I'm not a fully trained witch, so i can't totally control my spells and sometimes i turn people into frogs by mistake
Favorite Color: Silver
Favorite activity: I love practicing my spells! Especially my enlarging ones. Thanks to them my closet is bigger then Cleo's ego.
Pet Peeve: Rain! Hey you would too if you melted in water and well if you get caught up in it unexpectedly it's rather unavoidable. If you do melt you have to spend the rest of the day in the freezer reforming. that's why my broom doubles as a umbrella
Favorite Food: Lamb witches brew. mmmmmm!
Pet: My black cat of course! His name is Mr. Whiskers. I just love dressing him in his little tux
BFF: I'm fiends with every Ghoul in school. Plus all the guys, but my overall BFF is Frankie Stein. I also LOVE my BF Leo. Cleo's brother
Favorite Subject: Grammar. Only subject where spelling counts! HAHAHA!
Least Favorite Subject: Biology. It's so hard to tell the difference between the fogs were supposed to be directing from the monsters I've accidentally turned into frogs
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post Jan 14 2012, 9:32 AM
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Earth Girl

Group: Members
Posts: 4
Joined: November 19 2011

Name: Monica Ella Nature
Age: It took 18,00 years to get perfection in me and now I'm very attractive, have a perfect look at me.
Monster Parent: Mother and Father Nature
Killer Style: I'm a true Goddess with trendy clothes that involve lace, I have water hair, fire eyes, earthy nails, and air skin, I'm loyal to my bff's, royalty, and very important because I'm what makes you live.
Freaky Flaw: Don't push my buttons because I'll use my powers against you when I'm not suppose to, I get skitso over things, it's called braindamege.

Pet: My two-headed spirit eagle, Negative, who has the powers of earth and water, I also saved her from extinction and her license is 24 pages long, I received a head ache after reading all of it.
Favorite Activity: Being School Captain, having fun, making dance routines with my dance group, and flirting with the boys and when ever they look at me for some reason they want me to be their girl and just rushes over to me. It's probably because of my fiery eyes.
Biggest Pet Peeve: When Cleo and Nefera refuses to leave me alone in privacy, well that's what they do, enoy their eldest cousin, oh wait, I'm their only one great! Well at least they do what ever I command.

Favorite School Subject: Physical Deaducation, I'm so flexible because my skin is air so do call me the 1# athlete of Mr. Verizhe.
Least Favorite School Subject: Journalism, because I don't want to become like those hateful people for the mags, spy on people, and don't take their feelings into a count.
Favorite Color: Teal, it's a wonderful earthy color plus it reminds me of home.
Favorite Food: Pineapple and Banana milkshake, otherwise soft traditional fruit salad.
Bff's: Everyone loves Monica Ella Nature, but I totally hate Toralie, Purrsephone, and Meowlody, and their hairballs, yuck!

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post Feb 19 2012, 7:39 AM
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Earth Girl

Group: New Members
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Joined: June 28 2011

wub.gif kathy kitten

daughter of the werecats

age:16...in cat years

Killer style:i mainly put scratches all over my clothes.

freaky flaw:i hate my neighboors dogs because 1 im a cat 2 they bark when im trying to sleep.

favorite color:ruby red.

favorite food:any japenesse dish dipped in peanut butter.

pet peeve:i always wake up seeing my neigboors dog barking at me when i go outside.

favorite activity:i love playing with yarn.

pet:a lion cub named simba.she loves sleeping and doing everything with me.

friends:everyone mostly but not toralei and her 2 werecat ghouls.

favorite school class:math with mr.mummy.i love math.

least favorite school class:swimming.even if the water is warm i still think its cold like ice.
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post May 13 2012, 5:57 PM
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Earth Girl

Group: New Members
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Joined: May 13 2012

Solar Star


Daughter of:The star queen

Killer style:I love to design my own outfits with a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Freaky flaw:I can't leave the house without my power necklace or i'm in big trouble.

Favorite color: Sky Blue

Favorite Food: Frozen Ice Pops

Pet Peeve:My power necklace is the only thing keeping me alive.

