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This is the Member Teams private forum. If your team leader created a forum for teammates to join, create the topic in the main forum (Member Teams).

Any topic you create in your team's forum will not be visible to other members, only visible to the members of the team.

If you want to create favourite characters topics, you can do it in here.

How to create a private forum in here:
  1. Go to the "Member Teams" link near the top of the board.
  2. Find your team and select "Manage Team".
  3. Choose "Forum Settings".
  4. Enter the forum name, forum description, and other settings.
  5. Once you're done, your private forum is a sub-forum below Member Teams (the forum you are looking at).

Why can't I see any sub-forums here?
You probably didn't join any teams or the team leader didn't create a forum for your team. If you are the leader, read the text above to create it.

I can see the forum for my team, but then I can't see it anymore!
The team leader may have dismiss you or the team leader delete the forum for any reason.

Is there any advantages of using the private forums instead of the public forums?
You and your fellow teammates can chat things in private here, as other members can't see your topics or posts. The team leader can make you as a moderator in this forum too.

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