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> Gundam AGE, The newest TV series in the franchise
post Oct 30 2011, 4:16 PM
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So a new Gundam series has been airing for the past couple of weeks, called Gundam AGE. It's gotten some flak for various reasons but I think it's still worth a shot and anyone interested in it should give the show a shot.

The idea for the story is to write a cross-generational story, one starting in 108 AG (Advanced Generation). Humanity has grown out and begun colonization of space, and war has long been a thing of the past. This peace becomes fractured, however, with the sudden attack by mysterious machines which have begun attacking colonies seemingly at random and with long periods of time between each attack. These enemies, referred to as the UE (Unknown Enemy) are leagues beyond the more limited technology humanity has been using for military purposes for the longest time, and nothing seems capable of stopping them.

Enter the Asuno family.

Flit Asuno (the blue-haired boy in the center) lost his mother in an attack by the UE seven years prior, being entrusted with a strange device by his mother in her last moments. The Asuno family has a long legacy in this setting as designers for Gundams, and Flit soon enters the care of a man who wished to help Flit continue on the tradition. At the series's start, the AGE-1 Gundam is just being finished up just as the UE finally set their sights on Flit's now-home colony of Nora...

From what Sunrise has released, the story will cover the space of a hundred years, first focusing on Flit, and then his son (the blonde-haired kid), and finally his grandson (the brown-haired kid). Flit will still play a role in all the "eras", as we see the technology and even the AGE Gundam change and be redesigned as the years go by. One of the themes of the story is supposed to be how one's views on war can change as you grow older, although seeing as how we're still focusing on Flit's story there's not much can be said right now.

The art style's been cause of some criticism (even though it's better than the Sameface that saturated Gundam SEED) as well as the head writer, the guy in charge of Level-5 games who apparantly does not right very good stories. Still, the show's been airing for about a month now and it's been pretty good in my opinion. The UE are treated as intelligent, menacing enemies, the AGE-1 Gundam is fun to watch fight, and the characters are all pretty cool.

It airs Saturday nights for us, and subs are usually cranked out by Monday.


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