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entry Oct 16 2010, 10:09 AM
Okay... this is getting prwetty frustrating now...


Every dude thinks I am random... =P Once, one of them told me to go jogging in my pj's and play in the traffic... 0_0 Is it me that is wacko, or them? Just because I have a llama greeting among my friends and have an obsession of my double-jointed thumbs...:B Or shouted out 'SHOES' when I thought we were playing a game... doesn't mean you have to be so meeannnn! wAAAA!!! SO UNFAIR GRR.

My new nickname from one of them is Llama Mama... nice...

Haha lol... I guess they haven't seen much of me then... =) My drawing, fairy and chocolate obsession and not to mention my so-bad-that-it-its-funny jokes is proberly also eye-brow-raising-worthy. Haha.

entry Jul 7 2010, 2:52 PM
Lately, I have been thinking of a new RP idea.

But bwah! I've got so many ideas in this little ol' mind of me~ But I have taken a look at my first (but currently dead) RP I created a year or so ago. SO...!

*cracks knuckles*

I'm going to create a sequel to it. How awesome is that? XD Anyway anywho anyone anybody, the title is gonna be
The Gem Stars: The Rise of the Sealed.

I've done and dusted the twisted plot with a new twisted villain. I conculded that Scorpios was a pretty blunt villian and hardly did anything evil but sit in his leather black chair giving scary dreams to the keepers. So, I've got a newbie (but who's pretty old badie in the RP). And I am so AMPED for it. *SQUUUEEEE* X3

But instead of posting the words for the plot. I'm posting a video instead. A trailer infact. So, miss mishie is having fun with this~ Animating and all. I'm pleased with the music I'm choosing for it. It's German infact, but you won't hear any of it. It's a pretty scary song acutally. But I couldn't help but laughing when I thought I heard the singer say; roasted oggans. Haha XD

I'm guessing this thing will be done in August or before. It's alot of hard work and patience. I just have... *counts on fingers*3...4...5 or so scences to do then...BOOOYA.

If you have no clue what Scoprios or the keepers are you can go check out; 'Gem Stars' my RP. I thinker it's oner page 2 or 3 since it's dead...XP I'm lazy to give link....

entry May 9 2010, 4:51 PM
I'll Be Your Music

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

I started longingly at the clock, every minute dragging along with the drone of the teacher's voice about our times tables. I tried to grab on through my daze; 2x1=2, 2x2=4, 2x3=6, 2x4=9... No... wait, who's pulling my hair?

Annoyed, I span around and faced the hair-puller. It was Rejje, with a sheepish grin on his face.

"What do you want, Rejje?" I snarled in a whisper.

“Where is your Mom?" He dared.

Suddenly, the bell for the end of the day went off. The kids shrieked with joy and poured out the classroom with content of having no homework or assignments to complete since it was Saturday tomorrow. Rejje also ran off. I, however, couldn't move or speak, my heart almost stopped beating. My Mathematics teacher looked up from her desk, "Are you okay, Musa?" she asked with a concerned voice.

"Yes, Miss. Just tired," I lied, wiping my burning eyes. I took my time standing up and packing my things, with my teacher's eyes hanging over me. Slowly - and in daze, I wandered out the classroom.

My house appeared down the slope as soon as I climbed over the hill. The hill was full of daisies, tickling my legs and rustling in the wind. The sky had turned into a soft pink and orange, and the sun was about to sink in the sea. It had begun to get late; I had taken the long way, avoiding every cemetery. Plus, dad didn't fetch me and I waited for an hour before I started to walk back home. As I descended down the hill, dread and curiosity started to rush over me. What was dad up to?

I opened the door that leads into the dark hallway of my home, faintly lit by the dying light outside. A wind trickled through, making the wind chimes that hung from the ceiling send calming sounds echoing down the hall and through my head. I enjoyed the sound for a moment, such a harmony... such wonderful, wonderful music. Suddenly, the dorm slammed behind me due to the wind and everything plummeted in darkness. I jumped and heard a groan come from the lounge. Fearfully, I looked down the dark hallway and shakily ran my fingers against the cold wall, in search of a light switch. Found it. The lights flashed a few times before the room sprang into colour and life. The groan sounded again and I crept silently near the lounge. I'll turn the ghost into a toad, I thought, feeling brave inside. I learnt that spell from Leon... but I never tried it before. After a hesitation, I jumped from the hallway and into the lounge, crying, "BOO! I'll turn you into a toa... dad?

