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  Replying to Integrated News System Into the Forum
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Administrator Posted Oct 21 2009, 10:33 AM
  Previously, we used a rather outdated system and a different login system in order to manage the homepage's news but it proved to be entirely cumbersome. Because of that, we converted those news into the forum.

The benefits are obvious: Integrated login, forum BBCode, lesser spam and (hopefully) encourage more participation.

You can see the new homepage right here:
(btw, the old homepage has been made into an immediate redirect into the new homepage)

Currently, only admins and moderators can start new topics here. But we are thinking of creating a new user group "Journalists" for this purpose. (unsure about what color should it be though)
Also something extra is that guests can also reply in here, however, it's extremely restricted, so for those guests who are currently reading this, why not register an account today? :)
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