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P-girl's Ranting station
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entry Jul 11 2010, 7:28 AM
Don't you just love that? People commenting on a topic/youtube vid/Deviantart piece/fancif/whatever to say they don't care? If you don't care, then why are you there? If you don't like it. I can get that, people need to get a broader range of opinions then 'This is soooo good!'. But why take the trouble to say you don't care? If you don't care. Don't comment. Easy! Saves so much trouble.

entry Apr 16 2010, 10:03 AM
So, I'm a member of the site Miss Bimbo (Please don't pay attention to the name.... it's a fun site) for quite some time. And let me tell you, a site with predominantly young fashionista girls? Dra-ma. So, they're preparing to introduce VIP-membership. Not the greatest thing to ever happen, but hey, what are you going to do about it? All of a sudden, all these people come out of the woodworks, claiming this will ruin the site, claiming it will ruin the equality we all had, claiming the VIP-members will start 'oppressing' the regular members! Uhm.... hello? Over-dramatising much? They're treating it as if it's the worst thing to ever happen. And what's worse, if there are members supporting this change (Or even just members being neutral about it, like me) are instantly called elitist and selfish. While they want everything to be free! They want the people working on the site, designers, servers maintainers and whatnot, to have no money. Puh-lease! Also, it's surprising that the pro-VIB members (Or just the Pro-shut-the-hell-up people) are the most mature about it. They understand that this might be neccesary, they understand that, guess what, if you want something, sometimes you gotta pay money! They also understand that this was inevitable, that screeching like this won't help. That alone had me tempted to go Pro-VIP. And then, out of nowhere, this guy goes for a personal attack. A. Personal. Attack. Just because I adressed that, guess what, being called selfish just because I support a change on the site is NOT something I tolerate.

On a brighter note, the good old 'If this goes trough, I'm leaving!' has been pulled out by most of the Anti-VIP's. I'm looking forward to the peace and calm this brings.

/Rant out.

entry Oct 15 2009, 1:11 PM
I have to admit, I'm a neatfreak. Dust, grime, I hate it and like for it to be away.

On the other hand, I'm messy.
Toys, books, dolls..... they're all strewn around my room with only the slightest bit of reason. (Transformers on that shelf, school books on that part of my desk, video-games under the tv... that's about it)
But.... I like it. I really like it.
It might be because I like collecting toys/dolls/figurines, and when I'm done playing with them (Yes, I'm 23 and still actively play with my toys.) I randomly put them back. For some reason that just feels right. Almost.... organic, as if the toys self have some sort of life. There was a time I neatly placed all my stuff in rows, alphabetical order and all, but that just made my room feel like a show-model, like no one actually lived in it. Now, it really feels like a place someone lives, and that just feels so good. It gives identity, personality and individuality to my room.

entry Oct 13 2009, 6:50 PM
Yeah.... this is kinda on a whim, I have only one article planned, and one 'Place-holder' of an RP-bio I summed up, but can't use until later and want to save somewhere. I know a blog is probably not the best way.... but I'm one to experiment.


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