My Dad, was sprawled over the couch, with ripped paper with things written on them, all over him and the room. He groaned again and faced the roof, now, beginning to loudly snore. I sighed, half-relived and half-disappointed. At least dad didn't smash any more instruments and my flute was safe! But what on earth is this paper? Funeral bills? I bent over to pick up a small torn piece; there were horizontal lines in the background and a quaver with a rest by its right side. Of, course! It was a sheet of music! But who did it belong too?

I tiptoed around the room, collecting the torn pieces, wanting to try identify the sheet. Finally, I made out a few consecutive notes and I instantly knew who this belonged to. It belonged to my mom.


I found myself asleep on the carpet in the lounge with several torn pieces soggy with my salty tears from the previous night. I sniffed and wiped my eyes, my stomach whined and grumbled for food. Wait where is dad? The couch had been left abandoned and the house was deadly silent. I felt myself panic. Surely... he wouldn't leave me on my own? Would he? I sighed, what could I do? I got up weakly to my two feet and trudged into the kitchen. Hopefully, there would be something to satisfy my stomach. I searched hastily through the cupboards - the ones I could actually reach - but couldn't find anything. My mind pang, I was dizzy for food. Finally, I checked the fridge and a loaf of bread caught my eye. My sprits raised and I lunged at it, taking a fierce bite. It felt discomforting and sore as the frozen bread scratched the sides of my mouth when I chewed it. I winced... I was hungry, so it was worth the sacrifice.

After the painful, but some-what filling meal for my morning, I drank a glass of lukewarm water through a plastic glass, the gentle liquid smoothing my dry and scared mouth and throat. Afterwards, I sat in the lounge and lay on the couch. I still felt tired after last night and a nap would do me good. Besides, I had nothing else to do. For a short moment... I actually wished I had homework. I fluttered my eyes closed.

A sudden bang and crack woke me from my dreams. I darted upwards and clutched a nearby pillow. Smash, Clang, Cling, Rip!

The awful sounds came from the music room. My thoughts determined it was robber...

Or... Dad.

Twang! Doof!

Oh no, not again! No! No! No! I raced to the music room, my flute, I shouldn't have left it there! My flute! I skidded at the door and slid to hide behind a shelf. My heart racing and tumbling with emotions of fear, excitement and raw courage. I must save my flute. There, as I peaked, I saw dad banging a Cello against the floor furiously until the string instrument was in pieces and was scattered everywhere. He even stomped on them so hard that the whole room shook. He moved to the next instrument, Mom's violin that Gran-mu made for her. I just watched as he tore the beautiful thing to pieces. Tears leaked from my eyes. Through my misty eyes, I saw my flute...gleaming and showing off's its glorious gold colour in the sun's rays that trickled through the open window. He reached for it...

I don't know what came over me. I ran, as fast as I could. I wasn't going to let him touch my flute. I lunged at it and held it close to my chest. Then, for a few heartbeats, I glanced at my dad. His face was twisted with emotions, fear, surprise and anger... and a sense of lose. As quick as the heart beats, I escaped through the window and fled over the hill of daises. Tears threatened to spill...

Finally, I reached the cemetery. I raced past the gloomy tombstones and my tears flew in the wind. They danced among the falling red leaves as if this place of depression and rest was their ballroom. I collapsed at a tombstone and dropped my flute at the foot of the stone. I wept bitterly.

“I love you Mom. Why did you go?” I asked her, “I wish nothing but for you to come back. Dad misses you, I miss you. My heart of music craves your love...”

Suddenly, a soft breeze whipped around me and a familiar sweet voice whispered in my memory, from the day before she disappeared.

‘I’ll always love you, darling. Even if I’m not there. My love will be present in your soul, life and music. So when you play your flute, I’ll be the magical tone. When you sing, I’ll be your amazing voice. So never stop playing your music and never stop loving me. And remember again, I love you.’

entry Sep 30 2009, 12:41 PM
Okkaayy~ Here's my list of the most awesomatic fab songs I've ever listened to currently 8D

(NOTE: NOT in order of favouritism xD)
(NOTE: Other songs, sorry. I just don't really like you as much as the others...or I might just simply hate you =) )

