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My OCs
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entry Aug 14 2011, 5:27 PM
Gray Florence:
Backstory: Gray is a shy, yet smart, girl from the Realm of Nocturne. Normally, people from Nocturne don't have magic powers, but when she was buried for several days beneath wet soil in an old mine, she soon discovered she could control the night and stars. When she finally found her way out of her prison, the girl ran back to her house in the suburbs of a large metropolis. However, a part of the city was already in ruins, including her home. Her parents screams were cut off short by brutal gunshots, and troopers then turned their guns one her, only 14 at the time. She bolted out of the house and desperately called for her young sister, Viola, but to no avail. Telling herself her sister had gotten away, she found one of her jewelry boxes had been thrown out of the window of her room. The young girl picked up the first thing her father had brought her when she was only a week old, a rare onyx he had found in the mines. It sparkled despite it's bleak colour, and she found herself lost in it's beauty. The last thing she remembers is a bright flash, falling, then waking up inside the Alfea nurse's office.
Appearance: Gray has very, very light skin, almost white, which contradicts greatly with her pitch-black hair. It's medium length, to the middle of her chest, and slightly wavy. When she transforms, it's worn in high pigtails, and her corset-like shirt and skirt with leggings are a dark purple, reflecting her personality. She has knee-high boots, also a dark purple. She has a sleek yet petite figure, as she's only 5'3. Her eyes are a dark brown. She herself wouldn't say she's goth, but she refuses to wear bright colours.
Personality: Gray, going through what she has, is wary of a lot of people, and doesn't have any friends here at Alfea, with the exception of her roommate, Lisa.
Special Talents: Gray speaks both French (the Native language of Nocturne) and English fluently, as she had to go to English school. Because of her magical onyx, she can also do some things that even the seniors of Alfea can't do yet. Her stone is kept a secret, even from Lisa, lest somebody try and steal it.

Lisa Aspen:
Backstory: Lisa was born on a small planet known as Pitture, to a well-know Painter. Her mother was a house-mother, so she got to see both of her parents all day, every day. She was well brought up, she always minded her manners and wore beautiful dresses. She went to a school that was supposed to squander the powers of children, and when her father found out, the school was closed for good. The other children loved Lisa after that, so she was always popular among her class mates in the new school she was sent to. When it was time for high school, however, she was shipped off to Alfea School for Fairies, where she would learn to embrace her talent. Taking after her father, she is Fairy of the Arts. Though she can play music better than most people, she prefers to focus on visual arts, such as painting.
Appearance: Quite the opposite of her dark roommate, Lisa loves everything bright and fun. She has tanned skin, but not dark, and sapphire-blue eyes. Her physique is medium-sized, 5'6 1/2, but her bust is quite large, attracting attention from all sorts of boys, which she can't stand. Her short, light brown hair is worn carefree and a tad messy, which is alright with her. When she transforms, she is clad in light green; a frilly tube dress, with ballet-like shoes.
Personality: Lisa is bubbly and excitable, which can be a downside when things don't always happen the way she wants them to. Nevertheless, she spends only a short time moping, then she's back out having a good time. She has a slight problem with being really nosy, and not taking a hint, and when a person comes right out and tells her to go away, tears can start flowing. She immediately forgives them, and considers everyone her best friends.
Special Talents: As mentioned before, she is a remarkable painter, and can sing very well. As much as she likes being the center of attention, however, she refuses to do anything but paint and talk to become so.

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