Favorite activity:Designing outfits for me and my sisters

Pet: Eclipse is my pet snow leopard she loves to model my designs.

Friends:Frankie Stein,Clawdeen wolf,Draculaura,Lagoona,Operetta,Spectra,and Abbey

Favorite school subject:Home ick,i love to create things

Least favorite school subject: Math,so many numbers.
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post Aug 15 2012, 11:21 PM
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Earth Girl

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Joined: August 15 2012


daughter of aphrodit


killer style:i love wearing killer dress and skirts with my blond hair i can pull it off

freaky flaw:i love to brush my hair and i cant get away from the boys

favorite activity:to design my dresses

pet peeve:when the other gods start a war

favorite food:fruit

pet:my pitbull she loves to be treated like rolty

favorite color:purple

friends:cleo,clawdeen,lagoona,drac,frankie,and everone else

bf:dues were together even if are parents hate ether

favorite subject:mythlogy

least favorite subject:clawcule

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post Sep 29 2012, 5:08 AM
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Mythix Fairy

Group: Members
Posts: 666
Joined: September 28 2012

Chelsea Cabra
Monster Parent: The Chupacabra
Age: 160
Killer Style: Red satin and black silk go together perfectly. Wear a black silk dress with a thin piece of red satin around the waist and cabloom you got yourself a new dress. Get any random black silk dress and red satin put them together and they go together like the sky and sea.
Freaky Flaw: I have a really short temper...
Favourite Colour: Blood red.
Favourite Food: Chicken... if you want to know why ask my dad.
Pet Peeve: Cowards, stuck up monsters and snobs, aka Toralei, Cleo, Nefera, Purrsephone, Meowledy.
Favourite Activity: Hunting.
Pet: Kayla, my pet falcon. She keeps me in check.
Friends: Operetta (love her red!), Spectra (silk...), Clawdeen (wolf blood).
Favourite School Subject: Physical Deaducation
Least Favourite School Subject: Home Ick. Let's just say I'm better at catching my food, then making it.


Credit goes to Di Zio for this awesome signature!
"Happiness is letting go of what you think life is supposed to look like and celebrating it for everything that it is."
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post Jun 1 2013, 2:05 AM
Post #19

Earth Girl

Group: New Members
Posts: 1
Joined: June 1 2013

Solaria Sunshine
Daughter of the Sun Gods
Killer Style:Things with fire and suns make me go in flames(Don't worry,it means I'm happy)! Everyone thinks I have an fearsome sense of style.
Freaky Flaw:I tend to catch things on fire when I'm too happy or too angry.If this ever happens,don't panic,I usually notice a second later.
Favorite Color:Colors usually in a fire and also gold.
Favorite Food:Anything hot and spicy
Biggest Pet Peeve:When monsters panic and think I don't get heated easily and try to extinguish me.
Favorite Activity:Cooking and baking for my family and my friends.
Pet:Stella is my pet sun fairy,she loves to be in the spotlight.
Friends:Everyone seems to like me so they're all my friends.
Favorite School Subject:History.I love to learn all about my friends and their family's histories.4
Least Favorite School Subject:Swimming.I tend to cool down too much and faint.
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Dawn of the Wolv...
post Oct 25 2013, 5:50 PM
Post #20

Earth Girl

Group: New Members
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Joined: October 25 2013

Sarah Colossa

Parents: Daughter of a Werecat
Age:15-I'm 15
Killer Style: I purrfur a hot pink tank top with dark blue stripes and a black vest with silver sparkles
Freaky Flaw: I don't have an inside voice most of the time, so everyone thinks I'm a tad loud... thumbsup.gif
Pet: A Purrfect lion cub with a fire-coloured pelt named "Flame".
Favorite Activity: Playing purrfect pranks on my sisters!
Pet Peeve: When people think I'm one of my sisters, because it pushes my buttons, and When people leave the room and leave the door open. All that noise from the hallways!

Least Favorite Subjest in school: What ever class I'm with Heath I hate.
Favorite subject: History, or Art.
Favorite food: Ice cream

Friends: Meowlody, Toralei, Purrsephone, Catty Noir, Catrine DeMew, Jinafire Long, and Abbey Bominable.
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