- It's Not Fair - Lily Allen (I recall my mom and I singing the chours extremely off key and loud at 3:00 in the morning in the car xD)
- You are the One - Winx In Concert
- Fly - Winx in Concert
- Superhero - Winx in Concert
- My Life - SPG (It's soooo like my life xD)
- Climb - Miley Cryus (Very heart touching for me =) )
- One Step at a Time - Jordin Sparks
- Love Story - Taylor Swift
- You Belong to Me - Taylor Swift ('Cause she wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts, she's cheer captian and I'm on the bleechers =3)
- Note to God - Charice (Simply awesome)
- I'm Alive - Celine Dion
- Rockstar - Miley Cyrus (I'm unusual, not so typical xD)
- Make a Wish - SPG
- Best Friend - Toy Box (Gotta love that one)
- Enchantix - Winx Club Movie Version
- Swifter - W.I.T.C.H.
- It's Like Magic - W.I.T.C.H.
- Lala Land - Demi Lovato (new)

Well, that's all for now. Now, don't say I'm stupid for maybe liking weird songs, cause everyone's different! xD

entry Aug 17 2009, 4:33 PM
Number three is one of my most luckiest numbers {3, 6, 9, 13, 99...} and it's always brought me good luck. But...clearly for school terms it aint...You see the third term is my most unluckiest term throughout the year. It's acuatlly (sp?) makes no sense to me...my birthday is in the third term and my lucky number is 3.

It's unlucky for many reasons being:

-I lack concentration
-lower marks
-friend-ship problems occur
-I get bullied
-over-load of work

However, my second and fourth are my luckiest.

-full concentration
-higher marks
-smooth friend-ship sail
-I don't get that bullied
-not too much work
-less chance of depressions

My first...I guess it's just a random one. Nothing speacial or bad pops out between then.

But this time...I think I will change things and make my third term awesome icon_wink.gif
If I minus the bad stuff happening....>.<

entry Jun 28 2009, 10:47 AM
I seriously can't believe it's holidays! I am over myself with pleasure and contentness {Is there such a word? xD}. I am enjoying the brings of hot chocolate and crossiants in this chilly weather {Yes, it's 19.4 degress celius in the shade, which is cold for me}. Plus, it's windy, the wind's comin' from the Cape, I heard that there is a storm there. And there is a chance that it's coming here, *groan*. Anyhow, it's my dad's birthday today and we went to the restaurant 'Europa'. Ohh! What a joyus meal, I am stuffed.

Tomorrow I am going to my holiday club, yay! It's my last one... I hate getting older! Can't the young stay young? For like...Forever? It's fun when you can climb trees and not pay for anything, It's an all payed resort for me! Unfortunately I am leaving childhood this year and going to be a teenager. Man! I can't choose from the kiddies menu anymore! What a dissapointment! Sooner or Later I'll have to pay for the Hot Chocolate! NO!

Also, I seem to have a weird feeling inside when I look at a 'cute' boy. Then the boy stares at me, I feel more weird. Then I start thinking about him for the rest of the day and I cant concentrate...Grrr! At the holiday club there are boys too, more weird feelings! I hope they are ugly. But...It'll be fun if there are cute boys...Nooo! Shut Up, Misha! Stop thinking about them. You have enough problems...acutally...maybe...I...can...consider....it...NOO! xD

I hate growing up.

entry May 1 2009, 7:47 AM
Have you ever looked straight at a baby animal? At it's eyes?

The eyes...are just eyes. But...when you look at a baby animal, that is weak, fearful and playful. The eyes are different. It seems to be talking to you, giving you a hidden message. It's talking to you in a different language. It could be the message to the secert of life, or you biggest fear that you don't know...it's trying to say something. You just keep on looking at it. It seems to trust you, that little body knows to run or stay.

The little creature...you just want to hug it. Care for it. Play with it. Feed it. Sing to it. Stroke it. Love it...

You are in a trans. It's just you and the animal. The world has faded away...the colours of your feelings fill the backround. You want to stay there... Looking in the eyes of hope. You wish-

"Hey! Come on Misha! It's our turn now!"

Well, there goes my turn....XD

entry Apr 28 2009, 5:02 PM
Okay...I am starting this blog/diary thing.

What do you put in a blog?

Stuff about your life and your thoughts.



Why cause?

Cause it doesn't need much explaining.

That's my explaination.

First entry:
The night is a black blanket which covers the sun. The blanket has little spots of glitter called 'stars'. There is a bannana, watermelon and an apple in the sky sometimes...but it's white. When you go to bed the night covers you and makes you fall asleep. Then, you don't feel like waking up in the morning. Why is that? It's night time here and I am still tired. Impossible? Nope... anything is possible when you dream to much. Dream... Dream... Dream...


or how about...


I like the last one. Makes more sense to me, because I certainly don't read at midnight. I guess I dream to much...no...it's a fact. No wonder I am tired in the morning. I still want to DREAM.


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